writer:Babyface (R&B musician Kenny Edmonds)
L.A. Reid
Daryl Simmons
publisher:Hip Trip Music
Kermy Music


Knock Out (extended mix)Paula Abdul6:54
Knocked Out (part of a “Club MTV Party to Go, Volume One” DJ‐mix)Paula Abdul5:06
Knocked OutPaula Abdul3:23
Knocked OutPaula Abdul3:54
Knocked OutPaula Abdul3:32
Knocked OutPaula Abdul?:??
Knocked Out (7" version)Paula Abdul3:48
Knocked Out (12" mix)Paula Abdul6:12
Knocked Out (Bassey Thang)Paula Abdul5:53
Knocked Out (House 12")Paula Abdul7:28
Knocked Out (Pettibone 12")Paula Abdul6:11
Knocked Out (Pettibone 12”)Paula Abdul6:12
Knocked Out (Power mix)Paula Abdul6:44
Knocked Out (Round 1 - extended mix)Paula Abdul7:03
Knocked Out (Round 2 - TKO dub)Paula Abdul6:31
Knocked Out (Round 3 - instrumental)Paula Abdul2:30
1990 Medley MixmedleyPaula Abdul7:15