lyricist and composer:Bobby Darin
publisher:Screen Gems-EMI Music Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q256098 [info]
later versions:J'ai rêvé (Dream Lover)


1960-06Dream LoverliveBobby Darin2:04
2001-12-08Dream Lover (live, 2001-12-08: Edinburgh, Scotland)cover and liveShowaddywaddy1:24
2003-03-15Dream Lover (live)cover and liveMisfits2:20
Don't Be Cruel to the Great Balls of Anneliesecover and medleyUnicante6:43
Dream LovercoverFranks & Deans?:??
Dream LoverBobby Darin?:??
Dream LovercoverMud2:06
Dream LovercoverGary Lewis & the Playboys2:32
Dream LovercoverMarty Wilde2:23
Dream LovercoverJason Donovan2:35
Dream LovercoverAllison Durbin?:??
Dream LovercoverThe Firebirds2:29
Dream LovercoverBaron1:53
Dream LoverBobby Darin2:31
Dream LovercoverSundance4:29
Dream LoverDon McLean3:47
Dream LoverDon McLean3:49
Dream LovercoverHorace Andy3:24
Dream LovercoverHorace Andy3:23
Dream LovercoverHorace Andy3:23
Dream LoverVince Eager?:??
Dream LovercoverVince Eager?:??
Dream LoverVince Eager?:??
Dream LovercoverTanya Tucker & Glen Campbell3:03
Dream LovercoverMud?:??
Dream LovercoverCliff Richard3:17
Dream LovercoverHorace Andy3:23
Dream LoverBobby Darin?:??
Dream LoverBobby Darin2:38
Dream LoverBobby Darin2:28
Dream LovercoverMud3:31
Dream LovercoverTony Orlando2:52
Dream LovercoverMarty Wilde2:23
Dream Lover (live)liveBobby Darin1:57
Dream LovercoverThe Manhattan Transfer with James Taylor4:51
Dream LovercoverAnne Murray3:11
Dream LovercoverMarc Almond3:23
Dream Lover (live, 1980: Dominion Theatre, London, UK)cover and liveDon McLean3:34
Dream LoverBobby Darin2:28
Dream LovercoverMud3:28
Dream LovercoverJohnny Burnette2:24
Dream LovercoverTanya Tucker & Glen Campbell2:59
Dream LovercoverDarren Coggan2:50
Dream LovercoverKevin Spacey with John Wilson & The Orchestra2:47
Dream LovercoverRick Nelson3:12
Dream LovercoverMisfits2:28
Dream LoverliveBobby Darin2:48
Dream LoverBobby Darin2:27
Dream LovercoverThe Dollyrots2:19
Dream LovercoverRick Nelson3:14
Dream LoverBobby Darin2:32
Dream Lover (stereo)coverGary Lewis and the Playboys2:23
Dream LovercoverJohnny Nash2:46