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writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Wikidata:Q839842 [info]
later parody versions:’elp
later translated parody versions:Hep!
later translated versions:Agid! (Help!)
Help (Español)
Help! (Finnish)
is the basis for:Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 2 (In the Style of Vivaldi): Help


1965-08-01Help! (live, 1965-08-01: ABC Theatre, Blackpool, UK)liveThe Beatles2:55
1965-08-15Help (live, 1965-08-15: Shea Stadium, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Beatles2:37
1965-08-15Help! (New York, Shea Stadium, 15th August 1965)liveThe Beatles?:??
1965-08-19Help! (live, 1965-08-19: Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX, USA)liveThe Beatles3:11
1965-08-19Help! (live, 1965-08-19: Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX, USA)liveThe Beatles2:54
1965-08-21Help! (live, 1965-08-21: Metropolitan Stadium, Minneapolis, MN, USA)liveThe Beatles?:??
1965-08-30Help! (live, 1965-08-30: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, US; 2016 remix)liveThe Beatles2:53
1968-05-04Help (live, 1968-05-04: Store Heddinge, Denmark)cover and liveRoundabout5:24
1968-05-11Help (alternate take, mono)coverDeep Purple5:24
1968-05-11HelpcoverDeep Purple5:59
1968-05-11Help (stereo)coverDeep Purple5:55
1968-05-11Help (stereo)coverDeep Purple6:00
1968-05-11Help (French A‐side) (mono)coverDeep Purple6:00
1968-06-18Help! (live, 1968-06-18: BBC 201 Piccadilly, Studio 1, London, England, United Kingdom)cover and liveDeep Purple5:29
1968-10-18Help (live, 1968-10-18: The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California)cover and liveDeep Purple6:20
1974-06-07 – 1974-06-09Help (live, 1974-06: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan)coverCarpenters4:32
1976-07-06Helpcover and liveThe Damned1:47
1977-05-19Help (in concert 19-5-77)cover and liveThe Damned1:33
1980-07-26Helpcover and liveThe Damned1:28
1982-03Helpcover and instrumentalDie 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker3:36
1983Help (live, 1983: Olympia, Paris, France)cover and liveAlain Souchon2:56
1986-06-06Help!cover and liveU22:59
1986-06-15Help (live, 1986-06-15: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, US)cover and liveU22:03
1986-06-15Help (live, 1986-06-15: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)cover and liveU22:14
1987-06-17Help! (live, 1987-06-17: Muengersdorfer Stadion, Cologne, Germany)cover and liveU22:10
1987-06-24Help! (live, 1987-06-24: King's Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)cover and liveU21:49
1987-07-04Help! (live, 1987-07-04: The Hippodrome, Paris, France)cover and liveU22:02
1987-08-01Help! (live, 1987-08-01: Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)cover and liveU22:14
1987-09-17Help! (live, 1987-09-17: Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA)cover and liveU22:00
1987-10-13Help! (live, 1987-10-13: Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)cover and liveU22:53
1987-10-22Help! (live, 1987-10-22: University of Illinois Assembly Hall, Champaign, IL, USA)cover and liveU22:02
1987-10-28Help! (live, 1987-10-28: Chicago - My Kind of Town: Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL, USA)cover and liveU2?:??
1987-11-11Helpcover, live and partialU21:06
1988Help (live, 1988: Rio, Brasil)cover and liveTina Turner3:40
1989-12-01Help! (live, 1989-12-01: Eight 579 Baby: Red Sun at Midnight: Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan)cover and liveU21:03
1990-06-30Strawberry Fields / Help / Give Peace a Chance (live, 1990-06-30: Knebworth, Hertfordshire, UK)live, medley and partialPaul McCartney4:11
1998-05-25Medley (live, 1998-05-25: Skansen Park, Stockholm, Sweden)cover, live and partialThe Smashing Pumpkins13:15
1998-05-28Transmission (live, 1998-05-28: Botanique Gardens, Brussels, Belgium)cover, live and partialThe Smashing Pumpkins20:51
1998-11-01Helpcover and liveJohn Farnham & Anthony Warlow4:44
1999-07-01Help (live, 1999-07-01: Regent Theatre, Melbourne, Australia)cover and liveKate Ceberano5:04
2000-07-15 – 2000-07-16Help (live, 2000-07: One Last Time In Concert)cover and liveTina Turner6:31
2000-12-02Silverfuck / Star Spangled Banner (tease) / She Loves You (tease) / Help (tease) (live, 2000-12-02: Metro, Chicago, IL, USA (ECM-MS907))cover, live and partialThe Smashing Pumpkins25:08
2002-02-23 – 2002-02-25Help!cover and instrumentalScenario, Simone Santini, Alberto Marsico, Enzo Zirilli?:??
