It Ain’t Necessarily So (jazz standard originally from Porgy and Bess; catch-all for unspecified pop and jazz arrangements)

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lyricist:Ira Gershwin
Dorothy Heyward (playwright)
DuBose Heyward
composer:George Gershwin (composer)
publisher:Gershwin Publishing Corp
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09)
was commissioned by:Gershwin Publishing Corp (in 1935)
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Wikidata:Q2920365 [info]
referred to in medleys:It Ain’t Necessarily the Saint James Infirmary
Porgy and Bess Suite (order: 5)
later translated versions:C’n’est pas nécessairement ça
I waas ned obs wiaklich so woa
later versions:It Ain’t Necessarily So (from ‘Porgy and Bess’) (arrangement for 48 violas)
is based on:Porgy and Bess: Act II, Scene II. “It ain’t necessarily so”
is the basis for:Etude on "It Ain't Necessarily So"


1944-09-20It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalJohnny Mercer2:49
1945-10-26Gershwin Medley: The Man I Love / Summertime / I've Got Plenty of Nuttin' / It Ain't Necessarily Soinstrumental, live and medleyArt Tatum4:25
1945-12-20It Ain't Necessarily SoStan Kenton3:38
1947-11-08It Ain't Necessarily SoPaul Robeson2:35
1950-07Gershwin Medleyinstrumental, live and medleyArt Tatum4:03
1951Gershwin Medleyinstrumental, live and medleyArt Tatum4:20
1952It Ain’t Necessarily SoinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:14
1954-09-11It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalCal Tjader2:05
1955-05-23It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalAhmad Jamal3:03
1956-04It Ain’t Necessarily SoPeggy Lee3:26
1956-05It Ain’t Necessarily SocoverBeverly Kenney with Ralph Burns Orchestra1:35
1957-01-03It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalVictor Feldman?:??
1957-08-18Porgy & Bess: It Ain't Necessarily SoElla Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong6:35
1958-01-15 – 1958-01-20It Ain't Necessarily SoJohn T. Williams Orchestra feat. Johnny Desmond2:22
1958-02-09It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalThe Ramsey Lewis Trio2:44
1958-07-22 – 1958-08-18It Ain’t Necessarily Socover and instrumentalMiles Davis4:25
1958It Ain't Necessarily SoMundell Lowe and His All Stars3:09
1959-01-13 – 1959-01-15It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalPercy Faith3:11
1959-01-27It Ain’t Necessarily Socover and instrumentalEvans Bradshaw5:01
1959-04-22It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalThe Ramsey Lewis Trio4:40
1959-07-14 – 1959-08-09It Ain’t Necessarily SoinstrumentalOscar Peterson2:49
1959It Ain't Necessarily SoLena Horne3:03
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10It Ain't Necessarily Socover and instrumentalArt Farmer & Benny Golson4:29
1960-02It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalThe Jazztet4:29
1960-02It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalThe Jazztet4:28
1960-02It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalThe Jazztet4:30
1960-12-19It Ain’t Necessarily SocoverAretha Franklin3:07
1960-12-19It Ain’t Necessarily SoAretha Franklin with The Ray Bryant Combo2:54
1961-03-14Bess You Is My Woman / It Ain't Necessarily Soinstrumental and medleyJaki Byard9:53
1961-08-11It Ain't Necessarily SoCal Tjader, Mary Stallings2:28
1962-01-13It Ain’t Necessarily SoGrant Green10:23
1963-06-05It Ain't Necessarily So (mono)cover and live“Brother” Jack McDuff6:05
1963-11-29It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalFreddie Roach5:02
1964-05-09It Ain't Necessarily Socover, instrumental and liveEje Thelin Quintet8:17
1965-04-26It Ain't Necessarily So (mono)coverThe Modern Jazz Quartet6:23
1965-04-26It Ain't Necessarily So (stereo)instrumentalThe Modern Jazz Quartet6:22
1976-04-09It Ain't Necessarily So / Bess, You Is My Woman Now / Summertimeinstrumental, live and medleyTeddy Wilson4:30
1976-06-28It Ain't Necessarily Socover and instrumentalGeorge Mraz in Duet With Roland Hanna4:38
1981-11-23It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalJoe Pass5:49
