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lyricist and composer:Henry Mancini (US composer, conductor & arranger)
lyrics page: [info] (until 2020-09-21)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q16966903 [info]
referred to in medleys:Duane Eddy Medley: Shazam / Because They’re Young / Peter Gunn (order: 3)
later translated parody versions:Wertshaus!
later versions:Jáiáó, eládió
part of:Peter Gunn (American TV series 1958–1961)
arrangements:Peter Gunn (arr. B. Baxter, for SATB chorus)


1958Peter Gunncover and instrumentalRay Anthony and His Orchestra1:51
1959-01Peter GunnShelly Manne & His Men2:17
1959-02Peter GunninstrumentalMundell Lowe and His All Stars2:19
1966Medley: Peter Gunn / Get Along Cindylive and medleyKing Curtis5:45
1967-06-20Peter GunncoverShelly Manne & His Men3:44
1967-06-20Peter Gunn (mono)coverShelly Manne & His Men?:??
1970-05-14Peter Gunn / Catastrophe (alternate)coverJimi Hendrix2:56
1970-07-15Peter Gunn Theme (instrumental)coverElvis Presley1:02
1988-09 – 1988-10Peter GunncoverAlbert Mangelsdorff & Members of Klaus Lage Band3:24
2000-09-30Peter Gunncover, instrumental and liveTeekkaritorvet3:59
2001-10-11Peter Gunn Theme (live, 2001-10-11: 40 Years of Broadcasting Celebrations, Kings College)cover and livePulp4:06
2001-12-08Peter Gunn (live, 2001-12-08: Edinburgh, Scotland)cover and liveShowaddywaddy1:19
2009-02-22Peter Gunn Theme (live, 2009-02-22: Saitama Super Arena, Omiya, Saitama, Japan)cover and liveJeff Beck?:??
2017-06-16Peter Gunn / Hush (live, 2017-06-16: Hellfest 2017, Val de Moine, Clisson, France)cover and liveDeep Purple7:40
2017-06-16Peter Gunn / Hush (live, 2017-06-16: Hellfest 2017, Val de Moine, Clisson, France)cover and liveDeep Purple7:38
Blues Brothers Theme: Peter GunncoverThe Soul Detectives5:08
Every Breath You Take/Theme From Peter Gunn (Mr. Ruggerio's remix)The Police & Henry Mancini2:31
Medley: Sweet Emotion / Peter Gunn Themecover, live and medleyAerosmith6:43
Peter Guncover and instrumental[unknown]3:39
Peter GuncoverFranke Echo Quintett2:35
Peter GunncoverDick Dale and His Del‐Tones3:31
Peter GunncoverJimi Hendrix1:18
Peter GunnDeodato4:54
Peter GunncoverThe Bel-Airs1:30
Peter GunnKing Curtis2:56
Peter GunncoverThe Jordans4:01
Peter Gunncover and instrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra2:10
Peter GunncoverThe Riffs3:06
Peter Gunncover and instrumentalMick Green & The Pirates2:59
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:05
Peter GunnArt of Noise3:48
Peter GunncoverTed Nash?:??
Peter GunncoverDuane Eddy2:21
Peter GunncoverJack Costanzo & His Orchestra2:25
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:09
Peter GunncoverRay Anthony1:56
Peter GunncoverBilly Strange2:30
Peter Gunncover and liveThe Untouchables2:22
Peter GunncoverDave Grusin4:41
Peter GunncoverRoy Buchanan3:18
Peter GunncoverRay Anthony?:??
Peter GunncoverRay Anthony1:51
Peter GunncoverQuincy Jones2:57
Peter Gunncover and liveEmerson, Lake & Palmer4:26
Peter GunncoverThe Pirates2:57
Peter GunncoverEmerson, Lake & Palmer4:30
Peter GunncoverThe Jody Grind2:01
Peter GunncoverSarah Vaughan1:52
Peter Gunncover and liveEmerson, Lake & Palmer3:38
Peter Gunncover and instrumentalGary Hoey2:42
Peter GunncoverIsabel Rose3:37
Peter Gunncover and instrumentalThe Art of Noise featuring Duane Eddy3:57
Peter GunnHenry Mancini vs. P.M.FM5:12
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:40
Peter GunnHenry Mancini0:10
Peter GunnHenry Mancini1:05
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:28
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:17
Peter Gunncover and liveBlues Brothers4:55
Peter GunncoverThe Cramps3:09
Peter Gunn (trance edition)cover and instrumentalEd Starink4:50
Peter GunnHenry Mancini, His Orchestra & Chorus2:06
Peter GunnArt of Noise feat. Duane Eddy7:30
Peter GunnArt of Noise3:28
Peter Gunncover and liveAerosmith2:12
Peter Gunncover and liveAerosmith0:57
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:47
Peter Gunncover and instrumental[unknown]2:24
Peter GunnHenry Mancini and His Orchestra2:07
Peter GunncoverDuane Eddy2:15
Peter Gunncover[unknown]3:44
Peter GunncoverErich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops2:27
Peter GunncoverRichard Hayman and His Orchestra1:59
Peter Gunncover and instrumentalThe Kingsmen4:45
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:31
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:24
Peter GunnHenry Mancini0:56
Peter GunnHenry Mancini1:05
Peter GunnHenry Mancini2:51
Peter GunnHenry Mancini3:41
Peter GunncoverMike Townend4:19
Peter GunncoverRoland Shaw & His Orchestra4:31
Peter Gunncover and liveMade in Sweden5:51
Peter GunncoverMade in Sweden4:52
Peter Gunn (12″ version)Art of Noise5:21
Peter Gunn (live) vs. Where’s Your Head At (Head-a-Pella) (Emerson, Lake & Palmer vs. Basement Jaxx)partial2manydjs2:49
Peter Gunn (Max Sedgley remix)coverSarah Vaughan5:08
Peter Gunn (new version)Henry Mancini4:36
Peter Gunn (remixed by Flyright)coverArt of Noise6:01
Peter Gunn (The Twang mix)cover and instrumentalArt of Noise feat. Duane Eddy7:30
Peter Gunn [guitar improvisation]cover, live and partialAerosmith1:48
Peter Gunn CatastrophecoverThe Jimi Hendrix Experience2:20
Peter Gunn CatastrophecoverJimi Hendrix2:20
Peter Gunn ThemecoverDuane Eddy2:28
Peter Gunn ThemeinstrumentalDuane Eddy?:??
Peter Gunn Themecover and liveElvis Presley1:37
Peter Gunn ThemeHenry Mancini4:17
Peter Gunn ThemecoverBlues Brothers3:49
Peter Gunn ThemecoverLindisfarne7:54
Peter Gunn ThemeHenry Mancini1:52
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