You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)

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lyricist:Oscar Hammerstein II (of Rodgers & Hammerstein)
composer:Richard Rodgers (composer)
publisher:Chappell Music Ltd.
EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS‐affiliated)
T.B. Harms Co.
Williamson Music Company
Williamson Music, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q728692 [info]
referred to in medleys:Sailing / You’ll Never Walk Alone (order: 2)
Carousel Suite (order: 6)
later translated versions:Dan sta je nooit alleen
Loop door
Rien que toi (You'll Never Walk Alone)
later versions:Allein bist Du nie
part of:Carousel (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (order: 14)


1945-05-01You'll Never Walk Alone (without intro)coverFrank Sinatra3:10
1945-05-01You’ll Never Walk Alone (studio master, mx. VP 1496)Frank Sinatra3:28
1945-05-10You'll Never Walk AlonecoverFrank Sinatra3:24
1945-05-16You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1945 original Broadway cast)Christine Johnson & Jan Clayton2:42
1945-07-10You’ll Never Walk AloneJudy Garland3:19
1945The Highest Judge of All / You’ll Never Walk AloneJohn Raitt / Christine Johnson and Chorus4:30
1945You’ll Never Walk AloneFrank Sinatra3:27
1950You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1950 original London cast)Marion Ross and Chorus1:46
1954-09-01Medley: Tenderly / You'll Never Walk Aloneinstrumental and medleyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars7:23
1956-06-01Medley: Tenderly/You'll Never Walk Alonelive and medleyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars6:15
1956You Never Walk AlonecoverThe Golden Gate Quartet3:18
1956You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1956 film cast)Shirley Jones1:45
1957-09-07You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 1957-09-07: Orpheum Theater, Seattle, WA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong3:06
1957-12You’ll Never Walk Alone (hi fidelity mono)cover and instrumentalNina Simone3:47
1958-07-06Medley: Tenderly / You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1958-06-06: Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Richmond)live and medleyLouis Armstrong & the All Stars4:44
1960-08-03You’ll Never Walk AloneJudy Garland4:05
1960You’ll Never Walk Alonecover and liveBilly Eckstine3:20
1963-02-19You’ll Never Walk Alone (1963 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:09
1965You’ll Never Walk AloneKatherine Hilgenberg1:49
1967-07-26Medley: Tenderly / You'll Never Walk Again / Mop Mop (Boff Boff) (live, 1967-07-26: Juan-les-pins, France)live and medleyLouis Armstrong5:19
1967-09-10 – 1967-09-11You’ll Never Walk AlonecoverElvis Presley2:43
1967-09-11You’ll Never Walk Alone (alternate take 2)coverElvis Presley3:42
1967-09-11You’ll Never Walk Alone (expanded master)coverElvis Presley3:52
1967-09You’ll Never Walk Alone (take 2)coverElvis Presley?:??
1967-09You’ll Never Walk Alone (takes 3, 4, 6 & 8)coverElvis Presley?:??
1968-06-09You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 1968-06-09: The Ed Sullivan Show)liveSergio Franchi accompanied by The Welsh Choir2:37
1972-01-13You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1972-01-13: New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin8:27
1972-01-13 – 1972-01-14You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1972-01: New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveAretha Franklin6:44
1972-01-13 – 1972-01-14You’ll Never Walk Alonecover and liveAretha Franklin6:31
1976-03You Never Walk AlonecoverLee Towers3:07
1980-07-29 – 1980-07-31You'll Never Walk Alonecover and livePerry Como?:??
1986-12-08You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 1986-12-08, Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL)cover and liveLee Towers3:26
1989-02-24You’ll Never Walk AloneliveJerold Ottley, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Kiri Te Kanawa, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Julius Rudel3:39
1991-02-27You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1991-02-27: Greenstreets, Columbia, SC, USA)cover and liveRichard Thompson2:43
1991-02-27You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1991-02-27: Greenstreets, Columbia, SC, USA)cover and liveRichard Thompson2:28
1993You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1993 Royal National Theatre cast)Meg Johnson3:56
1993You’ll Never Walk Alone (reprise) (Carousel, 1993 Royal National Theatre cast)Katrina Murphy, Joanna Riding, Meg Davies, Michael Hayden, Charles Shirvell, Leon Greene & Meg Johnson2:00
1994You'll Never Walk AlonePeter Koelewijn and Gerry Marsden3:25
1994You'll Never Walk Alone (Carousel, 1994 Broadway cast)Rodgers & Hammerstein1:44
1994You'll Never Walk Alone (reprise) (Carousel, 1994 Broadway cast)Rodgers & Hammerstein1:34
1995-10You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)Bryn Terfel3:05
1996-04You'll Never Walk Alone / Some Enchanted Eveninginstrumental and medleyRoberta Piket7:21
1996You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1996)liveDie Toten Hosen1:13
1997-05-10You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1997-05-10: Anfield, Liverpool, UK)cover and liveBootleg Beatles . Stereophonics . Smaller . Dodgy . Space . Manic Street Preachers . The Beautiful South and The London Community Gospel Choir . Holly Johnson . Terry Hall . Frank Skinner . Lightning Seeds5:41
1998-07-10You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 1998-07-10: Champ-de-Mars, Paris, France)liveThe 3 Tenors3:48
2002-08-02You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-08-02: Przystanek Woodstock, Żary, Poland)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:12
2004-06-06You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2004-06-06: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen5:43
2005-01-20 – 2005-01-22You’ll Never Walk AloneCôr Meibion Maelgwn2:05
2005-06-06You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2005-06-06: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP, UK)liveG43:34
2005-09-10You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2005-09-10: LTU Arena, Düsseldorf, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen?:??
