lyricist and composer:Ray Evans (US lyricist)
Jay Livingston
publisher:Famous Music (renamed since 2007-05 as Sony/ATV Harmony/Melody)
Famous Music Publishing Limited
Jay Livingston Music Inc.
Paramount Music Corporation
Sony/ATV Harmony (in 1950)
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Wikidata:Q685829 [info]
referred to in medleys:Holiday Cheer
Megamix 2 (It Must Be Christmas) (order: 1)
Mix Two (Greatest Ever Christmas Party Megamix) (order: 1)
Mix 3 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (order: 5)
later translated versions:Barnesang, klokkeklang (Norwegian (nynorsk) translation of "Silver Bells")
Ziemassvētku nakts (Latvian version of "Silver Bells")


1950-09-08Silver BellsBing Crosby and Carol Richards3:26
1950-09-08Silver BellsBing Crosby3:04
1956-09-24Silver BellsThe Andrews Sisters2:24
1957-07-23Silver BellsGene Autry?:??
1965-07-23Silver BellsAl Hirt2:37
1965Silver BellsAndy Williams3:09
1966-08-17 – 1966-08-18Silver BellsPercy Faith His Orchestra and Chorus3:17
1966-10-28Silver BellscoverBooker T. & the MG’s2:32
1971-05-15Silver BellscoverElvis Presley2:29
1971-05-15Silver Bells (alternate take 1)coverElvis Presley2:32
1971-05-15 – 1971-05-16Silver BellscoverElvis Presley2:26
1985-12Silver BellsliveKiri Te Kanawa2:27
1991 – 2018-05-09Silver BellscoverThe Monkees3:27
2006-12-09 – 2006-12-10Silver BellsliveChildren's Chorus of Washington, Joan Gregoryk3:04
2008Silver BellscoverTony Bennett3:16
2018Silver BellscoverMonti Beton & Johann K.?:??
Brook Jacoby's Silver BellsBrook Jacoby4:01
Christmas Waltzesinstrumental and medleyBoston Pops Orchestra4:30
Cloches D'Argent (Silver Bells)coverLucien Hétu2:38
Jingle Bells / Silver Bellsinstrumental and medleyThe Organ Masters2:29
Medley: Silver Bells / Little Christmas Tree WaltzmedleyLiving Voices3:27
Medley: We Wish You a Merry Christmas; Silver Bellscover and medleyAl Martino3:13
Medley: Winter Wonderland / Silver Bellscover and medleyHenry Mancini, His Orchestra and Chorus3:52
Silver Bell (version 2)Bing Crosby2:22
Silver bellsBing Crosby2:10
Silver bellsDoris Day2:46
Silver bellscover and instrumentalKenny G3:56
Silver BellsPete Fountain2:38
Silver BellsinstrumentalJan August1:56
Silver BellsJohnny Mathis?:??
Silver BellsinstrumentalBianco2:15
Silver BellsJimmy Dean2:44
Silver BellsJeremy Porter & The Tucos4:04
Silver BellscoverThe New York Theatre Orchestra2:33
Silver BellsMarv Herzog?:??
Silver BellsJohnny Mathis?:??
Silver BellsinstrumentalGrant Osborne, Peter Innocenti & Jeff Crouse3:58
Silver BellsinstrumentalThe Klokken Ringers2:05
Silver BellsCanadian Brass3:18
Silver BellsDick Leibert3:05
Silver BellscoverSadie Mae2:06
Silver BellsinstrumentalSam “The Man” Taylor2:58
Silver BellscoverGeorge Jones and Gene Watson2:23
Silver BellscoverGeorge Jones & Gene Watson2:27
Silver BellsBonnie Guitar2:22
Silver BellsinstrumentalThe London Sound 70 Orchestra and Chorus3:13
Silver BellsJay Livingston & Reginald Dixon2:51
Silver BellscoverJohn Mark Nelson, Tancred & Jenny Owen Youngs2:43
Silver BellscoverRaul Malo3:28
Silver BellscoverBlake Shelton feat. Xenia3:11
Silver BellscoverJimmie Davis2:00
Silver BellscoverJeannie C. Riley3:13
Silver BellscoverJeannie C. Riley3:15
Silver BellscoverJeannie C. Riley3:14
Silver BellscoverDread Zeppelin4:26
Silver BellsThe International Festival Orchestra & Chorus3:01
Silver BellsinstrumentalMilo Deering3:10
Silver BellscoverBilly Idol2:41
Silver Bellscover[unknown]3:20
Silver BellsMargaret Whiting2:54
Silver BellsJack Jones?:??
Silver BellscoverSkoop On Somebody4:27
Silver BellscoverLynn Anderson3:36
Silver BellsThe Ray Conniff Singers2:31
Silver BellscoverDean Martin2:24
Silver BellsThe Chipmunks2:19
Silver BellsEarl Grant3:11
Silver BellsSonny James2:46
Silver BellsThe Pete King Chorale2:29
Silver BellsRoaring 20's?:??
Silver BellsDavid Arkenstone4:27
Silver BellscoverBurl Ives2:12
Silver BellsGene Autry2:10
Silver BellscoverThe Temptations2:13
Silver BellscoverMichael Bublé feat. Naturally 73:09
Silver BellsMahalia Jackson?:??
Silver BellscoverThe Temptations2:12
Silver BellsJimmy Wakely1:52
Silver BellscoverAtlantic Starr4:15
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves?:??
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves?:??
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves2:55
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves?:??
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves2:56
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves2:57
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves2:57
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves?:??
Silver BellsJim Reeves3:01
Silver BellscoverGeorge Jones with Gene Watson2:25
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves2:58
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves?:??
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves2:56
Silver BellscoverNashville's Children's Chorus3:34
Silver BellsReginald Dixon2:56
Silver BellscoverThe Roller Disco Orchestra3:43
Silver BellscoverJim Reeves2:57
Silver BellscoverClint Walker2:49
Silver BellscoverMerle Haggard?:??
Silver BellsGene Autry2:34
Silver BellscoverNeil Diamond3:06
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