Lineage II (video game soundtrack)

~ Soundtrack


composer:Bill Brown (video game/film/tv composer)
Jamie Christopherson
Wikidata:Q477199 [info]
parts:A Hero Someday
Abyssal Gathering
Across the Sea of Promise
After the Storm
Apocalyptic Divine Evil
Attack of the Undead
Battle At Sundown
Battle Rage
Beginning of a Far Journey
Behind the Mountain
Black Mass of Demon Worshippers
Caravans Crossing
Cave of Trials
Charge Towards Enemy
Counter Attack
Crisis in the Dead Angle
Crossroad at Dawn
Dance At the Festival
Dark Conspiracy
Deep Shadows
Divine Right of Demons
Dream Come True
Dream of Peace
Edge of the Chronicle
Enchanted Dream
Enemy Within'
Eternal Love (Lineage II)
Eternal Oath
Exiled Birds
Expedition March
Fairy in the Grove
Fall Into the Abyss
Falsely Accused
Feast Celebrating Victory
Final Conflict
Final Crisis (Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle)
Forest Calling
Friendship Between Old Friends
Fury of the Victims
Gate to the Eternal Temple (Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne)
Gathering Armies
Glory to Our People
Greatest Challenge
Hail the Victor
Hall of Mists
Hideous Witch's Curse
Hymn of Praise to the Goddess
Infernal Wings
Island Village
Joyous Festival
Knighting Ceremony
Legacy of Ancients
Lonely Wolf
Lotto Winner’s Luck
Lover’s Reunited
Lovers Reunited
Maiden’s Love
March of Heroes
Marching With a Kitty
Merchant Ships from the East
Mourn the Death of a Comrade
Mysterious Cave
Never-Ending Fight
Origin of the Tribe
Outburst of Rage
Pilgrims From the Holy Land
Praise the Victorious Knight
Propagation of the Queen
Reincarnation of Tragedy
Resurrection of a Whole Tribe
Return of Fate
Revelation From the Unknown
Road of Kings
Rush Into the Enemy Camp
Savage Blow
Shepard's Flute
Shout of Victory
Sign a Deal With the Devil
Song for the Seven Seals
Sorrow & Revenge
Southern Vineyard
Star Studded Night
Swear Fealty to the King
The Beginning of Gracia
The Call of Destiny
The Chasing in Darkness
The Conqueror
The Corridor of Power
The Demon Reveals Itself
The Enemy Warlord Appears
The Entrance Hall
The Evil's Creatures
The Fear of Battle
The Final Decisive Battle
The First Reunion
The Goddess of Destruction
The Labyrinth in the Garden
The Magot Queen
The Necropolis
The Place of Exile
The Reigning Monarch
The Towers
The Valos Festival
Theme Park Overture
Through the Atmospheric Force
To the Evil's Cathadral
Tragic Love
Tree of Life
Unicorn's Rest
Unknown Enemy
Victims of Oppression
Wavy Flames
Witch Village
Witching Hour
With Soul and Victorious Weapons
Young Knight's Bravery