Stardust (the jazz standard)

~ Song


lyricist:Mitchell Parish (in 1929)
composer:Hoagy Carmichael (in 1927)
publisher:Mills Music, Inc. (ended)
All Nations Music
EMI Mills Music Inc. (ASCAP-affiliated)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Everbright Music Co.
Hoagy Publishing Co.
Lawrence Wright Music Co., Ltd.
Songs of Peer, Ltd.
イーエムアイ音楽出版 ソニー事業部
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referred to in medleys:Comedy in Music, Part II (order: 3)
later translated versions:Polvere di stelle
later versions:La Voie lactée


1927-10-31StardustinstrumentalHoagy Carmichael?:??
1928-10-10Star Dustcover and instrumentalThe Chocolate Dandies2:56
1930-05-16StardustinstrumentalIsham Jones & His Orchestra3:25
1931-03Stardust (1931-03)instrumentalFletcher Henderson and His Orchestra3:02
1931-05-01StardustMills Blue Rhythm Band2:47
1931-08-19StardustBing Crosby2:47
1931-10-12Stardust (1931-10-12, mx: 10865-1)Cab Calloway and His Orchestra3:28
1931-11-04Star Dust (studio, 1931-11-04: Okeh matrix W 405061-1, "oh memory" take)Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra3:36
1931-11-04Stardust (alternate take) (studio, 1931-11-04: Okeh matrix W 405061-4)Louis Armstrong3:30
1933-12-06StardustHoagy Carmichael3:32
1934-02-27Star Dustinstrumental and liveArt Tatum3:06
1934-09-05Stardust (1934-09-05)Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra3:05
1934-09-27Star DustLouis Prima and His New Orleans Gang2:50
1934-10-09StardustinstrumentalArt Tatum3:10
1935-03-02Star Dust (1935-03-22: Salle Chopin, Paris, France)coverColeman Hawkins3:13
1935-06-27StardustMarjorie Stedeford3:21
1935-11-25StardustcoverDjango Reinhardt2:36
1936Star DustliveGlen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra3:13
1937-08-18Star Dust (Hilversum, August 18, 1937)Coleman Hawkins2:31
1937-08-18StardustinstrumentalColeman Hawkins2:31
1938-11-10StardustinstrumentalChu Berry and His “Little Jazz” Ensemble3:53
1938-11-11StardustinstrumentalChu Berry and His “Little Jazz” Ensemble3:57
1938-12-23StardustArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:45
1939-02-13Stardust (2/13/39)The Mills Brothers3:09
1939-03-15StardustCasa Loma Orchestra3:06
1939-05-30Мерцающие звездыДжаз-оркестр под управлением Александра Цфасмана2:54
1939-07-08StardustHarry James and His Orchestra4:02
1939-10-02StardustBenny Goodman3:18
1939-10-02StardustinstrumentalThe Benny Goodman Sextet feat. Charlie Christian3:16
1939Star Dustcover and liveFrank Sinatra with Harry James and His Orchestra4:03
1940-01-29Star Dust (1940-01-29 recording)cover and instrumentalGlenn Miller and His Orchestra?:??
1940-01-29Stardustcover and instrumentalGlenn Miller and His Orchestra3:24
1940-10-07Star DustArtie Shaw and His Orchestra?:??
1940-10-07Star DustcoverArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:35
1940-10-07Star DustArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:33
1940-10-07StardustArtie Shaw and His Orchestra?:??
1940-10-07StardustArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:33
1940-11-07Star Dustinstrumental and liveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra4:16
1940-11-11StardustcoverFrank Sinatra3:15
1940-11-11StardustcoverFrank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra with the Pied Pipers3:13
1940StardustcoverTommy Dorsey3:14
1941-05Star Dust I (excerpt)instrumental and partialDizzy Gillespie?:??
1941-05Star Dust II (excerpt)instrumentalDizzy Gillespie?:??
1941-05StardustliveCharlie Christian6:16
1941-05StardustliveCharlie Christian3:25
1941-07Star Dustinstrumental and liveArt Tatum3:42
