composer:Neil Finn
lyricist:Neil Finn
Wikidata:Q5432108 [info]


1991-11-09Fall at Your Feet (live, 1991-11-09: Town and Country Club, London, England)liveCrowded House4:17
1991-11-09Fall at Your Feet (live, 1991-11-09: Town and Country Club, London, UK)liveCrowded House5:27
1991-11Fall at Your Feet (live, 1991-11: Town and Country Club, London, England)liveCrowded House6:59
1992-03-20Fall at Your Feet (live, 1992-03-20: Civic Theatre, Newcastle, Australia)liveCrowded House7:28
1992-06-20Fall at Your Feet (live, 1992-06-20: Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, England)liveCrowded House?:??
1992-06-24Fall at Your Feet (live, 1992-06-24: Wembley Arena, London, England)liveCrowded House?:??
1993-11-14Fall at Your Feet (live, 1993-11-14: Hammersmith Apollo, London, England)liveCrowded House?:??
1994-11-06Fall at Your Feet (live, 1994-11-06: The Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, London, UK)liveCrowded House5:06
1996-06-16Fall at Your Feet (live, 1996-06-16: London, England)liveCrowded House3:25
1996-06-21Fall at Your Feet (live, 1996-06-21: GLR Radio Studios, London, England)liveCrowded House4:06
1996-11-24Fall at Your Feet (live, 1996-11-24: Forecourt, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia)liveCrowded House3:26
2003-02-11Fall at Your Feet (live, 2003-02-11: KBCO Studio C, Boulder, CO, USA)liveNeil Finn3:21
2007-12-09Fall at Your Feet (live, 2007-12-09: Wembley Arena, London, UK)liveCrowded House5:36
2010-09-09Fall at Your Feet (live, 2010-09-09: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO, USA)liveCrowded House5:21
2013-03-10Fall at Your Feet (live, 2013-03-10: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia)liveNeil Finn + Paul Kelly3:34
Fall at Your FeetcoverBoy & Bear4:29
Fall at Your FeetcoverDavid Essex4:45
Fall at Your Feet (part of “The Clubber’s Bible Winter 2003” DJ-mix)Cm2 feat. Lisa Law3:58
Fall at Your FeetcoverMike Massé feat. Jeff Hall3:40
Fall at Your FeetliveCrowded House5:02
Fall at Your FeetCrowded House3:19
Fall at Your FeetcoverPeter Cox3:14
Fall at Your FeetcoverBusted3:00
Fall at Your FeetcoverClare Bowditch3:50
Fall at Your FeetcoverBoy & Bear4:31
Fall at Your FeetcoverDavid Essex4:52
Fall at Your Feet (live)liveCrowded House3:46
Fall at Your FeetCrowded House3:37
Fall at Your Feet (live to air recording)liveCrowded House3:39
Fall at Your FeetCrowded House3:18
Fall at Your Feet (live)liveCrowded House3:30
Fall at Your FeetCrowded House?:??
Fall at Your Feet (acoustic)Crowded House3:37
Fall at Your Feet (early version Rehearsal)Crowded House3:22
Fall at Your Feet (live)liveCrowded House4:02