lyricist and composer:Peter Gabriel
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1985Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel & Kate Bush6:33
1987-09-18Don’t Give Up (live, 1987‐09‐18: Arena di Verona, Verona, Veneto, Italy)livePeter Gabriel8:13
1987-10Don’t Give Up (live, 1987-10: Lycabettus Theatre, Athens, Greece)livePeter Gabriel8:17
1990-04-16Don’t Give Up (live, 1990‐04‐16: Wembley Stadium, Wembley, Brent, London, England, UK)livePeter Gabriel feat. Tracy Chapman7:17
1991-05-07Don’t Give Up (live, 1991‐05‐07: Statenhal, The Hague, Zuid‐Holland, Netherlands, Kingdom of the Netherlands)livePeter Gabriel feat. Sinéad O’Connor & Sting8:06
2003-05-07Don’t Give Up (live, 2003-07-05: John Labatt Centre, London, ON, Canada)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2003-06-07Don’t Give Up (live, 2003‐06‐07: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA)livePeter Gabriel8:56
2003-06-11Don’t Give Up (live, 2003‐06‐11: Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, TX, USA)livePeter Gabriel7:43
2003-06-14Don’t Give Up (live, 2003-06-14: Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL, USA)livePeter Gabriel7:38
2003-06-16Don’t Give Up (live, 2003-06-16: Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA, USA)livePeter Gabriel8:18
2003-06-21Don’t Give Up (live, 2003‐06‐21: Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ, USA)livePeter Gabriel7:49
2003-06-29Don’t Give Up (live, 2003‐06‐29: Clarkston, MI, USA)livePeter Gabriel8:32
2003-07-01Don’t Give Up (live, 2003-07-01: Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, OH, USA)livePeter Gabriel9:13
2003-07-04Don’t Give Up (live, 2003-07-04: Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, Canada)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2003-07-06Don’t Give Up (live, 2003‐07‐06: Centre Bell, Montréal, QC, Canada)livePeter Gabriel8:42
2006Don’t Give UpcoverShannon Noll & Natalie Bassingthwaighte4:41
2006Don’t Give Upcover and liveStill Collins?:??
2011-03-23 – 2011-03-24Don’t Give Up (live, 2011-03-23/24: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2011-03-23 – 2011-03-24Don’t Give Up (live, 2011-03-23/24: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK)livePeter Gabriel & Ane Brun7:18
2012-09-16Don’t Give Up (live, 2012-09-16: Colisée Pepsi, Quebec City, QC, Canada)livePeter Gabriel7:26
2012-09-23Don’t Give Up (live, 2012‐09‐23: Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY, USA)livePeter Gabriel7:29
2012-09-30Don’t Give Up (live, 2012‐09‐30: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Colorado, USA)livePeter Gabriel7:46
2013-10-03Don’t Give Up (live, 2013‐10‐03: Stadthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria)livePeter Gabriel7:33
2013-10-11Don’t Give Up (live, 2013-10-11: Arena Leipzig, Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany)livePeter Gabriel7:42
2013-10-13Don’t Give Up (live, 2013‐10‐13: Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)livePeter Gabriel7:32
2013-10-15Don’t Give Up (live, 2013‐10‐15: Palais omnisports de Paris‐Bercy, Paris, Île‐de‐France, France)livePeter Gabriel7:35
2013-10-16Don’t Give Up (live, 2013-10-16: ISS Dome, Düsseldorf, Germany)livePeter Gabriel7:37
2014-05-02Don’t Give Up (live, 2014-05-02: Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany)livePeter Gabriel7:48
2014-05-25Don’t Give Up (live, 2014‐05‐25: Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany)livePeter Gabriel7:47
2014-11-12Don’t Give Up (live, 2014-11-12: Palais 12, Bruxelles, Belgium)livePeter Gabriel7:46
2014-11-23Don’t Give Up (live, 2014‐11‐23: Stadthalle Graz, Graz, Steiermark, Austria)livePeter Gabriel7:36
2014-12-08Don’t Give Up (live, 2014-12-08: GE Oil and Gas Arena, Aberdeen, Scotland)livePeter Gabriel7:44
Don't Give UpLady Gaga feat. The Midway State4:12
Don't Give UpcoverTake 65:04
Don't Give UpcoverDave Warrin feat. Jody Watley5:17
Don't Give UpcoverParenthetical Girls4:57
Don't Give Upcover and liveSarah Brightman with Gregorian5:23
Don't Give UpKate Bush5:55
Don't Give UpliveSting7:49
Don't Give UpcoverAmerican Rock Orchestra7:11
Don't Give UpcoverDavid Archuleta feat. Libby Linton5:35
Don't Give UpcoverMoya Brennan feat. Michael McDonald6:52
Don't Give UplivePeter Gabriel8:04
Don't Give UpKate Bush & Peter Gabriel?:??
