You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)

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lyricist:Oscar Hammerstein II (collab with Rodgers)
composer:Richard Rodgers
publisher:Chappell (company that specialized in library and production music)
Chappell Music Ltd.
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatrical Europe Ltd.
T.B. Harms Co.
Williamson Music Company
Williamson Music, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q728692 [info]
referred to in medleys:Sailing / You’ll Never Walk Alone (order: 2)
Carousel Suite (order: 6)
later translated versions:Dan sta je nooit alleen
Loop door
Rien que toi (You'll Never Walk Alone)
later versions:Allein bist Du nie
part of:Carousel (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (order: 14)


1945-05-01You’ll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra3:28
1945-05-01You’ll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra3:28
1945-05-16You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1945 original Broadway cast)Christine Johnson & Jan Clayton2:42
1945-07-10You’ll Never Walk AloneJudy Garland3:19
1945The Highest Judge of All / You’ll Never Walk AloneJohn Raitt / Christine Johnson and Chorus4:30
1945You’ll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra3:27
1950You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1950 original London cast)Marion Ross and Chorus1:46
1954-09-01Medley: Tenderly / You'll Never Walk Aloneinstrumental and medleyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars7:23
1956-06-01Medley: Tenderly/You'll Never Walk Alonelive and medleyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars6:15
1956You Never Walk AlonecoverThe Golden Gate Quartet3:18
1956You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1956 film cast)Shirley Jones1:45
1957-09-07You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 1957-09-07: Orpheum Theater, Seattle, WA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong3:06
1957-12You’ll Never Walk AlonecoverNina Simone3:47
1958-07-06Medley: Tenderly / You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1958-06-06: Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Richmond)live and medleyLouis Armstrong & the All Stars4:44
1960-08-03You’ll Never Walk AloneJudy Garland4:05
1960You'll Never Walk AloneliveBilly Eckstine3:20
1963-02-19You’ll Never Walk Alone (1963 original studio master)Frank Sinatra3:08
1963-02-19You’ll Never Walk Alone (1963 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:08
1965You’ll Never Walk AloneKatherine Hilgenberg1:49
1967-07-26Medley: Tenderly / You'll Never Walk Again / Mop Mop (Boff Boff) (live, 1967-07-26: Juan-les-pins, France)live and medleyLouis Armstrong5:19
1967-09-10 – 1967-09-11You’ll Never Walk AlonecoverElvis Presley2:43
1967-09-11You'll Never Walk Alone (Expanded Master)coverElvis Presley3:52
1967-09You’ll Never Walk Alone (take 2)coverElvis Presley?:??
1967-09You’ll Never Walk Alone (takes 3, 4, 6 & 8)coverElvis Presley?:??
1968-06-09You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 1968-06-09: The Ed Sullivan Show)liveSergio Franchi accompanied by The Welsh Choir2:37
1972-01-13You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1972-01-13: New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin8:27
1972-01-13 – 1972-01-14You'll Never Walk Alonecover and liveAretha Franklin6:31
1972-01-13 – 1972-01-14You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1972-01: New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin6:44
1976-03You Never Walk AlonecoverLee Towers3:07
1980-07-29 – 1980-07-31You'll Never Walk Alonecover and livePerry Como?:??
1986-12-08You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 1986-12-08, Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL)cover and liveLee Towers3:26
1989-02-24You’ll Never Walk AloneliveJerold Ottley, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Kiri Te Kanawa, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Julius Rudel3:39
1993You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1993 Royal National Theatre cast)Meg Johnson3:56
1993You’ll Never Walk Alone (reprise) (Carousel, 1993 Royal National Theatre cast)Katrina Murphy, Joanna Riding, Meg Davies, Michael Hayden, Charles Shirvell, Leon Greene & Meg Johnson2:00
1994You'll Never Walk AlonePeter Koelewijn and Gerry Marsden3:25
1994You'll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1994 Broadway cast)Rodgers & Hammerstein1:44
1994You'll Never Walk Alone (reprise) (Carousel, 1994 Broadway cast)Rodgers & Hammerstein1:34
1996-04You'll Never Walk Alone / Some Enchanted Eveninginstrumental and medleyRoberta Piket7:21
1996You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1996)liveDie Toten Hosen1:13
1998-07-10You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1998-07-10: Champ-de-Mars, Paris, France)liveThe 3 Tenors3:48
2002-08-02You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-08-02: Przystanek Woodstock, Żary, Poland)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:12
2004-06-06You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2004-06-06: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen5:43
2005-01-20 – 2005-01-22You’ll Never Walk AloneCôr Meibion Maelgwn2:05
2005-06-06You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2005-06-06: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP, UK)liveG43:34
2005-09-10You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2005-09-10: LTU Arena, Düsseldorf, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen?:??