1941-11-08Star Dustcover and liveGlenn Miller3:58
1941StardustliveDon Byas9:09
1942-01-04StardustliveRed Norvo Orchestra3:48
1943Star DustcoverFrank Sinatra and The Hit Parade Orchestra2:37
1943StardustcoverFrank Sinatra featuring The Hit Parade Orchestra & The Hit Paraders2:33
1944-04-22StardustinstrumentalCharlie Shavers Quintet4:43
1944-04-22Stardust (2)Charlie Shavers Quintet4:33
1945-02-23Stardust (Los Angeles, February 23, 1945)instrumentalColeman Hawkins3:15
1945-06-09StardustinstrumentalBill Coleman6:10
1945-09-06StardustinstrumentalDon Byas3:01
1945-09StardustinstrumentalErroll Garner2:49
1947-08-04Stardustinstrumental and liveLionel Hampton All Stars15:15
1947-08-04Stardustinstrumental and liveLionel Hampton and His Just Jazz All Stars15:16
1947-08-14StardustinstrumentalLionel Hampton Allstars5:14
1948-01StardustRex Stewart and His Orchestra2:56
1949StardustArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:45
1950-01-06StardustinstrumentalStan Getz2:43
1950-07-04StardustinstrumentalDon Byas Quartet3:16
1950-07-04Stardustcover and instrumentalDon Byas3:17
1950StardustJunior Parker with The Stan Getz Quartet2:42
1951-01-26Stardust (live, 1951-01-26: Exhibition Gardens, Vancouver, BC, Canada)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong And His All-Stars3:32
1951-01-30Star Dust (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong3:34
1951-01-30Star Dust (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)coverLouis Armstrong3:34
1951-04-29StardustBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:28
1951-04Star DustinstrumentalBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:28
1951-05-28Stardust BoogieStan Kenton2:39
1951-10-25Star DustcoverDizzy Gillespie3:04
1951StardustinstrumentalLionel Hampton4:13
1951StardustStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra?:??
1952-03-18StardustinstrumentalStan Kenton and His Orchestra2:56
1952-03-19StardustinstrumentalGene Krupa Trio3:43
1952-05-13StardustinstrumentalKai Winding & J.J. Johnson3:19
1952-05-13StardustBennie Green, Budd Johnson, Coleman Hawkins, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Frank Wess, Cecil Payne, Cliff Smalls & Osie Johnson3:16
1952-09-26Stardustinstrumental and liveCharlie Parker4:10
1952-11-28Stardustcover and instrumentalLester Young3:39
1953-03-02Stardust (mono; live at Finney Chapel, Oberlin College on 1953-03-02)cover, instrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:31
1953-09-18StardustinstrumentalJ.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Bennie Green, Willie Dennis5:06
1953-09-28Ballad Medleyinstrumental, live and medleyHank Mobley10:04
1953-12-14Stardustcover, instrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:18
1953-12-29StardustinstrumentalArt Tatum5:03
1954-03-13StardustThe Birdlanders5:13
1954-03-21StardustinstrumentalOscar Pettiford5:10
1954-03-21StardustinstrumentalOscar Pettiford5:08
1954-07-22Stardustinstrumental and liveLionel Hampton and His Orchestra?:??
1954-08-26StardustThe Buddy DeFranco Quintet6:09
1954Stardustinstrumental and liveLionel Hampton?:??
1954StardustArtie Shaw5:56
1955-01-20StardustClifford Brown3:23
1955-01-20StardustinstrumentalClifford Brown with Strings3:22
1955-08-12StardustcoverOscar Pettiford3:32
1955-08-26StardustinstrumentalBuddy De Franco6:05
1955-10-09StardustinstrumentalSonny Stitt3:10
1955-11-03StardustcoverIrving Ashby, Al Bartee, Curtis Counce, Harry Edison, Illinois Jacquet, Carl Perkins3:44
1955-11-26StardustinstrumentalErnie Royal?:??
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