lyricist:Johnny Mercer
composer:Henry Mancini (US composer, conductor & arranger)
publisher:Famous Chappell
Famous Music Corporation
Famous Music Group
Famous Music Publishing Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Sony/ATV Harmony
ソニー・ミュージックパブリッシング A事業部
part of:Grammy Award: Song of the Year (number: 1962) (order: 4)
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Wikidata:Q832948 [info]
later translated versions:Αν φύγεις (Moon River)


1960-12-08Moon RiverHenry Mancini, His Orchestra & Chorus2:43
1961-11-28Moon Rivercover and instrumentalArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers5:12
1961-12-14Moon RiverinstrumentalSonny Red with Grant Green and Barry Harris6:08
1961-12-23Moon Rivercover and instrumentalGrant Green5:34
1961Moon RiverJerry Butler2:34
1962-01-04Moon RivercoverAndy Williams2:46
1963-03Moon River (live, 1963-03)liveAndy Williams3:11
1963-09-09Moon Riverinstrumental and liveCount Basie Big Band3:20
1964-01-28Moon River (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra3:20
1965-01-19 – 1965-01-21Moon RivercoverDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:42
1983Голубая Рекаcover and instrumentalМелодия4:36
1988-08-19 – 1988-08-20Moon RivercoverGeorge Adams6:00
1991-05-15Moon River (live 1991-05-15: Borderline, London, UK)cover and liveR.E.M.2:29
1994-09-13Moon River (live, 1994-09-13: Parco Novi Sad, Modena, Italy)liveLuciano Pavarotti · Nancy Gustafson3:23
1994-11-20 – 1994-11-21Moon RivercoverJoe Locke6:43
1995-02-07 – 1995-02-08Moon River (live, 1995-02: UK)cover and liveMorrissey3:09
1995-02-26Moon River (live, 1995-02-26: Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London, UK)cover and liveMorrissey3:51
1997-02-04 – 1997-02-05Moon RiverinstrumentalJames Moody4:30
1998-06-10 – 1998-06-11Moon Rivercover and instrumentalHans Ulrik3:55
1998-10-13Moon River (live, 1998-10-13: Munich, Germany)cover and liveMartin L. Gore3:00
1999-04-30 – 1999-05-01Moon RivercoverE.S.P. Trio3:01
1999-05Moon RiverinstrumentalHenry Mancini3:11
2001Moon Rivercover and instrumentalBill Frisell, Dave Holland, Elvin Jones6:26
2002-05-30Moon RiverinstrumentalMike DiRubbo8:14
2003Moon RivercoverBarbra Streisand3:41
2005-12 – 2006-01Moon Rivercover and instrumentalLanfranco Malaguti3:48
2010-07-20Moon River (live, 2010-07-20: Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Ireland)cover and liveJosh Ritter & The Royal City Band3:22
2010-07-20Moon River (live, 2010-07-20: Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Ireland)cover and liveJosh Ritter & The Royal City Band?:??
2010-10Moon RiverAlexis Cole with One for All5:36
2011-12-14Moon River (live, 2011-12-14: Les Affranchis, France Inter, Paris, France)cover and liveÉmilie Simon3:21
2012-05-02 – 2012-09-17Till There Was You / Moon Riverinstrumental and medleyJerry Douglas, Mike Auldridge & Rob Ickes2:45
2013-01Moon River (2013 rehearsal version)Tangerine Dream4:54
2013-03-10Moon River (live, 2013-03-10: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia)cover and liveNeil Finn + Paul Kelly3:26
2015-11-03MOON RIVER (Aimer Live Tour "DAWN")cover and liveAimer?:??
2016-05-13MOON RIVER (LIVE AT ANYWHERE Vol.28 [lineme])cover and liveAimer?:??
2016-06Moon RivercoverKarl Ratzer & Johannes Enders Duo?:??
