writer: Eddie Clarke (Motorhead guitarist)
Lemmy Kilmister
Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor (former Motörhead drummer)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1978-12 – 1979-01 Too Late, Too Late Motörhead 3:25
1979-05-16 Too Late, Too Late (live, 1979-05-16: Paris Theatre, London, England) live Motörhead 3:27
1980-02-07 – 1980-04-20 Too Late, Too Late (live, 1980) live Motörhead 3:21
1980-08-20 Too Late Too Late (live, 1980-08-20: Theatre Royal, Nottingham, England) live Motörhead 3:05
1981-03-30 Too Late, Too Late (live, 1981-03-30: Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England) live Motörhead 3:04
1995-12-13 Too Late, Too Late (rehearsal, 1995-12-13) cover Metallica 3:12
1995-12-14 Too Late, Too Late (live, 1995-12-14: Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USA) cover and live Metallica 3:57
1995-12-14 Too Late, Too Late (live, 1995-12-14: Whiskey a Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA, USA) cover and live Metallica 3:46
2009-03-02 Too Late, Too Late (live, 2009-03-02: O2 Arena, London, UK) cover and live Metallica 5:39
2009-07-14 Too Late, Too Late (live, 2009-07-14: Palacio de Deportes, Madrid, Spain) cover and live Metallica 4:11
Too Late, Too Late cover Division 3:30
Too Late, Too Late (live, 2009-05-11: Frankfurt, Germany) cover Metallica 4:24