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writer: Linkin Park
Mark Wakefield (ex-singer of Linkin Park and manager of the band Taproot)
Wikidata: Q19993 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2001 Runaway (live, 2001: Family Values Tour) live Linkin Park 3:03
2003-03-03 Runaway (live, 2003-03-03: Rock City, Nottingham, UK) live Linkin Park 3:27
2003-08 Runaway (live, 2003-08-02~03: Reliant Stadium, Houston & Texas Stadium, Irving Texas, USA) live Linkin Park 3:46
Rnw@y Backyard Bangers feat. Phoenix Orion 3:13
Runaway cover Gothacoustic Ensemble 3:05
Runaway cover and instrumental Vitamin String Quartet 3:08
Runaway cover Cornbread Red 3:38
Runaway cover 3:23
Runaway cover Gothacoustic Ensemble 3:08
Runaway Linkin Park 3:04