2005-09-21Help (live; 2005-09-21: The Howard Stern Show, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveJon Bon Jovi3:53
2005-12-19Help! (live, 2005-12-19: Rose Garden, Portland, OR, USA)cover and liveU22:15
2006-02Uniformes (live, 2006-02: Halle Tony-Garnier, Lyon)live and medleyLes Enfoirés6:33
2013-11-08Help!cover and liveThe Beatles Connection2:34
2014-12-07Help!cover and instrumentalOrquestra Ouro Preto2:10
¡Socorro!coverLos Mustang2:18
Citations ininterrompuesmedleyMario Cavallero, son orchestre et ses chanteurs3:08
Der Help Songcover and liveMissfits3:29
HelpcoverCaetano Veloso2:31
Helpcover and instrumentalIiro Rantala4:42
Helpcover and instrumentalHarri Stojka2:49
Helpcover and instrumentalPeanuts Gang2:19
HelpcoverTango & Liverpool Project5:09
Helpcover and instrumentalLasha2:40
HelpcoverDavid H. Yakobian?:??
Helpcover and instrumentalImperial Grand Orchestra2:37
HelpcoverChristian Ale4:05
Helpcover and instrumentalPickin’ On Project2:27
HelpcoverProducciones Horizonte?:??
Helpcover and liveDie Stimmbande3:48
Helpcover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra5:57
HelpcoverThe Beach Guys4:47
HelpcoverLet hit be2:17
Helpcover and instrumentalImaginary Sound Project2:10
HelpcoverJosé Miguel Tobar2:19
Helpcover and instrumentalChantal2:11
HelpcoverCloud Cult3:50
Helpcover and instrumentalThe Allen Toussaint Orchestra2:55
HelpcoverStudio 992:23
HelpinstrumentalNinapinta and His Bongos and Congas2:17
HelpcoverBananarama & Lananeeneenoonoo2:58
HelpcoverBananarama feat. Lananeeneenoonoo3:00
HelpcoverCheryl Porter2:14
HelpThe Beatles?:??
HelpThe Beatles2:22
HelpcoverAlmighty Bomb Jack2:04
Helpcover and liveCarpenters3:19
HelpcoverBarbara Mendes3:29
HelpThe Beatles2:33
HelpThe Beatles2:20
HelpThe Beatles2:20
HelpThe Beatles2:22
HelpThe Beatles2:18
HelpThe Beatles2:21
HelpThe Beatles6:28
HelpThe Beatles2:36
HelpThe Beatles2:19
HelpThe Beatles2:16
HelpThe Beatles2:20
HelpThe Beatles2:59
HelpThe Beatles2:21
HelpliveThe Beatles2:43
HelpThe Beatles2:20
HelpThe Beatles2:25
HelpliveThe Beatles2:19
HelpcoverTurma Legal?:??
HelpcoverThe Twang3:04
HelpcoverTina Turner4:33
Help (live, 1985-12-28: Tokyo, JP)cover and liveTina Turner?:??
HelpcoverThe Rezidudes1:45
Helpcover and instrumentalRick Wakeman3:56
HelpcoverBloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space2:02
HelpcoverGeorge Martin and His Orchestra2:36
HelpcoverTwice as Much2:46
HelpcoverDavid Porter3:36
HelpcoverTina Turner4:31
HelpcoverJad Fair & Kramer2:37
Helpcover88 Fingers Louie1:57
HelpcoverThee Headcoats3:24
HelpcoverThe Punkles2:08
HelpcoverEmmerson Nogueira2:36
HelpcoverThe Pig Must Die1:48
HelpcoverClaire Martin4:29
Helpcover and livedc Talk0:59
HelpcoverJohn's Children2:29
HelpcoverIsaac Scott3:22
HelpcoverThe Tremeloes4:13
HelpcoverTina Turner4:33
Help (Live in Europe)cover and liveTina Turner5:04
Help (live, 1984: Chicago, IL, USA)cover and liveTina Turner4:21
HelpcoverMichael Stanley4:18
HelpcoverLos Rolin2:56
Helpcover and liveU21:07
HelpcoverThe Damned1:43
Helpcover and liveU20:55
Helpcover and liveU21:07
Helpcover and liveU21:05
Helpcover and liveU22:17
Helpcover and liveU2?:??