2019-03-28 – 2019-03-30Moon RiverinstrumentalJan Vogler, Ismo Eskelinen3:37
Blue Moon / Moon RivermedleyPlácido Domingo3:06
Blue Moon / Moon RivermedleyPlácido Domingo3:10
Born on the Fourth of July: Moon RivercoverStarshine Orchestra & Singers2:48
Breakfast at Tiffany's: Moon RiverHenry Mancini3:34
Breakfast At Tiffany's: Moon RiverBlack Dyke Band3:00
Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Moon Rivercover and instrumental2CELLOS, London Symphony Orchestra3:13
Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Moon Riverinstrumental2CELLOS, London Symphony Orchestra3:13
Breakfast at Tiffanys: Moon RivercoverThe Countdown Orchestra3:49
Henry Mancini Medley: Mr. Lucky / Baby Elephant Walk / Days of Wine and Roses / Moon Riverinstrumental and medleyGeorge Blackmore9:41
moon rivercover小田和正2:20
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:52
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:45
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:41
Moon RiverAndy Williams3:09
Moon RiverAndy Williams3:26
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:43
Moon RiverAndy Williams3:16
Moon River[unknown]3:00
Moon RiverinstrumentalThe Northern Lights Orchestra2:54
Moon RivercoverNancy Wilson2:04
Moon RivercoverNancy Wilson2:07
Moon RivercoverDee Madden2:48
Moon RiverJoan Chamorro & Andrea Motis3:49
Moon RivercoverDanny Williams2:22
Moon River (stereo)Eydie Gormé1:47
Moon RiverinstrumentalThe Mantovani Orchestra2:34
Moon RiverinstrumentalMatthias Hülsemann, Uli Tietzel, Oliver Karstens, Rudi Gunka & Dirk Nagel3:05
Moon RiverHenry Mancini & Andy Williams2:46
Moon RiverinstrumentalSynthesizer Moods2:57
Moon RiverRoyce Campbell4:18
Moon RivercoverDanny Williams2:37
Moon RiverJudy Garland3:41
Moon RiverHenry Mancini and His Orchestra2:43
Moon RiverAudrey Hepburn?:??
Moon RiverAudrey Hepburn2:03
Moon RivercoverHilde Marie Kjersem + Jon Eberson1:43
Moon RivercoverOscar Toney Jr.2:27
Moon RivercoverWillie Nelson3:14
Moon RivercoverAretha Franklin2:13
Moon RiverPerry Como3:27
Moon RivercoverKid Koala?:??
Moon RivercoverKid Koala5:23
Moon Rivercover and liveKid Koala5:26
Moon RiverSunbury Divas3:05
Moon RiverKarl Olandersson4:39
Moon River (5.1 mix)coverGeorge Benson & Joey DeFrancesco4:57
Moon River101 Strings2:57
Moon RivercoverLena Horne3:28
Moon RivercoverBrook Benton2:58
Moon Rivercover and liveMary Black3:20
Moon RiverJim Reeves2:27
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler2:39
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler2:40
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler?:??
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler2:36
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler?:??
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler2:34
Moon RivercoverJohnny Mathis3:12
Moon RivercoverBobby Vee1:37
Moon RivercoverPaul Anka?:??
Moon RivercoverEden Atwood3:28
Moon RivercoverEartha Kitt3:48
Moon RivercoverShirley Bassey3:00
Moon RivercoverFrank Sinatra?:??
Moon RivercoverThe Afghan Whigs?:??
Moon RiverHenry Mancini4:04
Moon RivercoverVirtual Geisha2:06
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:56
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:58
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:59
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:59
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:58
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:58
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:58
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong3:00
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:58
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:56
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:56
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong2:33
Moon RivercoverLouis Armstrong6:19
Moon RiverinstrumentalHenry Mancini, Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra2:36
Moon Rivercover and liveCarol Kidd & Nigel Clark3:59
Moon RivercoverR.E.M.1:28
Moon RiverNils Landgren?:??
Moon RivercoverNils Landgren4:32
Moon RivercoverNeil Diamond3:30
Moon RivercoverStephan Bormann2:52
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler2:37
Moon River[unknown]2:44
Moon RivercoverJoolz Gianni?:??
Moon RivercoverClay Aiken4:10
Moon RiverinstrumentalThe City of Prague Philharmonic3:09
Moon RivercoverGabby Concepcion?:??
Moon RivercoverHelmut Lotti2:47
Moon Rivercover[unknown]2:12
Moon RiverinstrumentalArthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra3:46
Moon RiverToninho Horta3:38
Moon Rivercover and instrumental[unknown]3:24
Moon RiverinstrumentalVictor Harbor City Band2:24
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalMantovani2:27
Moon RiverMantovani & His Orchestra2:41
Moon RiverinstrumentalSil Austin3:18
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.3:17
Moon RivercoverCarla Bruni3:14
Moon RivercoverSydney Gay & Lesbian Choir1:39
Moon RiverAnita Bryant4:09
Moon RiverJane Morgan2:41
Moon RiverManuel & The Music of the Mountains3:21
Moon RiverLang Lang feat. Madeleine Peyroux5:36
Moon RiverinstrumentalDick Hyman?:??
