writer:Lene Grawford Nystrøm
Claus Norreen
Søren Rasted
René Dif
publisher:MCA Music Scandinavia AB
Warner/Chappell Music Denmark, A/S
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q790315 [info]
referred to in medleys:4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version)
later parody versions:Barbie Girl
Neem een ander in de maling!


2009-12-19BARBIE GIRL (live, 2009-12-19: Olympic Fencing Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea)cover and live제시카 feat. KEY3:13
1997 – Barbie Girlcovermedlz3:08
Barbie GirlcoverMr. Billy3:12
Barbie Girl (part of “Euromix Greatest Hits, Volume 6” DJ‐mix)Aqua?:??
Barbie Girl (part of “Chris Tarrant Presents Ultimate Party Megamix” DJ‐mix)Aqua3:11
Barbie GirlAqua3:48
Barbie Girl (2008-07-27: “Green Concert”, Valby Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveAqua?:??
Barbie GirlAqua3:17
Barbie Girl (part of “Much Dance 90s” DJ-mix)Aqua3:15
Barbie GirlcoverHampton the Hampster3:16
Barbie GirlcoverScott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Morgan James3:10
Barbie GirlcoverDeath in Rome4:06
Barbie GirlcoverThe Hot Poppers3:13
Barbie GirlcoverOctafish5:58
Barbie Girl (karaoke version - no vocals)instrumentalAqua3:21
Barbie GirlcoverLeo Moracchioli3:40
Barbie Girl (DJ-mixed: Dancemania DIAMOND NONSTOP MEGAMIX)Aqua2:40
Barbie Girl (part of “Dancemania Sparkle: Best of 90’s Dance Pop” DJ‐mix)Aqua2:42
Barbie GirlAqua?:??
Barbie Girl (part of a “Chartmix 2” DJ‐mix)Aqua1:21
Barbie Girl (part of “Twix Party Mix, Volume 3” DJ‐mix)Aqua3:12
Barbie Girl (part of “FetenMix: 80 Party-Klassiker im Megamix, Vol. 2”)Aqua1:06
Barbie Girl (part of a “90’s Hitmix” DJ‐mix)Aqua1:56
Barbie Girl (part of “Bailando Summer Mix” DJ‐mix)Aqua1:51
Barbie GirlcoverThe Hit Crew3:14
Barbie GirlcoverBen l’Oncle Soul4:17
Barbie GirlcoverMars Moles2:41
Barbie GirlcoverDeejay Mambo / Kim Gloss3:15
Barbie GirlcoverRob Mayth3:04
Barbie GirlcoverAudiosmog3:11
Barbie GirlcoverAudiosmog3:11
Barbie GirlcoverThe Pioneer Creek Gang3:12
Barbie GirlcoverRob Mayth4:13
Barbie GirlcoverSavannah3:13
Barbie GirlcoverSavannah3:16
Barbie GirlcoverSavannah3:10
Barbie GirlcoverVelva Blu3:14
Barbie GirlcoverVelva Blu3:13
Barbie GirlcoverJadranko3:17
Barbie GirlcoverHome Grown1:29
Barbie GirlcoverThe Axel Boys Quartet3:43
Barbie GirlcoverThe Axel Boys Quartet3:29
Barbie GirlcoverThe Chaos Engine4:04
Barbie Girlcover and instrumentalFudge3:41
Barbie GirlcoverSapphire Solace3:07
Barbie GirlcoverThe Lance Gambit Trio3:11
Barbie Girlcover and liveEdson Cordeiro3:58
Barbie GirlcoverThe Axel Boys Quartet3:36
Barbie Girl (radio edit)Aqua3:15
Barbie Girl (Alex M. remix)coverRob Mayth5:25
Barbie Girl (Alex M. rmx edit)coverRob Mayth3:28
Barbie Girl (Bangbros instrumental rmx edit)coverRob Mayth2:56
Barbie Girl (Bangbros instrumental rmx)coverRob Mayth6:39
Barbie Girl (Bangbros remix)coverRob Mayth7:20
Barbie Girl (Bangbros Remix)coverRob Mayth3:35
Barbie Girl (Bangbros rmx edit)coverRob Mayth3:35
Barbie Girl (Blastiquer mix by S.E. Berlin)coverElectric Chairs3:38
Barbie Girl (Blastiquer mix)coverElectric Chairs3:44
Barbie Girl (club mix) (part of “DJ Networx, Volume 28” DJ-mix)coverRob Mayth4:58
Barbie Girl (club mix)coverRob Mayth6:23
Barbie Girl (Deep Club Mix)coverVelva Blu6:08
Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Peroxide radio mix)Aqua4:13
Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Clinical 12″ mix)Aqua8:41
Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel radio mix)Aqua4:12
Barbie Girl (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 12″ G-String mix)Aqua8:40
Barbie Girl (DJ Manian radio edit)coverRob Mayth3:06
Barbie Girl (Dub Mix)coverVelva Blu6:28
Barbie Girl (Extended Hit Mix)coverVelva Blu6:12
Barbie Girl (Extended Miami Mix)coverVelva Blu5:34
Barbie Girl (Extended Mix)coverVelva Blu4:59
Barbie Girl (extended version)Aqua5:16
Barbie Girl (Flowing mix)coverElectric Chairs5:42
Barbie Girl (Flowing Tickle mix)coverElectric Chairs2:54
Barbie Girl (Flowing version)coverElectric Chairs1:59
Barbie Girl (from Al-TV #8)cover“Weird Al” Yankovic0:04
Barbie Girl (hit radio mix)coverVelva Blu?:??
Barbie Girl (Hit Radio Mix)coverVelva Blu3:17
Barbie Girl (karaoke)Aqua3:13
Barbie Girl (live)cover and liveColdplay?:??
Barbie Girl (Manians Freak in da Morning rmx edit)coverRob Mayth3:17
Barbie Girl (Manians Freak in da Morning rmx)coverRob Mayth4:53
Barbie Girl (Miami Radio Mix)coverVelva Blu3:28
Barbie Girl (original extended mix)Aqua4:40
Barbie Girl (original mix)coverRob Mayth6:25
Barbie Girl (Perky Park club mix)Aqua6:15
Barbie Girl (Perky Park club mix)Aqua3:52
Barbie Girl (Perky Park club mix) (part of “Non‐Stop Dance Anthems” DJ‐mix)Aqua4:44
Barbie Girl (radio mix)coverVelva Blu3:16
Barbie Girl (radio mix)coverVelva Blu?:??
Barbie Girl (Radio Mix)coverVelva Blu3:15
Barbie Girl (single edit)coverRob Mayth4:13
Barbie Girl (Spike's Plastic mix)Aqua8:47
Barbie Girl (Spike’s Anatomically Correct dub)Aqua7:59
Barbie Girl (TF long version)coverElectric Chairs5:36
Barbie Girl (The Good, the Bad mit Barby mix)coverElectric Chairs4:56
Barbie Girl (The Good, the Bad Mit Barby mix)coverElectric Chairs4:48
Barbie Girl (Thomas Fehlmann long mix) (part of a “Essential Mix Radio One 23.12.01” DJ‐mix)coverElectric Chairs4:17
Barbie Girl (Trip Hop Radio Mix)coverVelva Blu3:21
Barbie Girl (Upsynth remix)coverRob Mayth6:21
Barbie Girl (Upsynth rmx edit)coverRob Mayth3:18
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