Helpcover and liveU20:52
Helpcover and liveU22:07
Helpcover and liveU21:11
Helpcover and liveU21:57
Helpcover and liveU21:58
Helpcover and liveU21:56
Helpcover and liveU21:11
Helpcover and liveU20:53
Helpcover and liveU22:41
Helpcover and liveU22:20
Helpcover and liveU20:52
Helpcover and liveU21:55
Helpcover and liveU210:24
Helpcover and liveU21:45
Helpcover and liveU21:50
Helpcover and liveU21:56
Helpcover and liveU22:15
Helpcover and liveU22:27
Helpcover and liveU22:40
Helpcover and liveU22:14
Helpcover and liveU22:02
Helpcover and liveU21:53
Helpcover and liveU22:16
Help (live, 1987-09-25: John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA)cover and liveU22:10
Helpcover and liveU22:02
Helpcover and liveU21:55
Helpcover and liveU22:00
Helpcover and liveU22:27
Helpcover and liveU22:26
Helpcover and liveU22:25
Helpcover and liveU213:24
Helpcover and liveU24:02
Helpcover and liveU21:46
Helpcover and liveU21:55
Helpcover and liveU22:16
Helpcover and liveU2?:??
Helpcover and instrumentalMunich Symphonic Sound Orchestra3:00
Helpcover and instrumentalThe Superpickers2:27
Helpcover and liveU21:02
HelpcoverGlee Cast2:19
HelpliveThe Beatles3:10
HelpcoverKaty Karrenbauer3:07
HelpcoverStudio 992:24
HelpcoverBananarama feat. Lananeeneenoonoo2:57
Helpcover and instrumentalHenrique Cazes & Carlos Malta2:14
Helpcover and instrumentalElectroshock2:19
HelpcoverJohn Farnham4:25
HelpcoverTim Cashion3:31
HelpcoverRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra3:28
HelpcoverThe Moonshine Playboys2:00
Help - Trylogy (Quartet-Help!-Quartet)coverRick Wakeman4:45
Help '89coverBananarama6:33
Help (extended version)coverBananarama / Lananeeneenoonoo6:30
Help (I Need Somebody)coverThe Crusaders feat. Tina Turner4:31
Help (karaoke)John Lennon & Paul McCartney2:18
Help (KGO mix)coverBarbara Mendes2:29
Help (live)cover and liveHaze3:06
Help (take 4)The Beatles?:??
Help (take 4)The Beatles?:??
Help (take 4)The Beatles?:??
Help (take 5, 6 & 7)The Beatles?:??
Help (take 5)The Beatles2:52
Help (take 8 & 9)The Beatles?:??
Help (take 10)The Beatles2:35
Help (take 11, 12 & instrumental take)The Beatles?:??
Help (take 13)The Beatles2:25
Help (takes 1/2/3/4)The Beatles3:31
Help (takes 6 & 7)The Beatles3:10
Help (takes 6/7)The Beatles3:19
Help (takes 8/9)The Beatles2:46
Help (takes 11/12)The Beatles2:46
Help (The Beatles)coverThe Javelins of Justice2:36
Help / Ultra Violet (Light My Way)cover, live and partialU25:49
Help Me: Help! / Ticket to Ride / Day Tripper / Paperback Writer / Got to Get You Into My Lifecover and medleyDr. Fink and the Mystery Band7:34
Help!coverThe Hit Nation2:07
Help!liveThe Beatles3:06
Help!coverR. Stevie Moore2:13
Help!cover and instrumentalThe Band of the Irish Guards?:??
Help!The Beatles2:19
Help!coverThe Drastic Mono Band2:09
Help! (original stereo studio mix, with intro)The Beatles2:37
Help!coverBuddy Greco?:??
Help!cover and instrumentalPeanuts Gang2:29
Help!cover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra5:54
Help!cover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet2:17
Help!coverBen from Corduroy?:??