2006You'll Never Walk AlonecoverKlaus Lage2:27
2008-06-08You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-06-08: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen5:34
2008-11-26You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-11-26: Hamburg, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:35
2008-12-05You'll never walk alone (live, 2008-12-05, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen2:54
2008-12-08You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-12-08: Westfalenhalle 1, Dortmund, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen4:48
2008-12-14You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-12-14: Rothausarena, Freiburg, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:29
2009-05-15You'll never walk alone (live, 2009-05-15: Stadthalle, Rostock, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen4:04
2009-06-06You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-06-06: Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz, Bremerhaven, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:37
2009-06-07You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-06-07: Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen4:08
2009-07-08Walk on / You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-07-08: San Siro, Milan, Italy)cover, live and medleyU2?:??
2009-08-21You'll never walk alone (live, 2009-08-21, Area 4 Festival, Flugplatz Borkenberge, Lüdinghausen, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:16
2009-08-29You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-08-29: Strandbad, Losheim am See, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:26
2009-10-01Walk On / You’ll Never Walk Alone (snippet) (live, 2009-10-01: Scott Stadium, Charlottesville, VA, USA)cover, live, medley and partialU25:59
2009-10-12Walk On / You'll Never Walk Alone (snippet) (live, 2009-10-12: New Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX, USA)cover, live, medley and partialU2?:??
2009-12-19You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-12-19: Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:21
2009-12-26You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-12-26: Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen4:47
2010-10-30You’ll Never Walk AloneliveThe Massed Male Voice Choirs of Wigston, Dore, Pelenna & Rugby2:17
2010-10-30You’ll Never Walk Alone (encore)liveThe Massed Male Voice Choirs of Wigston, Dore, Pelenna & Rugby2:45
2013-07-20You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2013-07-20: Willy-Sachs-Stadion, Schweinfurt, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:23
2018-10-31 – 2018-11-02You'll Never Walk AlonecoverShalosh5:38
Carousel, Scene 26: You’ll Never Walk AloneShirley Jones & Claramae Turner2:17
Carousel, Scene 32: You’ll Never Walk Alone (Finale)Shirley Jones1:53
Carousel: Soliloquy / Blow High, Blow Low / When the Children are Asleep / A Real Nice Clambake / Stonecutters Cut it on Stone / What’s the use of Wond’rin’ / You’ll Never Walk Alone / If I Loved You / You’ll Never Walk AloneAlfred Newman, 20th Century‐Fox Orchestra27:54
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneinstrumentalThe London Pops Orchestra4:03
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneRichard Rodgers2:52
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneSimon Estes, Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Willie Anthony Waters3:46
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneMuriel Dickinson3:00
Carousel: You’ll Never Walk AloneinstrumentalJohn Arpin3:19
Carousel: You’ll Never Walk AloneClaramae Turner1:47
Finale Ultimo: You'll Never Walk AloneEntire Company1:39
I Believe / You’ll Never Walk Alonecover and medleyBarbra Streisand6:12
Imitation of Life / You'll Never Walk Alonecover, instrumental and medleyEd Alleyne‐Johnson4:40
Kick-OffpartialJohn Bishop3:58
Medley: I Believe / Unchained Melody / You’ll Never Walk Aloneinstrumental and medleyDelta Accordion Band4:57
Tenderly / You'll Never Walk Aloneinstrumental and medleyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars7:25
You Never Walk AlonecoverAndré Hazes2:51
You Never Walk AlonecoverLee Towers?:??
You Never Walk Alone / Amigos para siempremedleyDe drie Baritons5:48
You'll Never Be AloneLouis Armstrong2:58
You'll never walk aloneCantabile Youth Choir4:09
You'll never walk aloneliveDie Toten Hosen3:49
You'll never walk aloneFrank Sinatra3:27
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverGerry & the Pacemakers2:11
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverGerry & the Pacemakers2:29
You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 1967-07-25, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveLouis Armstrong2:53
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverGerry & the Pacemakers2:45
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverGerry & the Pacemakers2:25
You'll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra3:30
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverD.C. Lewis?:??
You'll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra?:??
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverGerry & the Pacemakers2:26
You'll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra?:??
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverAndré Hazes en Het Nederlands Elftal2:51
You'll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra3:28
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverFred Waring & His Pennsylvanians3:30
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