Don't Give UpBono & Alicia Keys?:??
Don't Give UpcoverGregorian7:03
Don't Give UpcoverJody Watley5:10
Don't Give UpcoverThe Midway State feat. Lady Gaga4:31
Don't Give UpcoverAinhoa Arteta6:03
Don't Give UpcoverSteve Ewing7:26
Don't Give Upcover and instrumentalRupert Parker4:35
Don't Give Upcover and instrumentalCharles Davidson4:38
Don't Give Upcover and liveFORK6:41
Don't Give UpcoverJody Watley5:15
Don't Give UpcoverXavier Naidoo6:25
Don't Give UpcoverRachel Z Trio6:44
Don't Give Up (radio version)coverWillie Nelson4:53
Don’t Give UpcoverWillie Nelson6:59
Don’t Give UpGreg Laswell feat. Molly Jenson4:51
Don’t Give UpliveThe Feeling3:57
Don’t Give UpThe Feeling4:10
Don’t Give Upcover and liveThe Feeling4:10
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel & Sinéad O’Connor8:05
Don’t Give UpcoverSinéad O’Connor feat. Willie Nelson7:01
Don’t Give Upcover and liveTears for Fears7:46
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel9:29
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel5:46
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel6:29
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel?:??
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel7:40
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel6:38
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Ane Brun6:36
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel6:11
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel & Kate Bush6:29
Don’t Give Up (live, 2011-03: HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, England)livePeter Gabriel8:30
Don’t Give Upcover and liveThe Best of Britain6:06
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel with Kate Bush?:??
Don’t Give UpcoverThe Dark Side4:23
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel7:41
Don’t Give UpcoverLe Bang Bang & Kälberer5:15
Don’t Give UpcoverGregorian6:29
Don’t Give UpcoverThe Shadows5:35
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush6:06
Don’t Give UpcoverHerbie Hancock feat. P!nk & John Legend7:28
Don’t Give Up (New Blood version)Peter Gabriel6:40
Don’t Give Up (live, 1993-11: Palasport, Modena, Italy)livePeter Gabriel7:35
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel7:38
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel6:27
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush5:39
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush5:54
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel5:57
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush5:56
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel7:47
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel8:07
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel5:36
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel & Kate Bush5:40
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel5:23
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel & Kate Bush5:54
Don’t Give Up (live, 2010‐03‐28: O2 Arena, London, UK)livePeter Gabriel8:05
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel5:52
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel8:07
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel & Kate Bush5:56
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush5:32
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel & Kate Bush5:55
Don’t Give Up (live)livePeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush?:??
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel & Kate Bush5:31
Don’t Give Up (live)livePeter Gabriel8:07
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush5:58
Don’t Give UpSinéad O’Connor feat. Peter Gabriel & Sting?:??
Don’t Give UpcoverFeist feat. Timber Timbre5:28
Don’t Give UplivePeter Gabriel8:09
Don’t Give UpPeter Gabriel feat. Kate Bush5:56
Don’t Give UpcoverThe Pierces4:23
Don’t Give Up (live)livePeter Gabriel6:50
Don’t Give UpcoverCaligula’s Horse5:10
Don’t Give Up (acoustic version)cover and liveThe Feeling4:08
Don’t Give Up (Africa)coverBono & Alicia Keys4:22
Don’t Give Up (alternative version piano and B‐Vox mix)Peter Gabriel6:49
Don’t Give Up (edit)Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush5:26
Don’t Give Up (instrumental) (New Blood instrumental version)instrumentalPeter Gabriel6:40
Don’t Give Up (LP version)Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush6:30
Don’t Give Up 1Peter Gabriel?:??
Don’t Give Up 2Peter Gabriel?:??