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composer:Gershon Kingsley
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Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/song/mt0033082387 [info]
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Wikidata:Q924220 [info]
later versions:Palomitas de maiz (Pekenikes version)


1972PopcorncoverHot Butter2:33
「ペンゴ」 ACTスタート~メインBGM『POPCORN』~ACTクリア~ネームエントリーcoverSEGA1:52
Electro Funk (part of a “Energy 99: The Millenium” DJ‐mix)cover and partialSpace Penguins3:13
Elektrofunk (Atlantis club mix) (part of a “Bump 5” DJ‐mix)cover and partialSpace Penguins2:25
Infinity (DJ Phil Ty mix)coverThe KGB's5:01
PloppcorncoverGlasBlasSing Quintett2:31
Pop Collage Medley: Popcorn / Black Is Black / Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him GoodbyecoverPattie Brooks4:45
Pop corncoverStrana Società3:52
Pop CorncoverMario Cavallero et son orchestre2:25
Pop CornGershon Kingsley3:57
Pop CorncoverMassiv in Mensch3:04
Pop CornGershon Kingsley2:24
Pop CorncoverNylon 66'ers3:26
Pop Corn (Palomitas de maíz)coverCaravelli2:39
Pop Corn (radio version)coverM & H Band3:59
Pop Corn (remix version 87 Special D'J)coverM & H Band6:30
Pop Corn (remix version special D’J)coverM & H Band6:59
Pop Corn (vocal)coverAnarchic System2:40
PopcorncoverLos Straitjackets & Deke Dickerson?:??
PopcorncoverThe Spheric Sounds2:30
PopcorncoverDesert Planet3:06
PopcorncoverRay McVay & His Orchestra1:08
PopcorncoverCombopiano-1 + Hair Stylistics3:21
PopcorncoverRicky King2:49
PopcorncoverRicky King2:50
PopcorncoverFranz Lambert1:46
PopcorncoverGünter Noris2:58
PopcorncoverYo La Tengo1:37
PopcorncoverDieter Thomas Kuhn2:53
PopcornHot Butter2:32
PopcorncoverGuru Josh4:09
PopcorncoverDat Zekt + Irrlicht Project?:??
PopcorncoverEd Starink3:30
PopcorncoverEd Starink4:00
PopcorncoverStar Inc.4:01
PopcorncoverHot Butter2:11
Popcorn (part of “Pick 'n' Mix” DJ-mix)coverHot Butter2:23
PopcorncoverRonnie Aldrich2:44
PopcorncoverApollo 1002:18
PopcorncoverApollo 1003:32
Popcorn (part of “DJ Maria: Disco Hit-Mix” DJ-mix)coverHot Butter2:32
PopcorncoverHerb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass3:45
PopcorncoverThe Galaxy Sound Orchestra2:28
PopcornGershon Kingsley3:56
Popcorn (part of “Ski Mix 5” DJ‐mix)coverShape Dance1:27
PopcorncoverThe Treble Spankers2:17
Popcorn (part of “De Après Skihut 17” DJ‐mix)coverCrazy Frog1:14
PopcorncoverEPO & Project House Punk!5:50
PopcorncoverCrazy Frog4:10
PopcorncoverEPO & Project House Punk!4:09
PopcorncoverThe Rezidents1:06
PopcorncoverThe Rezidents3:05
PopcorncoverThe Rezidents3:20
PopcorncoverCrazy Frog2:47
Popcorn (DJ‐mix from “Clubland 4: The Night of Your Life”)coverThe Rezidents2:26
PopcorncoverEd Starink4:01
PopcorncoverShadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet2:19
PopcorncoverFiddler’s Green3:42
PopcorncoverShadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet2:17
PopcorncoverThe Gino Marinello Orchestra3:09
PopcorncoverCrazy Frog3:10
PopcorncoverBim Skala Bim2:52
PopcorncoverCaustic Window3:39
PopcorncoverRichi M3:22
PopcorncoverRichi M3:35
PopcorncoverThe Boomtang Boys3:23
PopcorncoverShadmehr Aghili5:01
PopcorncoverPopcorn Makers2:38
PopcorncoverHot Butter2:56
PopcorncoverHot Butter1:05
Popcorn '99 MixcoverSpiral Hands on Reptile & Sky3:59
Popcorn (2010 club mix)coverDisco Cell5:30
Popcorn (à la Woody Herman)coverPaul Kuhn and the SFB Big Band2:25
Popcorn (Air-mix)coverLupeelou3:02
Popcorn (clip)cover and partialCrazy Frog0:29
Popcorn (extended mix)coverThe Boomtang Boys?:??
Popcorn (Like Butta mix)coverThe Boomtang Boys3:22
Popcorn (Microwave mix)coverThe Boomtang Boys3:39
Popcorn (Potatoheadz mix)coverCrazy Frog5:32
Popcorn (Radikal mix)coverCrazy Frog5:29
Popcorn (radio edit)coverRichi M3:24
Popcorn (radio mix instrumental)coverCrazy Frog2:48
Popcorn (radio mix)coverCrazy Frog2:48
Popcorn (Remix)coverDJ Judas5:45
Popcorn (Resource mix) (DJ mix from “Tunnel Trance Force, Volume 34”)coverCrazy Frog4:56
Popcorn (Resource mix)coverCrazy Frog7:44
Popcorn (Resourcemix)coverCrazy Frog5:12
Popcorn (richis club vers)coverRichi M7:27
Popcorn / Apache / Corn-Flakescover and medleyKlaus Wunderlich4:52
Popcorn 25coverShadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet?:??
Popcorn SID vs VSTcoverHot Bozzer2:41
PopcornocoverMesser Chups2:25
The ElectrofunkcoverSpace Penguins2:55
The Elektrofunk (Atlantis radio edit)coverSpace Penguins2:55
The Elektrofunk (Atlantis Radio edit)coverSpace Penguins2:55
The Elektrofunk (Claudio Coccoluto mix)coverSpace Penguins7:23
The Elektrofunk (Ping Pong P.P. Penguin mix)coverSpace Penguins4:53
Воздушные хлопья кукурузыcoverВиктор Зинчук4:37