lyricist:Andy Razaf (in 1928)
composer:Fats Waller (in 1928)
Wikidata:Q280907 [info]
referred to in medleys:Piano Roll Blues Medley (order: 4)
Fats on the Air: Sweet Georgia Brown / Viper’s Drag / Where Were You on the Night of June the Third? / The Clothes Line Ballet / Don’t Let It Bother You / The B Flat Blues / The Web Song / Honeysuckle Rose (order: 8)
later versions:Har ni cykellås
part of:Thousands Cheer (1943 movie)


1930-02-03Honeysuckle Rose (matrix 58546-1)McKinney’s Cotton Pickers3:13
1930-02-03Honeysuckle Rose (matrix 58546-2)McKinney’s Cotton Pickers3:16
1932-09-12Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalFletcher Henderson3:15
1932-12-09Honeysuckle Rose (1932-12-09)Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra3:13
1932-12-09Honeysuckle RoseFletcher Henderson and His Orchestra3:10
1933-03-09Honeysuckle RoseClaude Hopkins and His Orchestra3:06
1933-09-26Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalJoe Sullivan3:29
1934-11-07Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller2:36
1934-11-07Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller and His Rhythm2:39
1934-11-18Honeysuckle RoseColeman Hawkins3:05
1934-11-18Honeysuckle Rose (London, November 18, 1934)Coleman Hawkins3:04
1935-01-25Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalRed Norvo & His Swing Octet2:49
1935-03-11Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller3:01
1935-06-14Honeysuckle RoseAdrian Rollini & His Tap Room Gang2:39
1935-12-06Honeysuckle RoseMildred Bailey3:03
1935-12-06Honeysuckle RoseMildred Bailey & Her Alley Cats3:02
1936Honeysuckle RoseliveGlen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra4:23
1937-01-21Honeysuckle Rose (Decca matrix 61542)Count Basie & His Orchestra3:01
1937-01-21Honeysuckle Rose (Decca matrix 61542)instrumentalCount Basie & His Orchestra3:01
1937-02-10Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalEarl Hines2:53
1937-02-10Honeysuckle RoseEarl Hines and His Orchestra2:57
1937-03-31Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller3:09
1937-04-28Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalColeman Hawkins and His All-Star Band2:45
1937-04-28Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalColeman Hawkins2:45
1937-04-28Honeysuckle Rose (Paris, April 28, 1937)Coleman Hawkins2:45
1937-09-05Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalTeddy Wilson Quartet?:??
1937-09-05Honeysuckle RoseTeddy Wilson Quartet2:45
1937-09-05Honeysuckle RoseTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:14
1937Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli2:38
1938-01-16Honeysuckle RoseliveBenny Goodman13:57
1938-01-16Honeysuckle RoseliveBenny Goodman16:35
1938-01-31Honeysuckle Rose (1938-01-31)instrumentalQuintette du Hot Club de France2:55
1938-01-31Honeysuckle RoseDjango Reinhardt & le Quintette du Hot Club de France2:55
1938-01-31Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:56
1938-01-31Honeysuckle RoseDjango Reinhardt2:56
1938-03-13Honeysuckle RoseEddie South and His Quintet3:06
1938-12-12Honeysuckle Rose (radio broadcast, 1938-12-14)liveLouis Armstrong1:16
1938-12-14Honeysuckle Rose (radio broadcast, 1938-12-14)Louis Armstrong1:16
1938-12-14Honeysuckle Rose (radio broadcast, 1938-12-14)cover and liveLouis Armstrong1:16
1938Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli2:56
1939-08-02Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller3:21
1939-10-14Honeysuckle RoseLouis Jordan and His Tympany Five3:05
1939-11-14Honeysuckle RosecoverLouis Jordan and His Tympany Five3:07
1939-11-14Honeysuckle RoseLouis Jordan and His Tympany Five3:10
1939-11-14Honeysuckle RoseLouis Jordan and His Tympany Five3:05
1939-11-22Honeysuckle RoseBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:04
1939-11-22Honeysuckle RoseCharlie Christian3:00
1939-11-29Honeysuckle Rose (matrix no. 26290-A)Benny Goodman and His Orchestra3:06
1939-12-24Honeysuckle Rosecover, instrumental and liveThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:57
1939-12-24Honeysuckle RoseThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:52
1940-05-08Honeysuckle RoseHorace Henderson and his Orchestra2:48
1940-06Honeysuckle Rose (Broadcast)The Benny Goodman Sextet2:37
1940-11-07Honeysuckle RoseliveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra5:05
1940-11-07Honeysuckle Roseinstrumental and liveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra5:05
1940-11-19Honeysuckle Rose (Broadcast)The Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Count Basie4:56
1940-11-30Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalCharlie Parker with Jay McShann & His Orchestra2:58
1940-11-30Honeysuckle Rosecover, instrumental and liveCharlie Parker3:00
1940-12-03Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalJay McShann & His Orchestra3:02
1940-12-06Honeysuckle RosecoverThe Nat King Cole Trio2:39
1940-12-06Honeysuckle RoseKing Cole Trio2:33
1940-12-06Honeysuckle RoseKing Cole Trio2:28
1940Honeysuckle Rose (instrumental)instrumentalNat King Cole2:31
1941-05-13Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller3:26
1941-07-17Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalJimmie Noone Quartet?:??
1941Honeysuckle RoseliveRoy Eldridge8:20
1943-04-27Honeysuckle Rose (stereo)Lena Horne with Benny Carter and His Orchestra2:50
1943-04-27Honeysuckle RoseLena Horne2:57
1943-08-27Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalHazel Scott4:06
1943-12-01Honeysuckle RoseDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:25
1944-01-05Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalArt Tatum Trio2:21
1944-01-16Honeysuckle RoseliveArt Tatum1:52
1944-04-17Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalBen Webster?:??
1944-04-17Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalBen Webster3:15
1944-04-17Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalBen Webster3:15
1944-06-15Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalTeddy Wilson Sextet3:43
1944Honeysuckle RosecoverBoris Vian avec Claude Luter et son orchestre2:42
1945-01-24Honeysuckle RoseThe Spirits of Rhythm3:01
1945-01-24Honeysuckle RoseliveLeo Watson1:15
1945-02-09Honeysuckle RoseMildred Bailey2:07
1945-05-28Honeysuckle RoseSlam Stewart3:04
1945-10-20Honeysuckle RoseDuke Ellington?:??
1945-12-05Honeysuckle RoseBud Freeman and His Orchestra2:51
1946-04-11Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio2:20
1946-10-22Honeysuckle RoseThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:18
1946-10-22Honeysuckle RoseThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:18
1946Honeysuckle Rosecover and instrumentalBoris Vian avec Claude Luter et son orchestre2:42
1946Honeysuckle RoseJoe Biviano Quintette?:??
1947-05-31Honeysuckle RoseRoy Eldridge & Mel Tormé2:50
1947-07-02Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio2:39
1947Honeysuckle RosecoverNat King Cole2:33
1949Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt4:03
1950-03-20Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:14
1950-06-29Honeysuckle RoseTeddy Wilson?:??
1950-06-29Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio1:58
1950Honeysuckle Rose (New York, Mid 1950)instrumentalColeman Hawkins3:35
1951-01-11Honeyuckle RoseinstrumentalErroll Garner3:27
1951-01-30Honeysuckle Rose (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong and His All Stars3:36
1951-01-30Honeysuckle Rose (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)coverLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars3:57
1951-01-30Honeysuckle Rose (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)cover and liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars3:57
1951-04-01Honeysuckle RoseBenny Goodman Trio5:24
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