Moon RivercoverMark Kozelek3:14
Moon RivercoverPerry Como3:22
Moon RivercoverSam Harris3:21
Moon RivercoverMichel Legrand & His Orchestra3:29
Moon RivercoverJoyce2:47
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:48
Moon RiverPerry Como3:22
Moon RiverPerry Como3:28
Moon RiverLouis Armstrong2:54
Moon RiverRichard Hayman and His Orchestra3:20
Moon Rivercover and instrumental[unknown]2:51
Moon Rivercover藤田恵美3:57
Moon RivercoverLisa Ono4:21
Moon RivercoverErich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops2:54
Moon Riverinstrumental[unknown]2:24
Moon RiverHenry Mancini and His Orchestra2:45
Moon Rivercover手嶌葵3:22
Moon RiverinstrumentalThe New York Pops, Skitch Henderson4:30
Moon RivercoverHerb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass2:58
Moon RivercoverThe Afghan Whigs3:47
Moon RivercoverWasteland Green3:10
Moon RivercoverDeli Spice3:18
Moon RivercoverTanya Donelly3:23
Moon RivercoverHayley Sanderson3:38
Moon RivercoverDion2:36
Moon Rivercover and liveBob Dylan2:32
Moon Rivercover and liveBob Dylan2:31
Moon River (Audrey Hepburn vocal version)Henry Mancini & Audrey Hepburn2:05
Moon RiverHenry Mancini3:08
Moon RivercoverEartha Kitt3:01
Moon RivercoverR.E.M.2:21
Moon RivercoverThe Overtones3:20
Moon RivercoverSusan Wong3:38
Moon RiverNicki Parrott?:??
Moon RiverinstrumentalLen Stevens & His Orchestra3:31
Moon RiverinstrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra3:37
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalCarmen Cavallaro2:42
Moon RiverPat DiNizio3:01
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalJames Last4:11
Moon RivercoverJames Taylor3:13
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalPerrey & Kingsley2:52
Moon RivercoverJames Last Orchestra4:12
Moon RiverHenry Mancini2:21
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalHelmut Lörscher, Peter Bockius & Frank Bockius2:39
Moon RiverinstrumentalJerome Richardson4:37
Moon RivercoverAretha Franklin?:??
Moon Rivercover조휴일1:46
Moon RivercoverRoman Andrén?:??
Moon RivercoverDanni Carlos3:34
Moon RivercoverJerry Butler2:39
Moon RiverinstrumentalThe Percy Faith Orchestra3:23
Moon RivercoverFrank Ocean3:08
Moon RiverinstrumentalAl Caiola2:39
Moon RivercoverOrquesta Strings Clemona, Strings '69, Orquesta Filarmónica Pops de Tokyo?:??
Moon RiverHenry Mancini3:10
Moon RivercoverBen E. King2:55
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalRichard Clayderman3:16
Moon RivercoverRichard Clayderman3:16
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalOrchester Ambros Seelos2:59
Moon RivercoverFrank Sinatra3:20
Moon RiverinstrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra2:39
Moon RiverinstrumentalAbraxas String Quartet3:11
Moon River (live)liveAndy Williams3:11
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:44
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:45
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:45
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:44
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:47
Moon RiverAndy Williams?:??
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:48
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:45
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:45
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:16
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:44
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:44
Moon RiverAndy Williams2:08
Moon RiverAndy Williams?:??
Moon RiverBarry Manilow with Andy Williams3:37
Moon RiverJesper Bodilsen4:21
Moon RiverMarian McPartland3:50
Moon RiverHenry Mancini, His Orchestra & Chorus2:43
Moon RivercoverHalie Loren3:43
Moon RiverRon Davis with Drew Birston5:41
Moon RiverArthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra3:46
Moon Rivercover and instrumental小沼ようすけ1:57
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalFrank Comedes und sein Ensemble2:45
Moon RivercoverMrs. Miller2:21
Moon Rivercover青木カレン3:28
Moon Rivercover and liveBobby Darin1:12
Moon RivercoverRod Stewart2:49
Moon RiverinstrumentalHenry Mancini & His Orchestra2:22
Moon RiverinstrumentalHenry Mancini2:41
Moon RiverBobby Darin2:50
Moon RiverJames Morrison & Joe Chindamo8:03
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalDavid Bismuth1:28
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalWayne King and His Orchestra?:??
