All of Me

~ Song


writer:Gerald Marks (in 1932)
Seymour Simons (in 1932)
publisher:Bourne Co. (not for release label use, this is a music publisher)
Bourne, Inc.
Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd.
Marlong Music Corp.
Round Hill Songs
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC
日音 Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q1818379 [info]
referred to in medleys:Medley: All of Me / After You’ve Gone (order: 1)
Ja-Da Medley (order: 12)
later translated versions:Ge dig helt
Liebe mich
is the basis for:All of Me


1931All of MeRuss Columbo3:09
1932-01-19All of MeHoward Joyner3:19
1932-01-27All of Me (studio, 1932-01-27)Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra2:58
1936All of MeWillie Lewis and His Orchestra3:19
1937-11-23All of MeBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:25
1940-11-19All of MeinstrumentalBenny Carter and His Orchestra3:22
1940-12-17All of Me (1940-12-17)Quintette du Hot Club de France avec Alix Combelle2:49
1941-03-21All of MeBillie Holiday with Eddie Heywood and His Orchestra3:01
1941-03-21All of MeBillie Holiday & Lester Young3:58
1941-03-21All of Me (take 2)Billie Holiday with Eddie Heywood & His Orchestra3:01
1941-03-21All of Me (take 3)Billie Holiday with Eddie Heywood & His Orchestra3:57
1941-11-03All of MeCount Basie and His Orchestra3:03
1943All of MeHarry James And His Orchestra3:10
1944-07-08All of MeFrank Sinatra1:41
1944-07-08All of MecoverFrank Sinatra1:39
1945-02-02All of MeCozy Cole Orchestra with Don Byas2:46
1945-02-02All of MeinstrumentalCozy Cole2:44
1946-02-10All of MeHarry James And His Orchestra2:33
1946-05-02All of MeinstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:31
1946-06-03All of Me (live, 1946-06-03: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveBillie Holiday1:56
1946-06-07All of MeHarry James and His Orchestra3:10
1946-11-07All of MeFrank Sinatra2:38
1946All of MeFrank Sinatra2:37
1947-05All of MeJulian Work & His Orchestra3:01
1947-10-19All of MeFrank Sinatra2:47
1947-10-19All of MeFrank Sinatra2:53
1947-10-19All of MeFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra2:46
1947-10-19All of Me (2)Frank Sinatra & Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra2:47
1949-03-29All of MeinstrumentalErroll Garner Trio2:53
1951-01-08All of MeinstrumentalIllinois Jacquet?:??
1951-01-18All of MeIllinois Jacquet and His Orchestra3:04
1951-06-13All of MeFrank Sinatra featuring Ken Lane1:31
1951-06-13All of MeFrank Sinatra with The Universal Studio Orchestra1:33
1951-11-12All of MeShelly Manne & Bill Russo2:22
1951-11-12All of MeinstrumentalShelly Manne Septet2:24
1952-07-30All of MeDuke Ellington2:00
1952-07-30All of MeBetty Roché1:54
1953-12-31 – 1954-12-31All of Meinstrumental and liveTeddy Wilson Quartet6:41
1954-01-22All of Me (live, 1954-01-22: Messehalle, Cologne, Germany)liveBillie Holiday & Buddy DeFranco Quartet1:44
1954-01-23All of Me (live, 1954-01-23: Kölner Messe Halle V, Cologne, Germany)liveBillie Holiday1:43
1954-04-19All of Me (1954-04-19 studio recording)Frank Sinatra2:08
1954-04-19All of MecoverFrank Sinatra2:45
1954-04-19All of MeFrank Sinatra2:10
1954-08-05Ballad Medleyinstrumental and medleyJohnny Hodges18:33
1954All of MeCaterina Valente2:29
1954All of MeMae West2:34
1955-11-19A Medley of Dorsey Favoriteslive and medleyTommy Dorsey & Jimmy Dorsey7:39
1955-12-20All of Me (studio with dubbed introduction and audience, 1956-01-24)liveLouis Armstrong4:16
1956-01-13All of MecoverThe Lester Young — Teddy Wilson Quartet5:10
1956-01-24All of MeliveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars3:50
1956-01-24All of Me - Take 3liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:38
1956-01-24All of Me - Take 7liveLouis Armstrong & His All‐Stars4:02
1956-03-05All of MeinstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:00
1956-04-24All of MecoverBengt Carlsson, Bertil (Bert) Dahlander, Lars Gullin, Rune Öfwerman, Lars Gullin Quartet5:52
1956-10-29All of MeinstrumentalBill Perkins, Richie Kamuca4:33
1956-10-29All of MeBill Perkins, Richie Kamuca4:33
1956-11All of MeJohnny Hartman2:20
1957-04-17All of MeinstrumentalDas Johannes-Rediske Quintett?:??
1957-06-17All of MeinstrumentalSidney Bechet & Martial Solal feat. Kenny Clarke3:10
1957-06All of MeDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:37
1957-09-07All of Me (live, 1957-09-07: Orpheum Theater, Seattle, WA, USA)coverLouis Armstrong3:35
1957All of MeConnee Boswell, Original Memphis Five1:55
1958-10-29All of MeliveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:47
1958All of Meinstrumental and liveSidney Bechet2:58
1958All of MeinstrumentalHank Jones & Tyree Glenn2:36
1959-02-22Medleylive and medleyFrank Sinatra & Dinah Shore5:51
1959-04-01All of Mecover and liveFrank Sinatra with the Red Norvo Quintet3:18
1959-05-18All of MeinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:26
1959-05-18All of MeinstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen3:23
1959-09-20All of Me (live, 1959-09-20: Paris)liveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:38
1959-12-23All of MeinstrumentalThe Sonny Stitt Quartet3:02
1959All of MeinstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio4:09
1961-08-29All of MeinstrumentalLee Konitz7:36
1961All of MeSarah Vaughan2:10
1962-02-16All of MecoverSonny Stitt with Jack McDuff4:51
1963-02-01All of MeliveDuke Ellington & His Orchestra2:36
1963-04All of MeinstrumentalCount Basie2:29
1963All of MecoverColette Magny?:??
1964All of MeliveEddie Condon3:42
1966-06All of Meinstrumental and liveBuck Clayton6:37
1969All of MeliveSarah Vaughan?:??
1970-11All of MeliveEarl Hines2:59
1972-10-28All of Meinstrumental and liveEarl Hines7:04
1973-09-24All of Me (live, 1973-09-24: Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan)liveSarah Vaughan2:23
1976-12-06All of MeinstrumentalWarren Vaché4:38
1977-07-07All of MecoverRosemary Clooney5:53
1977-12-03 – 1977-12-12All of MecoverWillie Nelson3:55
1977All of MeinstrumentalRed Norvo Quintet4:16
1978-05-21All of Meinstrumental and liveCount Basie & His Orchestra3:09
1982 – 1983All of MecoverColette Magny4:47
1983-04All of MeChris Connor, Ernestine Anderson, Carol Sloane?:??
1983-08-23All of MeinstrumentalEddie Davis Quartet6:01
1989-10All of MeinstrumentalPaul Smith3:19
1990-11-11All of Meinstrumental and liveBenny Carter8:21
1992-09All of MeinstrumentalJay McShann & John Hicks4:03
1992-12-06All of Mecover and liveThe Ralph Sutton Trio?:??
1994All of MeinstrumentalKauko Viitamäki4:40
1996-01-05All of MeinstrumentalDave Liebman4:27
1996-11-26All of MeDella Griffin3:21
1997-05-24All of Me (live, 1997-05-24: BBC Television Centre, White City, W12 7RJ, London, UK)liveTony Bennett1:41
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