Work status:

  • Had the temporary working title "What You Can Do for Your Wigwam"
  • First copyright date: 1966-03-29
  • Copyright renewed in 1994
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (from 1966-02 until 1966-03)
publisher:Dwarf Music (from 1966 to present)
lyrics page: [info]
Wikidata:Q2419685 [info]


1966-03-08Pledging My Time (officially released stereo studio recording)Bob Dylan3:50
1966-03-08Pledging My Time (original mono studio mix)Bob Dylan3:50
1966-03-08Pledging My Time (3/08/1966, rehearsal)Bob Dylan1:11
1966-03-08Pledging My Time (take 1, 3/08/1966, breakdown)Bob Dylan3:27
1966-03-08Pledging My Time (take 2, 3/08/1966, false start)partialBob Dylan0:22
1987-06Pledging My TimeGrateful Dead & Bob Dylan?:??
1987-06Pledging My TimeGrateful Dead & Bob Dylan?:??
2016-05Pledging My Timecover and liveOld Crow Medicine Show1:57
Pledging My TimecoverGuitar Junior4:48
Pledging My TimeBob Dylan3:51
Pledging My TimeBob Dylan?:??
Pledging My Timecover and liveThe Dylan Project3:14
Pledging My TimecoverGreg Brown3:44
Pledging My TimeBob Dylan3:55
Pledging My Time (stereo remix #4)Bob Dylan3:50
Pledging My Time (stereo remix #2)Bob Dylan3:50
Pledging My Time (stereo remix #3)Bob Dylan3:50
Pledging My TimeMy Darling Clementine3:19
Pledging My TimeBob Dylan3:50
Pledging My TimecoverDuke Robillard4:44
Pledging My TimeliveBob Dylan6:43
Pledging My TimeBob Dylan3:46
Pledging My TimeliveBob Dylan3:47
Pledging My TimeliveBob Dylan4:28
Pledging My TimeliveBob Dylan3:55
Pledging My Time ...Extended FadeBob Dylan3:52
Pledging My Time (5.1 mix)Bob Dylan3:50
Pledging My Time (Canada-UK Mono LP)Bob Dylan3:58
Pledging My Time (Dutch Greatest Hits mono mix)liveBob Dylan3:53
Pledging My Time (take 1, alternate take)Bob Dylan3:23