lyricist and composer:Brian May (Queen guitarist)
publisher:EMI Music (do not use as release label! this is a music publisher)
Queen Music Ltd.
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1975-11-26The Prophet’s Song (live, 1975-11-26: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK: Evening Show)liveQueen7:35
1976-01-30The Prophet’s Song (live, 1976-01-30: Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA)liveQueen7:56
1976-02-06Prophet’s Song (live, 1976-02-06: Beacon Theater, New York City, NY, USA)liveQueen7:21
1976-09-18The Prophet’s Song (live, 1976-09-18: Hyde Park, London, England, UK)liveQueen8:32
1977-03-13The Prophet’s Song (live, 1977-03-13: Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA, USA)liveQueen?:??
1977-03-13White Man / The Prophet's Songlive and partialQueen9:23
1977-06-06White Man / The Prophet’s Song (live, 1977-06-06: Earl's Court, London, UK)live and medleyQueen11:29
1977-12-11The Prophet’s Song (vocal part only) / Guitar Solo (mono soundboard recorded live, 1977-12-11: The Summit, Houstan, Texas, USA)live and partialQueen13:20
2018-09-22Jeff Scott Soto Spot (The Prophet’s Song / Save Me) (live, 2018-09-22: Plovdiv Roman Theater, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)cover, live, medley and partialSons of Apollo9:34
The Prophet's SongcoverCellar Darling7:24
The Prophet’s SongcoverCellar Darling7:25
The Prophet’s SongQueen8:21
The Prophet’s SongQueen8:21
The Prophet’s Song (2001 5.1 mix)Queen8:32
The Prophet’s SongQueen8:19
The Prophet’s Song (2002 5.1 mix)Queen8:31
The Prophet’s Song…liveQueen?:??
The Prophets Song (live, 1976-04-04: Nichidai Kodo, Tokyo, Japan)liveQueen6:16