The Final Battle (Army Officer, Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac)

~ Song


"The Final Battle" scene begins with the exchange between the Army Officer (from beyond the barricade) and Enjolras with the student rebels, followed by prolonged heavy gunfire. Marius is shot. Enjolras and the rest at the barricade are all killed, except Marius, who is wounded and unconscious, and Valjean. Valjean discovers that Marius is still alive and carries him down into the sewers to escape…

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composer: Claude‐Michel Schönberg
lyricist: Herbert Kretzmer
later translated versions: Die letzte Schlacht
Het beslissende gevecht
part of: Les Misérables (Claude-Michel Schönberg musical, English version)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1988 The Final Battle Anthony Warlow 2:22
1995-10 Second Attack / The Final Battle live Michael Maguire 1:52
2010 The Final Battle live Jon Robyns 3:43
2012 The Final Battle Les Misérables Cast 3:17