composer: Percy Grainger (1905)
lyricist: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
arrangements: Two Grainger Melodies: No. 2. Six Dukes Went A-Fishin’ (for band, Kreines)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1996-01-18 – 1996-01-20 Six Dukes Went Afishin' Percy Grainger 2:24
1996-03-14 – 1996-03-16 Six Dukes Went Afishin' The Joyful Company of Singers, Richard Hickox, Duke Dobing 4:06
1996-04-22 – 1996-04-23 Six Dukes Went Afishin’ Stephen Varcoe, Penelope Thwaites 2:24
British Folk-Music Settings no. 40: Six Dukes Went A-Fishin’ instrumental Asbury Brass Quintet 2:49