Tea for Two (No, No, Nanette)

~ Song


lyricist:Irving Caesar
composer:Vincent Youmans
publisher:Chappell Music Ltd.
Irving Caesar Music Corp.
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
WB Music Corp. (1929-2019)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
ヤマハミュージックパブリッシング (until 2017-03-31)
Harms, Inc. (on 1924-06-10)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (from 2017-04-01 to present)
Wikidata:Q1725760 [info]
referred to in medleys:Comedy in Music, Part II (order: 1)
Medley: Tea for Two / September in the Rain (order: 1)
later translated versions:ティー・フォー・トゥー
part of:No, No, Nanette
arrangements:Tahiti Trot (Tea for Two), op. 16
Tea for Two


1924-10-15Tea For TwoMarion Harris3:05
1930-01-10Tea for TwoFred Waring and his Pennsylvanians3:24
1932-06-30Tea for TwoDon Redman and His Orchestra3:07
1933-03-21Tea for TwoinstrumentalArt Tatum3:15
1933-03-21Tea for Twocover and instrumentalArt Tatum3:15
1933-03-21Tea for TwoArt Tatum3:15
1934-12-17Tea for TwocoverComedian Harmonists2:40
1935-03-11I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby / Tea for Two / Believe It, BelovedmedleyFats Waller7:27
1935-03-11Tea for TwoFats Waller3:10
1935-03-11Tea for TwoFats Waller3:10
1935-09-13Hot Pie, No. 3 (Part 2): It Had to Be You / Tea for Two / Sleepy-Time Galinstrumental and medleyScott Wood & His Six Swingers?:??
1935Tea for TwoFats Waller3:10
1936-12-16Tea for TwoTeddy Wilson3:13
1936-12-16Tea for TwoTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:13
1936-12-16Tea for TwoTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:09
1936-12-16Tea for TwoinstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:13
1936-12-16Tea for TwoTeddy Wilson3:11
1937-02-03Tea for TwoinstrumentalThe Benny Goodman Quartet3:07
1937-06-09Tea for TwoFats Waller?:??
1937-06-11Tea for TwoFats Waller3:20
1937-12-21Tea for Two (1937-12-21, mx. OLA 2216-1)instrumentalMichel Warlop acc. par Django Reinhardt et Louis Vola3:16
1937-12-21Tea for TwoinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:49
1937-12-27Tea for TwoinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:50
1937-12-27Tea for TwoDjango Reinhardt2:49
1937Tea for TwoDjango Reinhardt2:50
1937Tea for TwoFats Waller3:23
1938-03-22Tea for TwoinstrumentalDjango Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli & Quintette du Hot Club de France2:53
1939-01-10Tea for TwoinstrumentalWillie “The Lion” Smith2:39
1939-01-10Tea for TwoWillie “The Lion” Smith2:43
1939-03-15Tea for TwoinstrumentalTommy Dorsey and His Orchestra3:05
1939-03-15Tea for TwoTommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra3:08
1939-03-21 – 1939-03-22Tea for Two (take 1)Django Reinhardt2:55
1939-03-22Tea for Two (take 2)Stéphane Grappelli & Django Reinhardt2:57
1939-04-12Tea for TwoinstrumentalArt Tatum2:40
1939-05-17Tea for Two (1939-05-17)instrumentalQuintette du Hot Club de France3:16
1939-05-17Tea for TwoDjango Reinhardt3:17
1939-05-17Tea for TwoDjango Reinhardt & le Quintette du Hot Club de France2:53
1939-05-17Tea For Two (1939-04-17)Quintette du Hot Club de France3:15
1939-08-02I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby / After You've Gone / The Spider and the Fly / Tea for TwomedleyFats Waller12:40
1939-08-07Tea for TwoFats Waller4:08
1939-08-07Tea for TwoinstrumentalFats Waller4:08
1939-09-24Tea for TwoinstrumentalJerry Jerome Quintet4:38
1939Tea for TwoTommy Dorsey3:11
1940-01-26Tea for TwoinstrumentalSix Men and a Girl2:52
1940-05-02Tea for TwoinstrumentalArt Tatum2:56
