This song takes place in downtown Denver, Colorado at the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Broadway, where the bus lines numbered 0 and 15 meet.

The intersection on OSM and Google Maps

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lyricist:Reese Roper
writer:Five Iron Frenzy
composer:Dennis Culp
Scott Kerr
publisher:5 Minute Walk Music (in 1996)


1996-09-02 – 1996-09-10Where Zero Meets FifteenFive Iron Frenzy3:05
1997-03-01Where Zero Meets 15 (live 1997-3-1: The Screem)liveFive Iron Frenzy3:04
1999-06-17 – 1999-07-02Where 0 Meets 15 / [what's Keith doing?] (live, 1999‐06‐17–1999‐07‐02, “Proof That the Youth Are Revolting”)liveFive Iron Frenzy3:46
2002-07-04Where Zero Meets 15 (live, 2002‐07‐04: Cornerstone Farm, Bushnell, IL, USA)liveFive Iron Frenzy?:??
2003-11-22Where 0 meets 15 (live, 2003‐11‐22: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO, USA)liveFive Iron Frenzy4:21
Where Zero Meets 15Five Iron Frenzy?:??