The Avengers (2012 film soundtrack)

~ Soundtrack


composer:Alan Silvestri (American film composer)
Wikidata:Q182218 [info]
IMDb: [info]
parts:A Little Help (The Avengers)
A Promise (The Avengers)
Arrival (The Avengers)
Assault (The Avengers)
Assemble (The Avengers)
Don’t Take My Stuff (The Avengers)
Doors Open From Both Sides (The Avengers)
Helicarrier (The Avengers)
I Got a Ride (The Avengers)
Interrogation (The Avengers)
One Way Trip (The Avengers)
Performance Issues (The Avengers)
Red Ledger (The Avengers)
Seeing, Not Believing (The Avengers)
Stark Goes Green (The Avengers)
Subjugation (The Avengers)
The Avengers (The Avengers)
They Called It (The Avengers)
Tunnel Chase (The Avengers)