1940Tea for Twoinstrumental and liveHot Lips Page6:50
1942-07-15Tea for TwoinstrumentalLester Young Trio4:45
1942-07-15Tea for TwoinstrumentalKing Cole Lester Young Red Callender Trio4:48
1942-07-15Tea For TwoLester Young / Nat King Cole Trio4:45
1943-11-08Tea for Two (take 1, incomplete)instrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra1:40
1943-11-08Tea for Two (take 2)instrumentalDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:33
1944-01-02Tea for TwoinstrumentalBarney Bigard Trio3:17
1944-01-05Tea for TwoinstrumentalArt Tatum Trio2:05
1944-01-13Tea for TwoinstrumentalRoy Eldridge3:25
1944-01-18Tea for TwoEsquire Metropolitan Opera House Jam Session3:36
1944-01-22Tea for TwoBarney Bigard Trio3:21
1944-01-31Tea for TwoinstrumentalTut Soper2:50
1944-02-08Tea for TwoinstrumentalBen Webster Quintet2:59
1944-07-02Tea for TwoliveNat King Cole12:37
1944-07-02Tea for TwoliveNat King Cole12:40
1945-03-01Tea for TwoCharlie Ventura Sextet2:56
1945-03-05Tea for Twoinstrumental and liveAlan Roth Orchestra2:36
1945-04-17Tea for TwoArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:02
1945-10-23Tea for TwoGene Krupa, His Orchestra and Anita O’Day feat. Roy Eldridge2:24
1945-10-23Tea for TwoGene Krupa and His Orchestra2:27
1945-10-23Tea for TwoGene Krupa and His Orchestra2:27
1945-10Tea for Two (1945-10, mx. VP-1666)Bill Stegmeyer and His Hot Eight5:04
1945-12-05Tea for TwoBud Freeman and His Orchestra2:53
1945-12-09Tea for TwoinstrumentalCliff Jackson2:51
1945-12-20Tea for TwoStan Kenton2:55
1945-12Tea For TwoinstrumentalBoyd Raeburn With Mel Torme and The Mel-Tones and Dodo Marmarosa?:??
1945Tea for TwoArtie Shaw3:00
1946-01-24Tea for TwoliveFrank Sinatra & Dinah Shore2:43
1946-01Tea for TwoGene Krupa2:17
1946-02-20Tea for TwoGene Krupa and His Orchestra2:20
1946-02Tea for Two (longer edit with Ernie Whitman introduction)instrumentalDodo Marmarosa1:50
1946-02Tea for TwoinstrumentalDodo Marmarosa1:30
1946-06-03Tea for TwoliveLester Young7:42
1946-07-17Tea for TwoinstrumentalDuke Ellington & His World Famous Orchestra1:52
1946-09-05Tea for TwoliveGene Krupa & His Orchestra2:11
1946-12-30Tea for TwoJoe Mooney2:47
1947-04-25Tea for TwoFrank Sinatra3:18
1947-04-25Tea for TwoFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra3:18
1947-04-25Tea for TwoFrank Sinatra & Dinah Shore3:16
1947-04-25Tea for TwoDinah Shore3:19
1947-10-07Tea For Two (1947-10-07, mx. 0SW 481-1)Stéphane Grappelly3:00
1947-11-30Tea for Two (live, 1947-11-30: Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong4:44
1947-11-30Tea for Two (live, 1947-11-30: Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USA)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars5:42
1947-11-30Tea for Two, Part 1instrumentalLouis Armstrong and His All Stars2:23
1947-11-30Tea for Two, Part 2instrumentalLouis Armstrong and His All Stars2:24
1947-11-30Tea for Two, Pt. 1 (11-30-47)Louis Armstrong2:23
1947-11-30Tea for Two, Pt. 2 (11-30-47)Louis Armstrong2:24
1947-11Tea for TwoliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:53
1947-12-29Tea for TwoinstrumentalLester Young Quartet3:07
1947-12-29Tea for TwoinstrumentalLester Young Quintet3:08
1947-12-29Tea for TwoinstrumentalLester Young3:06
1948 – 1949Tea for TwocoverMachito and His Afro-Cuban Salseros?:??
1949-10-04Tea for Two (1949-10-04, mx. 0SW 606-1)instrumentalJack Diéval & son quartette avec Bill Coleman2:35
1949-11-04Tea for TwoEarl "Fatha" Hines Quartet2:43
1950-04-16Tea for Two / Honeysuckle RoseinstrumentalArt Tatum4:12
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