Ready or Not (Fugees song)

~ Song


writer:Thom Bell (keyboards, songwriter, producer)
William Hart (of The Delfonics)
Lauryn Hill
Wyclef Jean (Haitian rapper, musician and actor)
Pras Michel
publisher:EMI Songs Ltd
International Music Network
Warner Chappell Music Publishing
Wikidata:Q604369 [info]
is based on:Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)


1996-05-22Ready or Not (live, 1996-05-22: Club Gino, Stockholm, Sweden)liveFugees?:??
2015Ready or Not (live, 2015: "Like a Version" Session)cover and liveRudimental3:27
Ready or NotcoverThe Fray3:50
Ready or NotcoverSpace Invadas feat. DANK3:29
Ready or Not (album version, explicit)Fugees (Refugee Camp)3:47
Ready or Not (part of “New School Classics: Further Education in Hip Hop” DJ‐mix)partialFugees2:11
Ready or NotcoverUltimate Music Covers3:50
Ready or NotThe Course3:22
Ready or Not (part of “Nonstop (Original Live)” DJ-mix)Delfonics b/w Barrington Levy b/w Fugees?:??
Ready or NotFugees?:??
Ready or NotFugees3:58
Ready or Not (part of “DJ Spinbad Live in Japan” DJ-mix)partialFugees0:32
Ready or NotliveFugees6:11
Ready or NotThe Fugees4:37
Ready or Not (2003 remix)Fugees6:12
Ready or Not (Clark Kent/Django remix)Fugees (Refugee Camp)5:17
Ready or Not (Clarke Kent remix)Fugees4:02
Ready or Not (DJ Zinc Jungle remix) (orphan)Fugees?:??
Ready or Not (Handel’s Yaard Vibe mix)Fugees4:43
Ready or Not (instrumental) (orphan)instrumentalFugees?:??
Ready or Not (original)Fugees7:18
Ready or Not (Salaam's Show remix instrumental)instrumentalFugees4:27
Ready or Not (Salaam’s Ready for the Show remix)Fugees (Refugee Camp)4:41
Ready or Not (Salaam’s Ready for the Show remix)Fugees4:28
Ready or Not (Zinc remix) (part of “Rinse: 20” DJ‐mix)Fugees5:37