Help!coverYosemite Sam2:50
Help! (1987 remix)The Beatles2:20
Help!coverLos Xochimilcas?:??
Help! (original stereo studio mix, without intro)The Beatles2:21
Help! (Love version)The Beatles2:19
Help!coverThe Brothers Four3:16
Help!coverThe Charles River Valley Boys2:31
Help!coverThe Blades of Grass2:43
Help!coverCathy Berberian1:34
Help! (1965 Capitol mono remix)The Beatles2:35
Help!coverHenry Gross3:07
Help!cover and instrumentalMariachi México de Pepe Villa3:22
Help! (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:30
Help!coverBananarama & Lananeeneenoonoo2:57
Help!coverMary McCaslin2:53
Help!coverLittle Texas2:17
Help!coverDavid Porter3:36
Help!coverHowie Day3:34
Help!coverTok Tok Tok4:13
Help!cover and liveU21:58
Help!cover and liveU21:51
Help!cover and liveU22:21
Help!coverJosé Feliciano3:21
Help!cover and liveU22:20
Help!cover and liveU21:51
Help!cover and liveU21:05
Help!cover and instrumentalCount Basie & His Orchestra2:19
Help!cover and liveU21:55
Help!cover and liveU21:57
Help!coverAlma Cogan2:10
Help!cover and liveU21:58
Help!coverThe Hollyridge Strings2:39
Help!coverPeter Sellers2:26
Help!coverGomba Jahbari3:08
Help!coverHanging Dong2:31
Help!coverThe King’s Singers2:31
Help!cover and liveU22:04
Help!coverDolly Parton2:45
Help!coverArmy of Halfwits2:21
Help!cover and liveU21:57
Help!cover and liveU20:57
Help!cover and liveU21:54
Help!cover and liveU21:49
Help!cover and instrumentalBrazilian Tropical Orchestra2:29
Help!cover and liveU22:04
Help!cover and liveU22:00
Help!cover and liveU21:54
Help!cover and instrumentalFranck Pourcel And His Orchestra2:04
Help!The Beatles2:18
Help!The Beatles2:22
Help!The Beatles2:18
Help!The Beatles?:??
Help!The Beatles2:21
Help!The Beatles2:38
Help!The Beatles2:19
Help!liveThe Beatles2:14
Help!liveThe Beatles2:55
Help!liveThe Beatles2:35
Help!The Beatles2:23
Help!The Beatles?:??
Help! (live)liveThe Beatles3:10
Help!The Beatles2:17
Help!coverMelissa Quade2:23
Help! (2015 remix)The Beatles2:19
Help!cover and instrumentalBrazilian Tropical Orchestra2:29
Help!cover and instrumentalChantal2:11
Help!cover and instrumentalSnoopy2:17
Help!cover and instrumentalPop Strings Orchestra2:46
Help!The Beatles2:19
Help!The Beatles?:??
Help!cover and liveOS Isaak Iselin?:??
Help! (live, 1965-08-30: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveThe Beatles2:16
Help!coverDollar Co.2:53
Help!cover and instrumentalCedar Lane Studio Orchestra5:56
Help!cover and liveNube 9?:??
Help!cover and liveNube 9?:??
Help!coverField Day2:15
Help!coverBlues Beatles3:04
Help!John Lennon?:??
Help!John Lennon?:??
Help!John Lennon0:37
Help!John Lennon0:43
Help!John Lennon0:45
Help!cover and instrumentalYerzmyey1:59
Help!coverMarc Déry3:31
Help!coverGöran Söllscher guitar / Per Arne Glorvigen bandoneon2:39
Help! (Love version, 5.1 mix)The Beatles2:19
Help!The Beatles2:27
Help!The Beatles?:??
Help!The Beatles?:??
Help!The Beatles2:19
Help!The Beatles?:??
Help!The Beatles2:19
Help!The Beatles2:19
Help!liveThe Beatles3:03
Help! - The Beatles Cover (ZX Spectrum)coverYerzmyey1:59
Help! (007 Introduction)The Beatles2:38
Help! (extended version)coverBananarama6:30
Help! (extended version)coverBananarama & Lananeeneenoonoo6:31
Help! (Home Recording)John Lennon?:??