Moon RiverChanticleer3:44
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalThe Copper Street Brass Quintet4:04
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalGeorge Benson & Joey DeFrancesco5:00
Moon RiverThe Mantovani Orchestra2:31
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalDavid Wilson4:27
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalDavid Wilson1:48
Moon RiverChoral Arts Ensemble, Michael Culloton3:28
Moon RiverinstrumentalThe Sergio Rafael Orchestra3:55
Moon RiverRichard Clayderman3:14
Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany's)instrumentalCity of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nic Raine3:11
Moon RiverinstrumentalJohn Altman1:04
Moon RivercoverAcker Bilk2:45
Moon RivercoverPresocratics4:25
Moon RivercoverVince Guaraldi Trio5:21
Moon RivercoverQuincy Jones2:35
Moon RivercoverAnn-Margret2:31
Moon RivercoverWillie Nelson3:12
Moon RivercoverKim Scanlon3:58
Moon Rivercover and liveBarbra Streisand3:36
Moon RivercoverJeanette Lindström & Steve Dobrogosz5:55
Moon RivercoverBlake3:21
Moon RivercoverLaurent Korcia1:36
Moon RivercoverMichael Hirte3:04
Moon Rivercover and liveKid Koala5:10
Moon RivercoverMelissa Stylianou2:57
Moon RivercoverLaurindo Almeida2:06
Moon RivercoverConnie Francis2:43
Moon RivercoverDizzy Gillespie2:46
Moon RivercoverPaul Anka2:43
Moon River (stereo)coverNancy Wilson2:07
Moon RivercoverJim Reeves2:30
Moon RivercoverBilly Stewart3:58
Moon RivercoverBarbara Mason3:02
Moon RivercoverLena Horne3:28
Moon RivercoverRay Conniff2:49
Moon RivercoverThe Lettermen2:52
Moon RivercoverQuartette Trés Bien3:45
Moon RivercoverJohnny Mathis3:07
Moon RivercoverGreyhound3:07
Moon RivercoverFausto Papetti3:13
Moon RivercoverStanley Jordan5:48
Moon RivercoverJoey McIntyre3:35
Moon Rivercover伊藤君子3:22
Moon RivercoverEartha Kitt3:48
Moon RivercoverMila Drumke3:29
Moon RivercoverMary Black3:07
Moon RivercoverJanet Seidel4:17
Moon RivercoverManlio Sgalambro3:11
Moon RivercoverCliff Richard3:24
Moon RivercoverVic Damone3:43
Moon RivercoverMigala1:49
Moon RivercoverNeil Diamond3:32
Moon RivercoverBruce Abbott & The North Star Jazz Ensemble4:06
Moon Rivercover and liveLarry Coryell4:02
Moon RivercoverVictoria Williams3:18
Moon RivercoverPetra Haden and Bill Frisell2:22
Moon RivercoverRaul Malo / Pat Flynn / Rob Ickes / Dave Pomeroy2:43
Moon Rivercoverthe innocence mission2:48
Moon RivercoverWestlife2:42
Moon RivercoverTony Christie3:32
Moon RivercoverDr. John2:37
Moon RivercoverLesley Garrett4:28
Moon RivercoverAndrea Ross3:09
Moon RivercoverLori Cullen3:37
Moon RivercoverJane Monheit4:44
Moon RivercoverDave Koz feat. Barry Manilow3:48
Moon RivercoverDiana Panton3:29
Moon RivercoverVoice Male2:46
Moon RivercoverPaul Carrack3:28
Moon RivercoverChristine Collister3:17
Moon RivercoverThe Puppini Sisters3:56
Moon RivercoverJoni James2:40
Moon RivercoverThe Divine Comedy1:24
Moon RivercoverBobby Vinton3:46
Moon Rivercover and liveSarah Brightman2:47
Moon RivercoverLiz Callaway3:03
Moon RivercoverBobby Darin2:50
Moon RivercoverBilly Eckstine2:35
Moon RiverinstrumentalBoston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler3:42
Moon RiverNicki Parrott4:03
Moon RivercoverR.E.M.?:??
Moon RiverPerry Como?:??
Moon RiverPerry Como3:19
Moon RivercoverThe Four Freshmen3:13
Moon Rivercover藤田恵美4:03
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalDuane Eddy2:46
Moon RivercoverKarel Gott3:08
Moon RivercoverPatty Griffin2:46
Moon Rivercover and liveJosh Ritter2:45
Moon River (live)cover and liveRumer2:33
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalBradley Joseph4:58
Moon RivercoverNan Vernon8:18
Moon RivercoverTommy Emmanuel feat. Rick Price3:46
Moon Rivercover方大同3:05
Moon Rivercover and liveChauncey Matthews?:??
