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  • First copyright date: 1964-10-08
  • Copyright renewed in 1992
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composer:Bob Dylan (1963-08 – 1963-09)
additional lyricist:Bob Dylan (1963-08 – 1963-09)
publisher:Warner/Chappell (1964 – 1992)
Special Rider Music (1992 –)
later translated versions:Min älskade stod inför rätten idag
version of:The Two Sisters (aka The Wind and the Rain / The Bows of London / Cruel Sister)


1963-10-23Percy's Song (take 1, 10-23-63)Bob Dylan?:??
1963-10-26Percy's Song (Carnegie Hall, 10-26-63)liveBob Dylan?:??
1969-03-18Percy's Song (live, 1969-03-18: BBC Top Gear)cover and liveFairport Convention5:29
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention6:46
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention6:55
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention7:15
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention5:27
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention5:32
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention8:27
Percy's SongliveBob Dylan9:07
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention6:55
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention6:30
Percy's Songcover, instrumental and partialJewels and Binoculars4:05
Percy's SongBob Dylan7:42
Percy's SongBob Dylan7:27
Percy's SongcoverFairport Convention6:54
Percy's SongBob Dylan7:12
Percy's SongBob Dylan7:14
Percy's SongBob Dylan7:30
Percy's SongBob Dylan7:42
Percy's SongliveBob Dylan9:11
Percy's SongBob Dylan7:43
Percy's Song (live)liveBob Dylan8:48
Percy’s SongBob Dylan7:43
Percy’s SongFairport Convention6:56
Percy’s SongcoverFairport Convention6:56
Percys SongcoverFairport Convention5:27