The Fury (1978)

~ Soundtrack


composer: John Williams (soundtrack composer & conductor)
parts: Approaching the House (The Fury)
Before Dinner (The Fury)
Coming Down the Stairs (The Fury)
Death on a Carousel (The Fury)
End Cast (The Fury)
Father Meets Son (The Fury)
For Gillian (The Fury)
Gillian's Escape (The Fury)
Gillian's Power (The Fury)
Gillian's Vision (The Fury)
Hester Eavesdropping (The Fury)
Hester's Theme & The House (The Fury)
Lifting Susan (The Fury)
Main Title (The Fury)
Out of the Water (The Fury)
Remembering Robin (The Fury)
TV Surveillance (The Fury)
The Conspiracy (The Fury)
The Fall (The Fury)
The Fog Scene (The Fury)
The Train Wreck (The Fury)
Thru the Alley (The Fury)
Vision on the Stairs (The Fury)