Psychonauts (video game soundtrack)

~ Soundtrack


composer: Peter McConnell
part of: Double Fine games
Wikidata: Q1277009 [info]
other databases: [info]
parts: Ah, the Theater! (Psychonauts)
Beauty and the Bull (Psychonauts)
Black Velvetopia (Psychonauts)
Bobby Zilch and Sasha (Psychonauts)
Bonita's Tragic Muse (Psychonauts)
Bunk Time (Psychonauts)
Call Me Linda (Psychonauts)
Coach's Welcome (Psychonauts)
Dr. Loboto's Evil Plans (Psychonauts)
Dr. Loboto's Lab (Psychonauts)
Duel With the Critic (Psychonauts)
Emotional Baggage (Psychonauts)
End of the Asylum (Psychonauts)
Gloria's Secret Garden (Psychonauts)
Hagatha's Home (Psychonauts)
Happy Flowers (Psychonauts)
Lili Kidnapped (Psychonauts)
Love Found and Lost (Psychonauts)
March of the Inmates (Psychonauts)
March of the Psychonauts (Psychonauts)
My Patron (Psychonauts)
Psychonauts Theme Medley (Psychonauts)
Rise Up, Milkman (Psychonauts)
Sasha's Immaculate Mind (Psychonauts)
Stay Out of the Moonlight (Psychonauts)
Summer's End (Psychonauts)
The Catwalk Phantom (Psychonauts)
The Censors Unleashed (Psychonauts)
The Fathers (Psychonauts)
The Lungfish Lair (Psychonauts)
The Matador (Psychonauts)
The Meat Circus (Psychonauts)
The Milkman Conspiracy (Psychonauts)
The Wild Bull Run/El Odio (Psychonauts)
The World Is a Better Place (Psychonauts)
Title and End Credits (Psychonauts)
Top O' the Lungfish (Psychonauts)
Was That a Dream? (Psychonauts)
Whispering Rock (Psychonauts)