lyricist and composer:George Michael
publisher:Chappell & Co.
Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (1996–2019)
Wham! Music Ltd.
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
ヤマハミュージックパブリッシング (until 2017-03-31)
Morrison Leahy Music Ltd. (from 1984 to present)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (from 2017-04-01 to present)
lyrics page:!:Last_Christmas [info] (until 2020-09-21)
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Wikidata:Q1318118 [info]
referred to in medleys:Someone Special
So klingt der Sommer (order: 2)
Mix 1 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (order: 6)
later parody versions:Last Christmas
Last Christmas
Last Xmas
later translated parody versions:Weihnachten
Weihnachten ist mir doch egal (Last Christmas)
later translated versions:Joulusydän
LAST CHRISTMAS (Japanese version)
later versions:Reviens-moi
is the basis for:Bēdz
Last Christmas


2006Last ChristmascoverPapermoon5:21
2007Last ChristmascoverHuman Nature3:09
2010Last Christmas (2010 version)coverTina Arena5:52
2014Last Christmas (2014 version)coverTina Arena3:59
2017-12-16 – 2017-12-17Last Christmas (live, 2017-12: The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)cover and liveThe Blackeyed Susans featuring Anna Burley5:02
2020 –Last ChristmasinstrumentalChilly Gonzales2:25
Christmas (medley)cover and medleyJennifer Berning1:36
Last Christmascover and instrumentalState of the Heart3:45
Last ChristmascoverStudio 994:35
Last ChristmascoverUnwoman4:34
Last ChristmascoverBillie Piper5:01
Last ChristmasKids United3:19
Last ChristmascoverJamelia3:40
Last Christmascover and instrumentalFree the Spirit3:52
Last ChristmasNils Landgren3:26
Last ChristmasWham!5:56
Last ChristmascoverNerina Pallot4:23
Last ChristmascoverHotel Buenavida5:26
Last ChristmascoverBillie5:02
Last ChristmascoverThe Holophonics3:29
Last ChristmascoverBillie5:00
Last ChristmascoverNicole4:36
Last ChristmasWham!6:45
Last ChristmasHelene Fischer & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra mit Ricky Martin4:25
Last ChristmascoverPom Pom Squad4:07
Last ChristmascoverBillie Piper5:00
Last ChristmascoverWhigfield4:14
Last ChristmascoverJamelia1:54
Last ChristmascoverBTH3:24
Last ChristmascoverJamelia6:05
Last ChristmasWham!4:18
Last ChristmascoverKids United3:19
Last ChristmasKim Wilde3:59
Last ChristmascoverJasmine Thompson3:50
Last ChristmasWham!?:??
Last ChristmasGeorge Michael3:54
Last ChristmasWham!6:44
Last ChristmascoverBenjamin B.3:24
Last Christmascover and liveCollin de Vries4:09
Last ChristmascoverPIG5:39
Last ChristmascoverGerard Joling4:27
Last ChristmascoverBillie4:59
Last ChristmascoverGerard Joling4:24
Last ChristmascoverAll About Eve4:20
Last ChristmascoverBillie5:01
Last ChristmasThe Braxtons4:21
Last ChristmascoverDéhà4:44
Last ChristmasWham!4:16
Last ChristmasWhigfield?:??
Last ChristmascoverBillie5:02
Last ChristmasWham!4:24
Last ChristmascoverBillie Piper4:58
Last ChristmascoverBirgit Õigemeel, Uku Suviste & ETV Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio Laululapsed?:??
Last ChristmascoverBirgit Õigemeel3:48
Last ChristmascoverOld School Basterds?:??
Last ChristmascoverWhigfield4:14
Last ChristmascoverWhigfield3:15
Last ChristmascoverWhigfield4:17
Last ChristmascoverWhigfield3:45
Last ChristmascoverJamelia3:40
Last ChristmascoverElement of Crime3:20
Last ChristmascoverGlennis Grace4:27
Last ChristmascoverMeghan Trainor4:04
Last ChristmasGeorge Michael6:00
Last ChristmascoverJamelia3:31
Last ChristmascoverГр. «Smash!!»?:??
Last ChristmascoverMadsen4:02
Last ChristmascoverleeSA3:51
Last Christmas (single version)Wham!4:24
Last ChristmascoverPullover?:??
Last ChristmascoverLucy Dacus2:42
Last ChristmasEliza Doolittle3:47
Last ChristmascoverBTH3:48
Last ChristmasGeorge Michael4:25
Last ChristmascoverBillie Piper5:01
Last ChristmasWham!4:18
Last ChristmascoverWhigfield4:14
Last ChristmascoverWhigfield4:10
Last ChristmasWham!4:34
Last ChristmascoverGwen Stefani4:39
Last ChristmascoverGerard Joling?:??
Last ChristmascoverAriana Grande3:24
Last ChristmascoverDas Kapital?:??
Last ChristmascoverCœur de pirate3:33
Last ChristmasCascada3:53
Last ChristmascoverGerard Joling4:26
Last ChristmasWham!?:??
Last ChristmasWham!?:??
Last ChristmasWham!4:34
Last ChristmascoverRin'4:16
Last ChristmascoverJoe McElderry4:17
Last ChristmascoverThe Finals?:??
Last ChristmascoverLeo Moracchioli3:25
Last ChristmascoverAlly Brooke2:31
Last ChristmasWhigfield4:14
Last ChristmascoverBillie Piper4:57
Last ChristmasWhigfield?:??
Last ChristmasRose2:58
Last Christmas (DJ-mixed: Christmas SPEED)Rose?:??
Last ChristmascoverEscort?:??
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