lyricist and composer:Frank Loesser
publisher:Frank Music Corp.
Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.
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referred to in medleys:Guys and Dolls Suite (order: 2)
part of:Guys and Dolls (full musical) (order: 2)


1950Runyonland Music / Fugue for Tinhorns / Follow the Fold (Guys and Dolls, 1950 original Broadway cast)Orchestra / Stubby Kaye, Johnny Silver and Douglas Deane / Isabel Bigley and the Mission Group3:23
1991-10-19 – 1991-10-24Fugue for TinhornsinstrumentalEmpire Brass3:35
2009-02Fugue for TinhornscoverGeschwister Pfister2:52
Fugue for Tin HornsThe Andrews Sisters2:33
Fugue for Tin HornsinstrumentalCanadian Brass3:12
Fugue for Tin NorncoverCharlie’s Roots?:??
Fugue for TinhornsThe Kirby Stone Four2:05
Fugue for TinhornscoverFrank Sinatra1:30
Fugue for Tinhorns (Guys and Dolls, 1955 film cast)Stubby Kaye & Quintet1:33
Fugue for TinhornsDean Martin1:32
Fugue for Tinhorns (original studio master)Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby & Dean Martin1:30
Fugue for TinhornsThe Andrews Sisters2:29
Fugue for TinhornscoverBarry Manilow with Michael Crawford and Hinton Battle2:51
Guys and Dolls Medley: Fugue for TinhornscoverBarry Manilow feat. Michael Crawford and Hinton Battle2:47
Three-Cornered TuneSarah Brightman2:10