lyricist and composer:Roger Waters
publisher:Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
Lupus Music
Lupus Music Co. Ltd
Lupus Music Ltd.
TRO-Hampshire House Publishing Corp.
Wikidata:Q1415954 [info]


1969-03The Nile Song (original stereo mix)Pink Floyd3:26
2019-05-03 – 2019-05-04The Nile Songcover and liveNick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets3:39
2019-05-03 – 2019-05-04The Nile SongliveNick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets3:40
Nile SongcoverIchabod10:00
The Nile SongcoverT-Tops2:48
The Nile SongcoverVoivod4:00
The Nile SongcoverPanthers3:52
The Nile SongcoverFarflung6:48
The Nile SongcoverThe Cosmic Brotherhood of Ra3:47
The Nile SongcoverPanthers3:54
The Nile SongVoivod4:09
The Nile SongcoverDreadnaught4:46
The Nile SongPink Floyd3:21
The Nile SongPink Floyd3:23
The Nile SongcoverKayleth4:50