lyricist and composer:Lou Reed
publisher:EMI Music Ltd.
Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd.
Screen Gems–EMI Music Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q1463270 [info]
later parody versions:The Knoll Estate (A Perfect Place)
later versions:Lome dag


1972-08Perfect DayLou Reed3:44
1980-05-18Perfect Day (live, 1980-05-18: Tiffany's, Glasgow, Scotland, UK)cover and liveThe Human League?:??
1997-07-03Perfect Day (live, 1997-07-03: London, UK)liveLou Reed3:51
1997Perfect Day ’97Lou Reed, Bono, Skye Edwards, David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Elton John, Andrew Davis, Boyzone, Lesley Garrett, Burning Spear, Thomas Allen, Brodsky Quartet, Heather Small, Emmylou Harris, Tammy Wynette, Shane MacGowan, Sheona White, Dr. John, Robert Cray, Huey, Ian Broudie, Gabrielle, Evan Dando, Courtney Pine, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Brett Anderson, Visual Ministry Choir, Joan Armatrading, Laurie Anderson & Tom Jones3:47
1997Perfect Day ’97 (female version)Skye Edwards, Brodsky Quartet, Sheona White, Emmylou Harris, Andrew Davis, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Heather Small, Visual Ministry Choir, Suzanne Vega, Lesley Garrett, Tammy Wynette, Gabrielle, Joan Armatrading, Laurie Anderson3:48
1997Perfect Day ’97 (male version)Lou Reed, Bono, David Bowie, Burning Spear, Thomas Allen, Dr. John, Robert Cray, Evan Dando, Tom Jones, Elton John, Boyzone, Shane MacGowan, Huey, Ian Broudie, Brett Anderson, Visual Ministry Choir, Courtney Pine, Brodsky Quartet, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Davis3:46
1998A Perfect Day (live, 1998: Sony Music Studios, West 54th Street, Manhattan, NY, USA)liveLou Reed4:15
2000-05Perfect Day 2000: BBC Music Live VersionliveHeather Small, Ronan Keating, Jools Holland, et al.6:36
2000Perfect DayliveLou Reed4:49
2002Perfect DayLou Reed3:28
2003-05-16Perfect Day (live, 2003-05-16: Later… with Jools Holland)liveLou Reed3:41
2006-07-06Perfect Day (live, 2006-07-06: Fuck the Back Row: Studio 35, Columbus, OH, USA)cover and liveAmanda Palmer3:41
A Perfect DaycoverCarla Bruni2:59
Perfect DayLou Reed3:48
Perfect DayLou Reed3:45
Perfect DayLou Reed3:54
Perfect DayLou Reed3:45
Perfect DaycoverLiane Carroll5:22
Perfect DayLou Reed?:??
Perfect DayLou Reed3:27
Perfect DayLou Reed3:42
Perfect DayLuciano Pavarotti With Lou Reed3:46
Perfect DayLou Reed3:45
Perfect Daycoversugar me?:??
Perfect DayLou Reed3:45
Perfect DaycoverDirty Important Person?:??
Perfect DaycoverHoy/Exp.3:37
Perfect DaycoverMartin Plaza?:??
Perfect DayLou Reed3:45
Perfect DayLou Reed3:46
Perfect DaycoverGlenn Gregory4:08
Perfect DaycoverChris Whitley3:31
Perfect DaycoverLeningrad Cowboys3:53
Perfect DaycoverAmanda Lear3:30
Perfect DaycoverThe Jolly Boys3:35
Perfect DaycoverSusan Boyle4:33
Perfect DaycoverMetric3:34
Perfect Daycover and instrumentalJoaquim Sanchez & Pipes of the Enamorates3:48
Perfect DaycoverIndigo6:47
Perfect Day (acoustic version)coverPain of Salvation4:51
Perfect DaycoverShovels & Rope with Preservation Hall Jazz Band3:53
Perfect DaycoverT.S.O.L.3:46
Perfect Daycover and instrumentalCellomania3:52
Perfect Daycover and instrumentalCellomania3:50
Perfect DaycoverDuran Duran3:51
Perfect Day (part of “Ultimate Gay Anthems” DJ-mix)coverIndigo4:55
Perfect DaycoverIndigo4:14
Perfect DaycoverIndigo5:27
Perfect DaycoverIndigo7:26
Perfect Daycover and instrumentalExotique4:17
Perfect DaycoverPovo3:37
Perfect DaycoverTim Fischer3:15
Perfect DayLou Reed3:33
Perfect DayBono with Lou Reed, David Bowie & Luciano Pavarotti3:48
Perfect DayLou Reed3:31
Perfect DayLou Reed3:40
Perfect DaycoverMy Jazzy Child1:59
Perfect DaycoverPascal Finkenauer4:06
Perfect DaycoverANA ANA3:40
Perfect DaycoverDuran Duran3:51
Perfect DaycoverDuran Duran3:50
Perfect DaycoverDuran Duran3:51
Perfect DaycoverKirsty MacColl & Evan Dando3:50
Perfect DaycoverScala & Kolacny Brothers4:25
Perfect Daycover楊乃文 feat. 陳奕迅3:57
Perfect DayLou Reed3:42
Perfect Daycover and liveAmanda Palmer4:23
Perfect DayLou Reed3:40
Perfect DayLou Reed3:32
Perfect Day (7" mix)coverIndigo4:16
Perfect Day (7" mix)coverIndigo4:08
Perfect Day (12" mix)coverIndigo7:18
Perfect Day (12" mix)coverIndigo6:24
Perfect Day (acoustic demo) / Transformer Radio SpotLou Reed4:50
Perfect Day (acoustic version)coverDuran Duran3:46
Perfect Day (Almighty Anthem Club Mix)coverIndigo8:09
Perfect Day (Almighty Definitive mix)coverIndigo7:44
Perfect Day (dub)coverIndigo5:26
Perfect Day (intro)cover and liveAmanda Palmer3:05
Perfect Day (live)liveLou Reed3:53
Perfect Day (live)liveLou Reed3:54
Perfect Day (Lou Reed Cover)coverАнтон Севидов & Elena Koreneva2:42
Perfect Day (Lou Reed)coverAlice Bag3:25
– ????Perfect DaycoverThe Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain3:36