composer:Peter Gabriel
lyricist:Peter Gabriel
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1993-06-26Digging in the Dirt (live, 1993-06-26: Skydome, Toronto, Canada)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2002-09-18Digging in the Dirt (live, 2002-09-18: Alcatraz Club, Milan, Italy)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2003-05-07Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003-07-05: London, Ontario)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2003-06-07Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003‐06‐07: Mountain View, CA, USA)livePeter Gabriel6:45
2003-06-14Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003-06-14: West Palm Beach, FL, USA)livePeter Gabriel6:47
2003-06-16Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003-06-16: Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA, USA)livePeter Gabriel7:16
2003-06-21Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003‐06‐21: Camden, NJ, USA)livePeter Gabriel6:49
2003-06-29Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003‐06‐29: Clarkston, MI, USA)livePeter Gabriel6:56
2003-07-01Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003-07-01: Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, OH, USA)livePeter Gabriel6:54
2003-07-04Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003-07-04: Toronto, ON, Canada)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2003-07-06Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003‐07‐06: Montréal, QC, Canada)livePeter Gabriel7:06
2004-05-01Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004‐05‐01: Ischgl, Tyrol, Austria)livePeter Gabriel7:00
2004-05-05Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004-05-05: Dortmund, Germany)livePeter Gabriel7:11
2004-05-06Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004‐05‐06: Rotterdam, Netherlands)livePeter Gabriel7:09
2004-05-23Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004-05-23: dm-arena, Rheinstetten, Germany)livePeter Gabriel6:57
2004-05-27Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004-05-27: POPB, Paris, France)livePeter Gabriel7:03
2004-06-05Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004-06-05: Glasgow, Scotland)livePeter Gabriel6:49
2004-06-07Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004-06-07: Wembley Arena, London, England)livePeter Gabriel6:52
2004Digging in the Dirt (live, 2004‐05‐14: Vienna, Austria)livePeter Gabriel6:57
2011-03-23 – 2011-03-24Digging in the Dirt (live, 2011-03-23/24: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK)livePeter Gabriel5:06
2011-03-23 – 2011-03-24Digging in the Dirt (live, 2011-03-23/24: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK)livePeter Gabriel?:??
2012-09-23Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:57
2013-10-16Digging in the Dirt (live, 2013-10-16: ISS Dome, Düsseldorf, Germany)livePeter Gabriel6:58
2014-05-02Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:31
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:42
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:17
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:49
Digging in the DirtPeter Gabriel7:22
Digging in the DirtPeter Gabriel5:28
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel?:??
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:47
Digging in the DirtPeter Gabriel5:20
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:57
Digging in the DirtPeter Gabriel5:18
Digging in the Dirt (live, 2011-03: HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, England)livePeter Gabriel6:08
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel6:47
Digging in the DirtPeter Gabriel5:16
Digging in the DirtcoverDenovo6:03
Digging in the Dirt (live, 1993-11: Palasport, Modena, Italy)livePeter Gabriel7:36
Digging in the DirtcoverNight Shift3:57
Digging in the DirtPeter Gabriel5:13
Digging in the Dirt (live, 2003-05: FilaForum di Assago, Assago, Italy)livePeter Gabriel6:16
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel4:26
Digging in the Dirt (live, 2010‐03‐28: O2 Arena, London, UK)livePeter Gabriel5:06
Digging in the DirtPeter Gabriel5:14
Digging in the Dirt (live, 1994-06-26: Worthy Farm, Pilton, England)livePeter Gabriel?:??
Digging in the Dirt (New Blood version)Peter Gabriel4:58
Digging in the DirtlivePeter Gabriel7:01
Digging in the DirtcoverKen5:13
Digging in the DirtcoverTufts University Beelzebubs4:47
Digging in the Dirt (live, 2002‐11‐25: Fleet Center, Boston, MA, USA)livePeter Gabriel6:26
Digging in the Dirt (edit)Peter Gabriel4:26
Digging in the Dirt (edit)Peter Gabriel4:29
Digging in the Dirt (instrumental) (New Blood instrumental version)instrumentalPeter Gabriel4:58
Digging in the Dirt (instrumental)instrumentalPeter Gabriel5:10
Digging in the Dirt (Raw Stylus mix)Peter Gabriel7:23
Digging in the Dirt (Raw Stylus mix) (radio edit)Peter Gabriel5:03
Digging in the Dirt (Rich E mix)Peter Gabriel7:28