1982-02Overture: Porgy and Bess. Medley: Summertime / It Ain't Necessarily So / I Loves You, Porgylive and medleySarah Vaughan7:32
1983-05-30It Ain't Necessarily So / Bess, You Is My Woman Now / Summertimeinstrumental, live and medleyTeddy Wilson5:26
1983-05-30 –Gershwin Medley: It Ain't Necessarily So / Bess You Is My Woman / Summertimeinstrumental, live and medleyTeddy Wilson5:40
1984-11-29It Ain’t Necessarily So (live, 1984-11-29: Hammersmith Palais, London, England, UK)cover and liveBronski Beat3:08
1991-08-21 – 1991-08-28It Ain't Necessarily SocoverIndigo3:46
1992-06It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalGeorges Rabol, Jazzogène Orchestra, Jean-Luc Fillon2:34
1995-05It Ain't Necessarily SocoverDallas Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Litton3:51
1997-01It Ain't Necessarily SoWesla Whitfield2:43
1997-05-13 – 1997-05-15Ain't Necessarily SocoverAndy Bey7:00
1997-05It Ain't Necessarily SoJoe Henderson6:27
1997It Ain't Necessarily So (from Porgy & Bess)coverColm Wilkinson3:30
1998-12-20It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalConrad Herwig8:44
1998It Ain't Necessarily SoinstrumentalBennie Wallace12:21
1999-11-06It Ain't Necessarily Socover and liveBennie Wallace14:17
2000-08It Ain't Necessarily SocoverMagni Wentzel Sextet6:18
2011-09 – 2011-11It Ain’t Necessarily SocoverLyambiko3:40
2011-11-18 – 2011-11-20It Ain't Necessarily SocoverThe Gents, Béni Csillag3:17
2013-06-01It Ain’t Necessarily SoTom Poster, Elena Urioste2:32
"Porgy and Bess" Medleycover, live and medleyMel Tormé8:15
Ain't Necessarily SoCarol Kidd3:28
Ain’t Necessarily SocoverBronski Beat4:09
Ain’t Necessarily SocoverBronski Beat4:43
Ain’t Necessarily SocoverBronski Beat?:??
Gershwin Medleyinstrumental and medleyArt Tatum4:30
I waas ned obs wiaklich so woa - It Ain't Necessarily Socover and medleyTini Kainrath - Willi Resetarits - StringFizz2:43
It Ain't Neccesarily SoSidney Poitier3:07
It Ain't Necerrarily SoLouis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald6:33
It Ain't Necessarilly SocoverMiles Davis4:24
It Ain't NecessarilycoverBronski Beat4:42
It ain't Necessarily socoverMiles Davis4:27
It Ain't Necessarily SoGuy Lombardo3:16
It Ain't Necessarily SoLouis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald6:35
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverThe Honeycombs2:21
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:12
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:14
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson and Joe Pass3:30
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:12
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverJamie Cullum4:31
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson2:47
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:17
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:16
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:15
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverMiles Davis4:24
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverMiles Davis4:26
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:13
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:11
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverMiles Davis4:27
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverMiles Davis4:24
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverJamie Cullum4:33
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverAretha Franklin2:54
It Ain't Necessarily SoThe Golden Gate Quartet?:??
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:13
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:15
It Ain't Necessarily SoJohnny Mercer, Billy Butterfield & His Orchestra3:22
It Ain't Necessarily SoPaul Robeson2:32
It Ain't Necessarily SoGeorge Gershwin4:57
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:15
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverMiles Davis4:25
It Ain't Necessarily SoliveThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:51
It Ain't Necessarily SocoverAretha Franklin3:07
It Ain't Necessarily SoOscar Peterson3:11
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