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  • First copyright date: 1962-12-14


  • Many of the lyrics are copied from '32-20 Blues', 'Stones in My Passway', 'Hellhound on My Trail', and 'Me and the Devil Blues', while the tune comes from the traditional song 'Corrina'.
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writer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
additional lyricist:Bob Dylan (1962-04)
arranger:Bob Dylan (1962-04)
lyricist:Robert Johnson (1930s blues legend)
publisher:Special Rider Music
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Wikidata:Q5173006 [info]
Wikipedia:en: Corrine, Corrina [info]
arrangements:Corrina, Corrina
later translated versions:Corrina Corrina
Corrina, Corrina (German version)
version of:32‒20 Blues
Corrina (traditional song published by the Lomaxes)
Hellhound on My Trail
Me and the Devil Blues
Stones in My Passway


1962-04Corrina, Corrina (live at Gerde’s Folk City, New York, NY – April 1962)liveBob Dylan3:54
2012-08-28Corrina Corrina (live, 2012-08-28: The Basement, Sydney, Australia)cover and liveDarren Jack feat. Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson4:28
2013-06-24 – 2013-06-25Corrina, Corrinacover and instrumentalAbsolutely Sweet Marie5:25
Corrina Corrina (live, 1963-03-28: Bob Fass Radio Show, WBAI-FM, New York City, NY, USA)Bob Dylan2:46
Corrina CorrinaBill and Boyd2:54
Corrina CorrinaBobby Vinton?:??
Corrina CorrinaPaul Weller2:47
Corrina Corrina (1962-04-xx: Gerde's Folk City, New York City, NY, USA)Bob Dylan4:52
Corrina, Corrina (officially released studio recording)coverBob Dylan2:44
Corrina, CorrinacoverBob Dylan2:40
Corrina, CorrinacoverPete Townshend2:34
Corrina, Corrina (mono)coverBob Dylan2:44
Corrina, CorrinacoverTaraf of Haïdouks5:38
Corrina, CorrinaBoz Scaggs3:45
Corrina, CorrinaPaul Weller2:52
Corrina, CorrinaPaul Weller2:48
Corrina, Corrina (live: BBC)Paul Weller2:27
Corrina, Corrina (live: BBC)cover and livePaul Weller2:27
Corrina, Corrina (1962-07-xx: studio outtake, solo version, mono)coverBob Dylan3:07
Corrina, CorrinacoverBob Dylan2:36
Corrina, CorrinacoverBob Dylan2:40
Corrina, CorrinacoverBob Dylan2:41
Corrina, CorrinacoverEric Burdon & the Animals2:31
Corrina, Corrina (alternate take) (1962-11-xx: single version, mono)coverBob Dylan2:30