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lyricist:Sam M. Lewis (1930s lyricist)
Joe Young (US lyricist)
composer:Harry Akst
publisher:B & G Akst Publishing Co.
EMI Mills Music Inc. (ASCAP-affiliated)
Morley Music Corp.
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/111408 [info]
Wikidata:Q3359423 [info]
referred to in medleys:Medley: You Rascal You… (order: 6)
Ja‐Da Medley (order: 11)
later translated versions:Dinah (sung in german)
ダイナ (“Dinah”)
later versions:Dinah (French lyrics)
part of:The Girl’s Suite (order: 8)


1925-10-20DinahEthel Waters3:17
1925-10-20DinahEthel Waters3:17
1925-12DinahCliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards And His Hot Combination2:53
1926-01-04DinahClarence Williams2:39
1926-01-06DinahinstrumentalFletcher Henderson and His Orchestra3:05
1926-01-28DinahinstrumentalJean Goldkette and His Orchestra?:??
1926-01-28DinahinstrumentalJean Goldkette and His Orchestra3:06
1926-01-28DinahinstrumentalJean Goldkette and His Orchestra?:??
1926-12DinahcoverJoséphine Baker3:01
1927-03DinahJulian Fuhs und sein Orchester?:??
1928-03-28DinahJoe Venuti’s Blue Four2:51
1928-03-28DinahJoe Venuti’s Blue Four2:50
1928-03-28DinahJoe Venuti’s Blue Four2:46
1928-03-28DinahJoe Venuti’s Blue Four2:55
1929-04-18DinahinstrumentalRed Nichols3:13
1929-04-18DinahinstrumentalRed Nichols & His Five Pennies3:16
1930-05-04Dinah (studio, 1930-05-04; matrix W 404001-C)Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra3:20
1931-02-02DinahThe Red Devils2:44
1931-12-16DinahBing Crosby and The Mills Brothers3:01
1931-12-16DinahBing Crosby & The Mills Brothers2:59
1931-12-16Dinah (test)Bing Crosby and The Mills Brothers with Benny Krueger Brunswick Studio Orchestra2:52
1931-12-16DinahBing Crosby and The Mills Brothers2:53
1932-02-09DinahDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:53
1932-02-09DinahDuke Ellington?:??
1932-02-09DinahDuke Ellington and His Orchestra2:53
1932-04-05Sizzling One Step (medley)medleyFrankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra4:52
1932-06-07Dinah (1932-06-07, mx. 11910-2)Cab Calloway and His Orchestra3:10
1932-12-16Dinah (The Big Broadcast)Bing Crosby & The Mills Brothers2:57
1932-12-21Medley of Armstrong Hits, Part 2: When You're Smiling / Saint James Infirmary / Dinah (studio, 1932-12-21; Victor matrix # 74877-4)medleyLouis Armstrong4:26
1932-12-21Medley of Armstrong Hits, Part 2: When You're Smiling / St. James Infirmary / Dinah (studio, 1932-12-21; Victor matrix # 74877-3)medleyLouis Armstrong & His Orchestra4:34
1932-12-21Medley of Armstrong Hits, Part II: When You're Smiling / St. James Infirmary / DinahmedleyLouis Armstrong & His Orchestra4:36
1933-11-30DinahThe Mills Brothers2:36
1934-02-21Dinah (1934-02-21, mx. M-38568)Midge Williams3:23
1934-08-20DinahEthel Waters2:48
1934-12-13DinahThe Boswell Sisters3:00
1934-12-13DinahThe Boswell Sisters3:04
1934-12-13Dinah (LA-294-A)The Boswell Sisters3:50
1934-12-13DinahThe Boswell Sisters?:??
1934-12-13DinahThe Boswell Sisters3:02
1934-12-13DinahThe Boswell Sisters2:49
1934-12-13Dinah (LA-294-B)The Boswell Sisters3:00
1934-12-28Dinah (studio, 1934-12-28: Studio Ultraphone, Paris, France)Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France avec Stéphane Grappelli2:36
1934-12DinahDjango Reinhardt2:35
1935-01-11DinahDorsey Brothers’ Orchestra?:??
