lyricist:Mitchell Parish (in 1950)
composer:Leroy Anderson (until 1948-02-10)
publisher:EMI Harmonies Limited
SecondHandSongs: [info] [info]
Wikidata:Q2600642 [info]
referred to in medleys:Megamix 3 (It Must Be Christmas) (order: 8)
later translated versions:'n Tochtje op de slee
version of:Sleigh Ride (original instrumental version)
is the basis for:Jul - Det’ cool


1954-08-09Sleigh RideinstrumentalHerb Geller2:52
1960-08-05Sleigh RideElla Fitzgerald2:58
1961-10Sleigh RideinstrumentalThe Ramsey Lewis Trio2:59
1993-07-19 – 1993-07-23Sleigh RideHarry Connick, Jr.3:44
1996Sleigh Ridecover and instrumentalHair Stylistics4:47
1997-12Sleigh RideliveBoston Pops Orchestra, Keith Lockhart2:55
1999-12-19Sleigh RideliveChildren's Chorus of Washington, Joan Gregoryk3:24
2003-05SleighridecoverThe Gents3:06
2005-12-17 – 2005-12-18Sleigh RideliveChildren's Chorus of Washington, Joan Gregoryk3:07
Finale: Sweet Horn / Sleigh Ride / Winter WonderlandmedleyVasile Sirli / Leroy Anderson & Mitchell Parish / Dick Smith & Felix Bernard1:52
Medley: Winter Wonderland / Sleigh RidemedleyDolly Parton3:43
Sleigh Rideponyphonic2:43
Sleigh RideRic Baptist with Andy Street and The Tijuana Sound4:08
Sleigh RidecoverBobby Goldsboro?:??
Sleigh RideinstrumentalDavid Arkenstone4:38
Sleigh RideFerrante and Teicher2:18
Sleigh RidecoverGarth Brooks3:28
Sleigh RideDetroit Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Järvi2:49
Sleigh RidecoverCarpenters2:39
Sleigh RideBing Crosby2:43
Sleigh RideBing Crosby3:09
Sleigh RideBing Crosby2:46
Sleigh RideBing Crosby2:44
Sleigh RideBing Crosby2:40
Sleigh RideBing Crosby2:40
Sleigh RideBing Crosby2:42
Sleigh Ridecover and instrumentalTaylor Davis & Lara de Wit2:50
Sleigh RidecoverTLC3:44
Sleigh RidecoverTLC3:43
Sleigh RideTLC3:45
Sleigh RideTLC3:53
Sleigh RideTLC3:46
Sleigh RideTLC3:45
Sleigh RideTLC3:45
Sleigh RideTLC3:44
Sleigh RidecoverKurt Wege And His Orchestra?:??
Sleigh RideSpice Girls2:41
Sleigh RideSpice Girls2:57
Sleigh RideinstrumentalThe Royal Doulton Band2:45
Sleigh RideCarpenters2:44
Sleigh RideCarpenters2:43
Sleigh RideCarpenters2:44
Sleigh RideCarpenters2:49
Sleigh RideEastman-Rochester "Pops" Orchestra, Frederick Fennell2:51
Sleigh RideNeil Diamond2:43
Sleigh RideNils Landgren2:47
Sleigh RidePhilharmonic Symphony Chorus, Philharmonic Symphony, Richard Hayman3:07
Sleigh RideSpice Girls3:20
Sleigh RideBing Crosby2:41
Sleigh RidecoverAir Supply2:23
Sleigh RidecoverThe California Raisins2:59
Sleigh RideJohnny Mathis, Percy Faith & His Orchestra2:59
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:38
Sleigh RideArthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra3:02
Sleigh RideinstrumentalLouis Costellucci and the Capitol Symphonic Band3:00
Sleigh Ride[christmas music]3:13
Sleigh RidecoverHayley Westenra3:13
Sleigh RideElla Fitzgerald2:59
Sleigh RideRonnie Aldrich, Strings of the London Festival Orchestra2:46
Sleigh RideinstrumentalEllis Marsalis4:09
Sleigh Ridecoverfun.3:37
Sleigh RidecoverWilson Phillips2:57
Sleigh RideinstrumentalThe Central Band of the Royal British Legion3:06
Sleigh RidecoverThe Ronettes3:04
Sleigh RideDoug Munro and La Pompe Attack with Ken Peplowski, Cyrille-Aimée Daudel, Howie Bujese, Ernie Pugliese & Michael Goetz4:11
Sleigh RideKT Tunstall2:47
Sleigh RidecoverRené Froger & Ella Fitzgerald2:57
Sleigh RidecoverSpice Girls2:58
Sleigh RideSpice Girls2:58
Sleigh RideSpice Girls3:20
Sleigh RidecoverGerard, René & Gordon3:25
Sleigh RideThe Andrews Sisters3:05
Sleigh RidecoverREO Speedwagon3:47
Sleigh RideThe Johner Brothers3:03
Sleigh RideThe Trammps4:00
Sleigh RideThe English Chorale?:??
