writer:Łukasz Gottwald
Henry Walter
Sarah Hudson
Jordan Houston (US rapper)
Max Martin
Katy Perry
Wikipedia:en: Dark Horse (Katy Perry song) [info]
later parody versions:Yordle


2014-03-20Dark Horse (live)cover and liveExample3:02
2018-06-25Dark Horse (live, 2018-06-25: Saint Vitus Bar, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveWar on Women + Miss Eaves?:??
Dark HorseKaty Perry3:36
Dark HorsecoverMadilyn Bailey & Lia Marie Johnson3:14
Dark HorsecoverSleeping at Last3:41
Dark HorseKaty Perry feat. Juicy J3:45
Dark HorsecoverScott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox3:59
Dark HorsecoverMatt Johnson3:17
Dark Horse (part of “Mastermix: DJ Beats Chart, Volume 6” DJ‐mix)Katy Perry feat. Juicy J4:18
Dark HorseKaty Perry feat. Juicy J3:45
Dark Horse (live, 2014-12-13/14: Allphones Arena, Sydney, Australia)liveKaty Perry?:??
Dark HorsecoverAlex G2:58
Dark HorsecoverChir Cataran3:35
Dark HorsecoverSabrina3:16
Dark HorsecoverLeo Moracchioli3:33
Dark HorseKaty Perry feat. Juicy J3:35
Dark HorseKaty Perry feat. Juicy J3:44
Dark Horse (acoustic)Katy Perry2:47
Dark Horse (acoustic)coverAlexi Blue3:01
Dark Horse (Johnson Somerset radio edit)Katy Perry feat. Juicy J4:23
Dark Horse (Johnson Somerset Remix)Katy Perry feat. Juicy J9:01
Dark Horse (Manhattan Clique radio edit) (part of “Clubland 25” DJ-mix)Katy Perry feat. Juicy J6:23
Dark Horse (remix)Dyekho feat. Katy Perry3:01
Dark Horse (Remix)Claptomanik feat. Katy Perry3:17
Dark Horse (The Voice Performance)cover and liveChristina Grimmie2:59
Dark Horse (Workout mix by Paulette)Katy Perry feat. Juicy J3:57
Dark Horse (YGSP remix) (part of “Girl Trapz, Volume Five (The Finale)” DJ-mix)Katy Perry & Juicy J1:41
Dark Horse / Jaguarcover and medleyMike Tompkins feat. Dumbfoundead4:10
Dark Horse & E.T.cover and medleyJonathan Young feat. Grace Bray3:49