Help! (instrumental)cover and instrumentalBananarama & Lananeeneenoonoo2:23
Help! (live from concert)cover and liveU22:18
Help! (live in LA)cover and liveOasis3:45
Help! (live)cover and liveTina Turner4:44
Help! (mono)The Beatles2:16
Help! (RM4)The Beatles?:??
Help! (RS4 Take 13)The Beatles?:??
Help! (stereo)The Beatles2:18
Help! (stereo) (stereo 1987 remix for US)The Beatles2:37
Help! (Studio)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 1, 2 and 5)The Beatles3:58
Help! (take 1, 2, 3, 4)The Beatles3:31
Help! (take 1, RS '82)The Beatles0:27
Help! (take 1)The Beatles0:41
Help! (take 1)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 1)The Beatles0:45
Help! (take 1)The Beatles0:39
Help! (take 2, RS '82)The Beatles0:40
Help! (take 2)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 2)The Beatles0:19
Help! (take 2)The Beatles0:29
Help! (take 2)The Beatles0:27
Help! (take 3, RS '82)The Beatles1:03
Help! (take 3)The Beatles1:04
Help! (take 3)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 3)The Beatles1:45
Help! (take 3)The Beatles1:05
Help! (take 4, RS '82)The Beatles1:21
Help! (take 4)The Beatles1:23
Help! (take 4)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 4)The Beatles2:51
Help! (take 4)The Beatles1:19
Help! (take 5, RS '82)The Beatles2:56
Help! (take 5)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 5)The Beatles2:18
Help! (take 5)The Beatles2:57
Help! (take 5)The Beatles2:52
Help! (take 5)The Beatles2:53
Help! (take 5)The Beatles2:27
Help! (take 5)The Beatles2:52
Help! (take 5)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 5)The Beatles2:51
Help! (take 6, 7)The Beatles3:20
Help! (take 6, RS '82)The Beatles0:31
Help! (take 6)The Beatles0:33
Help! (take 6)The Beatles0:32
Help! (take 6)The Beatles1:15
Help! (take 6)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 7, RS '82)The Beatles2:30
Help! (take 7)The Beatles2:43
Help! (take 7)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 7)The Beatles1:58
Help! (take 7)The Beatles2:30
Help! (take 8 1982 stereo mix)The Beatles2:18
Help! (take 8 and 9)The Beatles2:59
Help! (take 8, 9)The Beatles2:47
Help! (take 8, partial, RS '82a)The Beatles0:35
Help! (take 8, RS '82b)The Beatles2:18
Help! (take 8)The Beatles0:19
Help! (take 8)The Beatles0:22
Help! (take 8)The Beatles0:19
Help! (take 8)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 9, S1 onto take 8, RS '82)The Beatles2:27
Help! (take 9)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 9)The Beatles2:39
Help! (take 9)The Beatles2:22
Help! (take 10, S1 onto take 8, RS '82)The Beatles2:36
Help! (take 10)The Beatles2:36
Help! (take 10)The Beatles2:31
Help! (take 10)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 10)The Beatles2:35
Help! (take 11, 12)The Beatles2:47
Help! (take 11, S1 onto take 8, RS '82)The Beatles0:16
Help! (take 11)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 11)The Beatles0:14
Help! (take 12, RS '95)The Beatles2:24
Help! (take 12, S1 onto take 8, RS '82)The Beatles2:32
Help! (take 12)The Beatles2:24
Help! (take 12)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 12)The Beatles2:18
Help! (take 12)The Beatles2:27
Help! (take 13)The Beatles?:??
Help! (take 13)The Beatles2:21
Help! (takes 1–3)The Beatles3:30
Help! (takes 6, 7)The Beatles3:19
Help! (Takes 8 & 9)The Beatles?:??
Help! (takes 8, 9)The Beatles2:46
Help! (takes 11, 12)The Beatles2:46
Help! (unidentified mix)The Beatles2:25
Help! 23.81The Beatles0:41
Liverpool Suitecover, instrumental and medleyJenny Oaks Baker7:15
Love Me Do / Helpcover and medleyCharly García?:??
Medley: Eleanor Rigby / Help! / Hey Judecover, live and medleyStreet Corner Symphony2:45
Recitative: "In They Came Jorking" (Aria When I Was Younger (Help!))coverJoshua Rifkin5:31