Sleigh RidecoverPentatonix2:17
Sleigh RidecoverMantua Band Studio3:29
Sleigh Ride (2012 recording)coverJ Rabbit2:18
Sleigh RideinstrumentalHollywood Tuba 123:59
Sleigh RideNatalie Cole with the London Symphony Orchestra3:30
Sleigh RidecoverElla Fitzgerald2:57
Sleigh RidecoverHelen Reddy2:34
Sleigh RidecoverMC F-40?:??
Sleigh RideRelient K3:33
Sleigh RideAndy Williams2:08
Sleigh RideJo Stafford2:52
Sleigh Ridecover and instrumentalMark O’Connor3:02
Sleigh Ridecover and instrumentalAl Caiola & Riz Ortolani2:43
Sleigh RideZigo feat. Joan Rochette5:39
Sleigh RidecoverShe & Him2:44
Sleigh RidecoverHerb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass4:04
Sleigh RideThe Holiday Choraliers & The Longines Symphonette?:??
Sleigh RideFerrante and Teicher2:16
Sleigh RidecoverEmilie‐Claire Barlow4:30
Sleigh RidecoverThe Wurzels3:17
Sleigh Ridecover[unknown]2:19
Sleigh Ridecover and instrumentalThe Soulful Strings2:44
Sleigh RideinstrumentalGeoff Love & His Orchestra3:13
Sleigh RideBoston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler2:51
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:49
Sleigh Ride[unknown]3:06
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:46
Sleigh RideBoston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler2:54
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:47
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson?:??
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:48
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson3:09
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:48
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:41
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:43
Sleigh RideBBC Concert Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin2:44
Sleigh RideliveThe Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, Cleveland Orchestra, Robert Porco3:14
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:47
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson3:08
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson3:48
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson3:03
Sleigh Ride"The President's Own" United States Marine Band3:25
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:28
Sleigh RidecoverTLC3:45
Sleigh Ridecover동방신기2:57
Sleigh RideLeroy Anderson2:54
Sleigh RidecoverThe Roches2:34
Sleigh RideDebbie Gibson3:13
Sleigh RideRichard Benson & his Orchestra3:14
Sleigh Ride ($uper bootleg)Wheez‐ie3:13
Sleigh Ride (Nmesh's Slay Ride) (2008)Carpenters2:59
Sleigh Ride / Jingle BellsinstrumentalCaiola & Ortolani / Jimmy McGriff6:16
Sleigh Ride / Santa Claus' PartyinstrumentalFerrante & Teicher / Les Baxter4:25
SleighrideBing Crosby2:42
SleighrideLeroy Anderson3:10
SleighrideLeroy Anderson2:57
Sleight Ridecover and instrumentalBill Augustine & Malcolm Cecil5:12
そりすべりcover and instrumentalFlute Ensemble Triptyque3:01