writer:Harry F Chapin
Sandra Campbell Chapin
publisher:Story Songs, Ltd
Warner Chappell Music
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09)
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later parody versions:Christ in the Stable


1975-11-07 – 1975-11-09Cat’s in the Cradle (live, 1975-11: California, USA)liveHarry Chapin4:05
1977-07-08Cat's in the Cradle (live, 1977-07-08: Rhein Main AFB NCO Club, Frankfurt, Germany)liveHarry Chapin7:10
1979-12-05Cat's in the Cradle (live, 1979-12-05: Coffee With Harry: The Cleveland Agora, Cleveland, OH, USA)liveHarry Chapin8:55
1981-01Cat's in the Cradle (live, 1981-01: The Village, New York, NY, USA)liveHarry Chapin3:50
1992-02-26Cats in the Cradle (live, 1992-02-26: The Basement, Dallas, Texas, US)cover and liveUgly Kid Joe5:13
1992Cats in the CradlecoverUgly Kid Joe4:03
1992Cats In The Cradle (live, 1992: US)cover and liveUgly Kid Joe4:35
1993-03-20Cats in the Cradle (live, 1993-03-20: Georgia Theatre, Athens, Georgia, US)cover and liveUgly Kid Joe4:00
2012-06-10Cats in the Cradle (live, 2012-06-10: Download Festival, Donington Park, England, UK)cover and liveUgly Kid Joe4:50
Cat's in the CradlecoverJudy Collins4:57
Cat's in the CradlecoverMike Massé feat. Jeff Hall4:16
Cat's in the CradleliveHarry Chapin3:24
Cat's in the Cradle (live, 1977-09-03: Big John's Birthday: New Victoria Theater, London, UK)liveHarry Chapin?:??
Cat's in the Cradle (acoustic)coverUgly Kid Joe4:10
Cat's in the CradlecoverJim Cushinery5:15
Cat's in the Cradle (single)Harry Chapin3:33
Cat’s in the CradleHarry Chapin3:43
Cat’s in the CradleHarry Chapin3:47
Cat’s in the CradleHarry Chapin3:47
Cat’s in the CradlecoverJohnny Cash3:18
Cat’s in the CradleHarry Chapin3:37
Cat’s in the CradleHarry Chapin3:49
Cat’s in the CradleHarry Chapin3:48
Cat’s in the Cradle - Revenue remix (Nightmares on Wax remix)coverJason Downs featuring Milk4:24
Cats in the CradleHarry Chapin3:34
Cats in the Cradle (live, ’92-’93 World Tour)cover and liveUgly Kid Joe4:13
Cats in the CradleHarry Chapin3:48
Cats in the Cradle [demo version]coverScream Machine4:06
In the CardleBro’Sis3:01
Japanese Sandman / Cat's in the CradlemedleyMandy Patinkin5:33