composer:Erwin Schulhoff (composer and pianist) (in 1925)
part of:Duo for Violin and Cello


1993-11Duo für Violine und Violoncello: I. ModeratoStefan Wagner, Bernhard Gmelin5:50
1994-05-12Duo pour violon et violoncelle: I. ModeratoОлег Крыса, Torleif Thedéen6:05
1994Duo for Violin and Cello: I. ModeratoGernot Süssmuth, Hans-Jakob Eschenburg5:23
1994 – 1995Duo for Violin and Violoncello: ModeratoIda Bieler, Martin Ostertag5:33
1998-12-01 – 1998-12-10Duo: I. ModeratoRachel Barton, Wendy Warner5:47
2002-10-21 – 2002-10-23Duo: I. ModeratoRenaud Capuçon, Gautier Capuçon5:01
2011-05-23 – 2011-05-25Duo for Violin and Violoncello: I. ModeratoLiza Ferschtman, Dmitri Ferschtman5:37
2014-09-23 – 2014-09-24Du für Violine und Violoncello: I. ModeratoJulia Fischer, Daniel Müller‐Schott4:56
2016-01-04 – 2016-01-06Duo for Violin and Cello: I. ModeratoSpectrum Concerts Berlin5:21
Duo for Violin & Cello: I. ModeratoPavel Hůla, Michal Kaňka5:34
Duo for Violin and Cello: I. ModeratoDaniel Hope, Paul Watkins5:31
Duo für Violine und Violoncello: I. ModeratoVogler Quartett6:05