Moon Rivercover and liveBrad Mehldau Trio10:52
Moon RivercoverSarah Vaughan2:52
Moon RivercoverJohn Williams4:06
Moon RivercoverNancy LaMott3:07
Moon RivercoverLeatherface1:56
Moon RiverHenry Mancini1:37
Moon RivercoverBanu Gibson2:45
Moon RivercoverPeter Nero?:??
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalThe Joe Locke Quartet with Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra9:20
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalTed Heath & His Music2:26
Moon RivercoverDanny Williams5:07
Moon RivercoverTommy Newsom & The L.A. Big Band All-Stars3:25
Moon RivercoverJohnny Mathis2:45
Moon RivercoverJohnny Mathis2:46
Moon RiverCassandra Wilson5:23
Moon RiverinstrumentalFrieda Hall3:05
Moon RiverJohnny Mercer3:43
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalManuel & The Music of the Mountains3:21
Moon RivercoverR.E.M.2:02
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.2:24
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.1:37
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.2:36
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.1:54
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.2:10
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.2:18
Moon RivercoverR.E.M.?:??
Moon Rivercover and instrumental[unknown]4:05
Moon Rivercover and liveR.E.M.?:??
Moon RivercoverR.E.M.2:00
Moon RivercoverOranj Symphonette6:01
Moon RivercoverTim Fischer2:43
Moon RiverEliza Rickman2:09
Moon RivercoverJames Iha2:35
Moon Rivercover増崎孝司5:35
Moon RiverinstrumentalHenry Mancini & His Orchestra2:25
Moon RiverinstrumentalSergio Salvatore6:34
Moon Rivercover and instrumentalPercy Faith & His Orchestra3:26
Moon RiverSolveig Slettahjell & Slow Motion Orchestra1:57
Moon RiverinstrumentalRuss Conway3:01
Moon RiverHenry Mancini2:43
Moon RiverAnthony Warlow3:11
Moon River101 Strings Orchestra2:57
Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany's)City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nic Raine3:11
MOON RIVERcoverAimer1:59
MOON RIVERcover平井堅4:29
Moon River - WaltzinstrumentalBenny Stevens and his Orchestra2:27
MOON RIVER ‐prologue‐coverAimer2:00
Moon River ("Breakfast at Tiffany's")instrumentalPepe Jaramillo3:08
Moon River (1964)coverLouis Armstrong2:58
Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany's)cover and instrumentalI Salonisti3:00
Moon river (Desayuno con diamantes)coverHenry Salomon and Orchestra3:55
Moon River (from "Breakfast at Tiffany's")Henry Mancini2:31
Moon River (From "Breakfast at Tiffany's")Andrea Bocelli3:49
Moon River (From "Breakfast at Tiffany's")Renaud Capuçon3:11
Moon River (From "Breakfast At Tiffany's")Audrey Hepburn2:02
Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s)Henry Mancini3:50
Moon River (Frühstück bei Tiffany)cover and instrumentalRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra4:15
Moon River (instrumental)cover and instrumentalTommy Emmanuel4:06
Moon River (live acoustic version)cover and liveStrangelove1:47
Moon River (live on BBC Radio 2)cover and liveRumer2:33
Moon River (O.S.T. Breakfast at Tiffany's)coverJerry Butler2:45
Moon River (Waltz, 29mpm)coverDanny Williams2:20
Moon River / from Adventures of Huckleberry FinninstrumentalBill Murray & Jan Vogler15:58
Moon River / The Days of Wine and Rosesinstrumental and medley国府弘子 with Toots Thielemans7:15
Moon River Cha ChaHenry Mancini and His Orchestra2:36
Moon River, from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (Mancini/Mercer)cover and instrumental[unknown]2:17
MoonrivercoverAlexandra van Marken, Karin Tanghe & Trio Pavlov?:??
MoonrivercoverHarry Doyle & Ralf Funk & Kurt Härtl & Christoph Hörmann & Stephan Schmeußer & Norbert Ziegler3:36
MoonrivercoverOscar Harris3:56
Moonriver (extended)coverMorrissey9:39
Pops Salutes the Oscars: When You Wish Upon a Star / Swingin' on a Star / Moon River / Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head / Theme from The Way We Were / The Shadow of Your SmilemedleyJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra10:53