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lyricist and composer:George Harrison (The Beatles)
publisher:Blackwood Music Inc.
Northern Songs
Northern Songs Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Wikidata:Q182537 [info]
referred to in medleys:Beatles Medley (Stars on 45)
later parody versions:Pac‐Man


1966-04-21Taxman (take 11)The Beatles2:32
1966-04-21 – 1966-04-22Taxman (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:41
1966-04-21 – 1966-04-22Taxman (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:39
1991-12Taxman (live, 1991-12: Osaka and Tokyo, Japan)liveGeorge Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band4:16
1991-12Taxman (5.1 mix) (live, 1991-12: Osaka and Tokyo, Japan)liveGeorge Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band4:16
1992Taxman (Royal Albert Hall rehearsal 1992)liveGeorge Harrison2:14
2002-11-29Taxman (live, 2002-11-29: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)cover and liveTom Petty and the Heartbreakers3:11
2013-11-08Taxmancover and liveThe Beatles Connection2:23
Drive Me: Lady Madonna / Drive My Car / Nowhere Man / Taxman / Eleanor Rigbycover and medleyDr. Fink and the Mystery Band7:42
Tax MancoverGaetano Letizia & The Underworld Blues Rock Band4:21
Taxmancover, instrumental and liveFred Lonberg-Holm5:55
TaxmancoverDr. Lotech with Mrs. Hippie3:50
Taxman (live, 1991-12-05: The International Exhibition Center, Nagoya, Japan)George Harrison?:??
TaxmanGeorge Harrison?:??
Taxman (live, 1992: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveGeorge Harrison?:??
Taxman (live, 1992-04-06: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveGeorge Harrison4:08
TaxmancoverStevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble3:34
Taxman (live, 1992-04-06: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)George Harrison4:08
Taxman (live, 2014-09-28: Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveCold War Kids3:32
TaxmancoverVibes & Strings4:08
TaxmancoverSafari Art5:01
TaxmanJoel Harrison Featuring David Liebman, Uri Caine And David Binney5:39
TaxmancoverSir Frankie Crisp3:04
TaxmancoverMatt Gibson3:36
Taxmancover and liveNube 93:16
TaxmancoverHanging Dong2:59
TaxmancoverThe Power Station3:52
TaxmancoverBollock Brothers3:36
TaxmancoverPat Travers4:44
TaxmancoverAnn Dyer and No Good Time Fairies4:00
TaxmancoverBill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings4:11
TaxmancoverRuder Than You4:10
TaxmancoverCatfish Haven2:50
TaxmancoverDoug Pinnick, Steve Lukather, Tony Levin & Steve Ferrone3:49
Taxmancover and liveLes Touffes krétiennes4:13
TaxmancoverTok Tok Tok2:57
Taxmancover and liveMutual Admiration Society4:25
TaxmanThe Beatles?:??
TaxmancoverResistencia Suburbana3:16
TaxmancoverRuder Than You4:17
TaxmancoverTwenty Cent Crush2:47
TaxmancoverBen from Corduroy2:52
TaxmancoverThe Suburbs3:08
Taxmancover and instrumentalLes Fradkin2:48
Taxmancover and instrumentalLes Fradkin2:50
Taxman (part of “As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 5” DJ-Mix)The Beatles1:27
TaxmanThe Beatles2:39
TaxmanThe Beatles?:??
TaxmanThe Beatles2:39
TaxmanThe Beatles2:33
TaxmanThe Beatles2:38
TaxmanThe Beatles?:??
TaxmanThe Beatles2:28
TaxmanThe Beatles2:39
TaxmanThe Beatles2:37
TaxmanThe Beatles2:37
Taxman (live, 1991-12-17: Tokyo, Japan)Eric Clapton & George Harrison?:??
Taxmancover and instrumentalScenario?:??
Taxmancover and liveJoe Bonamassa6:34
TaxmancoverThe KVB4:45
Taxmancover and instrumentalSound Choice Karaoke2:50
Taxmancover and instrumentalOrganissimo5:11
Taxman (mono)coverThe Music Machine2:35
TaxmancoverThe Hollyridge Strings2:18
TaxmancoverJunior Parker3:43
TaxmancoverBlack Oak Arkansas3:37
Taxman (intro removed)The Beatles2:33
Taxman (Live From Japan)liveGeorge Harrison4:10
Taxman (live)liveGeorge Harrison4:05
Taxman (mono mix of take 12)The Beatles2:38
Taxman (mono)The Beatles2:43
Taxman (mono)The Beatles?:??
Taxman (RM5 & RM6 Take 12)The Beatles?:??
Taxman (RS1 & RS2 Take 12)The Beatles?:??
Taxman (SI Onto Take 11 2nd Lead Vocal Excerpt)partialThe Beatles0:53
Taxman (SI Onto Take 11 Both Lead Vocals, Complete Track)The Beatles2:32
Taxman (SI Onto Take 11 Lead Vocal Excerpt)partialThe Beatles0:53
Taxman (SI Onto Take 11 Tambourine, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals)The Beatles2:32
Taxman (SI Onto Take 12 Cowbell & "Mr Heath" Backing Vocals)The Beatles2:29
Taxman (Stereo Mix, Edit Of RS1-2)The Beatles2:39
Taxman (Stereo Mix, Edit Of RS1-2)The Beatles2:42
Taxman (stereo mix)The Beatles2:37
Taxman (stereo)coverThe Music Machine2:37
Taxman (Take 11 - Complete)The Beatles2:32
Taxman (take 11)George Harrison?:??
Taxman (take 11)The Beatles2:31
Taxman (Take 11)The Beatles2:32