lyricist and composer:Pete Townshend (of The Who)
publisher:ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use “ABKCO”)
Fabulous Music, Ltd. (this is a publisher, not an imprint!)
Towser Tunes, Inc.
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1967-07-05I Can’t Reach You (1995 remix)The Who3:04
1967-07I Can’t Reach YouThe Who3:04
– 1967-07-05I Can’t Reach YouThe Who3:27
– 1967-07-05I Can’t Reach YouThe Who3:32
Can’t Reach YouThe Who3:03
I Can't Reach YoucoverPetra Haden3:30
I Can't Reach YouThe Who3:00
I Can't Reach YouThe Who3:33
I Can't Reach YouThe Who3:05
I Can't Reach You (BBC Session, 15 Oct 1967)liveThe Who2:46
I Can’t Reach YouThe Who3:29
I Can’t Reach You (mono, remaster)The Who3:27