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additional lyricist:Bob Dylan (in 1993-09)
lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (from 1989-03 until 1989-04)
publisher:Sony/ATV Music Publishing France
Special Rider Music (from 1989 to present)
Wikidata:Q7454821 [info]


1989-03-23Series of DreamsBob Dylan5:53
1989-03-23 – 1991-01Series of Dreams (studio outtake – 1989)Bob Dylan5:53
1989-03 – 1989-07Series of DreamsBob Dylan6:26
1993-09-08Series of DreamsliveBob Dylan5:52
1994-02-11Series of Dreams (1994-02-11: Century Hall, Nagoya, Japan)liveBob Dylan?:??
1994-02-12Series of Dreams (1994-02-12: Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, Japan)liveBob Dylan?:??
1994-02-24Series of Dreams (live, 1994-02-14: Singapore, Singapore)liveBob Dylan6:52
Series of DreamsBob Dylan6:27
Series of DreamscoverGallon Drunk6:10
Series of DreamsBob Dylan4:52
Series of DreamsBob Dylan?:??
Series of DreamsBob Dylan5:52
Series of DreamsBob Dylan4:22
Series of DreamsliveBob Dylan?:??
Series of DreamsBob Dylan5:46
Series of Dreams (1993-09-08: Filene Center, Wolf Trap Farm Park, Vienna, VA, USA)Bob Dylan5:50
Series of DreamsBob Dylan6:27
Series of Dreams (edit)Bob Dylan5:37
Series of Dreams (outtake from ‘Oh Mercy’ sessions)Bob Dylan6:24
Series of Dreams (outtake)Bob Dylan5:14