1935-03-11Dinah (radio transcription, 1935-03-11)Fats Waller1:55
1935-03-11Dinah / Handful of Keys / Solitude (radio transcription, 1935-03-11)medleyFats Waller6:43
1935-06-24Dinah (studio, 1935-06-24: Victor matrix 88989-1)Fats Waller and His Rhythm3:08
1935-10-09DinahinstrumentalRay Noble And His Orchestra?:??
1936-02-28DinahLouis Prima and His New Orleans Gang3:02
1936-02-28DinahLouis Prima and His New Orleans Gang3:07
1936-08-26DinahinstrumentalThe Benny Goodman Quartet2:43
1936-08-26DinahinstrumentalThe Benny Goodman Quartet2:43
1936-08-26DinahBenny Goodman2:42
1936DinahFats Waller and His Rhythm3:06
1937-07-12DinahinstrumentalDicky Wells and His Orchestra2:48
1937-09-29Dinah (1937-09-29: Paris; mx. OLA 2148-1)Duo de violons2:28
1937-09-29Dinah (1937-09-29: Paris; mx. OLA 2148-1)instrumentalDuo de violons2:28
1937-11-03DinahCount Basie & His Orchestra3:07
1937DinahCount Basie3:09
1937Dinahinstrumental and liveEddie South2:29
1937DinahinstrumentalCount Basie & His Orchestra2:43
1938-08-31DinahPee Wee Russell's Rhythmakers2:42
1938-08-31DinahPee Wee Russell's Rhythmakers?:??
1939-08-07Dinah (radio transcription, 1939-08-07)instrumentalFats Waller0:46
1939-08-07Dinah (1939 partial take) (radio transcription, 1939-08-07)partialFats Waller0:48
1939-12-12DinahMuggsy Spanier and His Ragtime Band2:43
1939-12-12DinahMuggsy Spanier2:41
1939-12-16DinahThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:06
1939-12-21DinahLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:48
1939-12-21DinahLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:45
1939-12-21DinahLionel Hampton2:43
1939-12-21DinahLionel Hampton2:45
1939-12-21Dinah (take 1)instrumentalLionel Hampton and His Orchestra2:43
1940-08-22DinahConnie Boswell?:??
1940Dinahinstrumental and liveHot Lips Page8:02
1941-04-09DinahStéphane Grappelly and his quartet3:13
1943-12-09DinahBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:05
1944-12-15DinahMildred Bailey3:23
1945-06DinahliveTeddy Wilson and his Sextett2:52
1945-07-06Dinah (unverified source, live, 1945-07-16)liveCab Calloway and His Orchestra?:??
1945-07-15Dinah (live, 1945-07-15: New Cafe Zanzibar, New York, NY)liveCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:44
1945DinahinstrumentalTeddy Wilson All-Star Sextet2:51
1945DinahinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:53
1946-04-16DinahEthel Waters2:47
1947-11-21 – 1947-11-28Dinah (1947-11-21 & 28)Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli3:30
1947DinahcoverDjango Reinhardt3:34
1952DinahChet Baker2:57
1953-06-26DinahBing Crosby with Buddy Cole & His Trio2:21
1954-02-10Dinahinstrumental and liveJimmy Raney, Stan Getz & Bob Brookmeyer4:01
1954-04-13DinahinstrumentalLionel Hampton8:26
1955-10-25DinahinstrumentalChet Baker3:12
1955-10-25DinahChet Baker3:12
1955-10-25DinahinstrumentalChet Baker and His Orchestra3:03
1955-10-25DinahinstrumentalChet Baker3:03
1955-10-25DinahinstrumentalChet Baker3:02
1955-10-25DinahinstrumentalChet Baker3:01
1955-10-25DinahinstrumentalChet Baker Sextet3:06
1955-10-25DinahinstrumentalChet Baker3:02
1955-10-25Dinah [complete take]instrumentalChet Baker and His Orchestra3:14
1955-10-25Dinah [complete take]instrumentalChet Baker and His Orchestra3:06
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