2006You'll Never Walk AlonecoverKlaus Lage2:27
2008-06-08You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-06-08: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen5:34
2008-11-26You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-11-26: Hamburg, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:35
2008-12-05You'll never walk alone (live, 2008-12-05, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen2:54
2008-12-08You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-12-08: Westfalenhalle 1, Dortmund, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen4:48
2008-12-14You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2008-12-14: Rothausarena, Freiburg, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:29
2009-01-18You'll Never Walk Alone (with the U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club)cover and liveRenée Fleming3:46
2009-05-15You'll never walk alone (live, 2009-05-15: Stadthalle, Rostock, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen4:04
2009-06-06You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-06-06: Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz, Bremerhaven, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:37
2009-06-07You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-06-07: Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen4:08
2009-07-08Walk On / You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-07-08: San Siro, Milan, Italy)cover, live and medleyU2?:??
2009-08-21You'll never walk alone (live, 2009-08-21, Area 4 Festival, Flugplatz Borkenberge, Lüdinghausen, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:16
2009-08-29You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-08-29: Strandbad, Losheim am See, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:26
2009-10-01Walk On / You’ll Never Walk Alone (snippet) (live, 2009-10-01: Scott Stadium, Charlottesville, VA, USA)cover, live, medley and partialU25:59
2009-10-12Walk On / You’ll Never Walk Alone (snippet) (live, 2009-10-12: New Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX, USA)cover, live, medley and partialU2?:??
2009-12-19You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-12-19: Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen3:21
2009-12-26You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2009-12-26: Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)liveDie Toten Hosen4:47
2010-10-30You’ll Never Walk AloneliveThe Massed Male Voice Choirs of Wigston, Dore, Pelenna & Rugby2:17
2010-10-30You’ll Never Walk Alone (encore)liveThe Massed Male Voice Choirs of Wigston, Dore, Pelenna & Rugby2:45
2013-07-20You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2013-07-20: Willy-Sachs-Stadion, Schweinfurt, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:23
2018-10-13You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2018-10-13: Merkur Spiel-Arena, Düsseldorf, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen2:59
2018-10-31 – 2018-11-02You'll Never Walk AlonecoverShalosh5:38
2018-11-07You'll Never Walk Alone (live, 2018-11-07: SO36, Berlin, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen3:19
2020-10-13You’ll Never Walk Alone (live, 2020-10-13: GOP Varieté-Theater, Bonn, Germany)cover and liveDie Toten Hosen2:54
Carousel - You'll Never Walk Alone (Rodgers)Bryn Terfel3:02
Carousel, Scene 26: You’ll Never Walk AloneShirley Jones & Claramae Turner2:17
Carousel, Scene 32: You’ll Never Walk Alone (Finale)Shirley Jones1:53
Carousel: Soliloquy / Blow High, Blow Low / When the Children are Asleep / A Real Nice Clambake / Stonecutters Cut it on Stone / What’s the use of Wond’rin’ / You’ll Never Walk Alone / If I Loved You / You’ll Never Walk AloneAlfred Newman, 20th Century‐Fox Orchestra27:54
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneinstrumentalThe London Pops Orchestra4:03
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneRichard Rodgers2:52
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneMuriel Dickinson3:00
Carousel: You'll Never Walk AloneSimon Estes, Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Willie Anthony Waters3:46
Carousel: You’ll Never Walk AloneinstrumentalJohn Arpin3:19
Finale Ultimo: You’ll Never Walk AloneCompany1:39
I Believe / You’ll Never Walk Alonecover and medleyBarbra Streisand6:11
Imitation of Life / You'll Never Walk Alonecover, instrumental and medleyEd Alleyne‐Johnson4:40
Kick-OffpartialJohn Bishop3:58
Medley: I Believe / Unchained Melody / You’ll Never Walk Aloneinstrumental and medleyDelta Accordion Band4:57
Sailing / You'll Never Walk Alonecover and medleyBlack Lace5:32
Tenderly / You'll Never Walk Aloneinstrumental and medleyLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars7:25
You Never Walk AlonecoverLee Towers?:??
You Never Walk AlonecoverAndré Hazes2:51
You Never Walk Alone / Amigos para siempremedleyDe drie Baritons5:48
You'll Never Be AloneLouis Armstrong2:58
You'll never walk aloneCantabile Youth Choir4:09
You'll never walk aloneliveDie Toten Hosen3:49
You'll never walk aloneFrank Sinatra3:27
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverD.C. Lewis?:??
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverKevin Rowland4:09
You'll Never Walk AlonecoverAndré Hazes en Het Nederlands Elftal2:51
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