lyricist and composer:Max Martin
publisher:Grantsville Publishing Ltd.
MXM Music AB
Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.
Zomba Enterprises, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q155016 [info]
referred to in medleys:Britney Mashup
later parody versions:Hit Me Baby One More Time
later translated parody versions:Baby noch einmal
part of:Freaky Friday (2003)


1999-04-19... Baby One More Time (live, 1999-04-19: Dingwalls, London, UK)cover and liveFountains of Wayne3:56
1999-08-06Baby One More Time (live)cover and liveTravis3:32
2000-06-24Baby One More Time (live, 2000-06-24: Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK)cover and liveTravis?:??
2001-11-17 – 2001-11-18…Baby One More Time (live, 2001-11-17/8: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveBritney Spears6:05
2004-10-30Baby One More Time (live, 2004-10-30: Avalon, Boston, MA, USA)cover and liveThe Dresden Dolls3:22
2004-11-05Baby One More Time (live, 2004-11-05: Park West, Chicago, IL, USA)cover and liveThe Dresden Dolls?:??
2004-11-17Baby One More Time (live, 2004-11-17: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveThe Dresden Dolls3:44
2005-06-06Montage: Baby One More Time / Cry Me a River / Everybody Hurts (live, 2005-06-06: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP, UK)cover, live and medleyG46:14
2011-08-13 – 2011-08-14…Baby One More Time (live, 2011-08-13~4: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveBritney Spears1:36
... Baby One More TimecoverAugust Burns Red3:11
... Baby One More TimecoverKurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui & Kina Grannis2:57
... Baby One More TimecoverScary Pockets feat. Sarah Dugas2:58
... Baby One More Timecover and instrumentalThe Piano Tribute Players2:38
... Baby One More TimecoverFoxy Ramone2:26
... Baby One More TimecoverCountdown Dance Masters3:33
… Baby One More TimecoverScott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox feat. Ada Pasternak3:48
...Baby One More TimecoverThe Baseballs3:11
...Baby One More TimeBritney Spears?:??
...Baby One More TimeBritney Spears?:??
...Baby One More TimeliveBritney Spears3:26
...Baby One More TimecoverThe Countdown Singers3:31
...Baby One More TimepartialBritney Spears1:44
...Baby One More TimecoverKevorkian3:22
...Baby One More TimecoverJayne Montgomery3:25
…baby one more timecoverThe Marías2:05
…baby One More TimecoverMiriam‐Teak Lee3:20
…Baby One More Time (part of “Much Dance 2000” DJ‐mix)Britney Spears3:16
…Baby One More TimeBritney Spears?:??
…Baby One More Time (official music video)Britney Spears3:57
…Baby One More TimecoverJulien Doré?:??
…Baby One More Time (karaoke version - subdued lead vocal)Britney Spears3:31
…Baby One More TimeBritney Spears3:31
…Baby One More TimecoverThe Baseballs3:13
…Baby One More TimecoverBowling for Soup3:30
…Baby One More TimecoverFountains of Wayne3:20
…Baby One More TimecoverNICOTINE2:33
…Baby One More TimeBritney Spears3:59
...Baby One More Time (Answering Machine Message)partialBritney Spears0:21
…Baby One More Time (Boy Wunder radio mix)Britney Spears3:27
…Baby One More Time (Davidson Ospina 2005 remix)Britney Spears4:37
…Baby One More Time (Davidson Ospina Chronicles dub)Britney Spears6:30
…Baby One More Time (Davidson Ospina club mix)Britney Spears5:45
…Baby One More Time (Davidson Ospina remix)Britney Spears3:26
…Baby One More Time (Hatsune Miku version)covermatt9five feat. 初音ミク3:31
…Baby One More Time (instrumental)instrumentalBritney Spears3:31
…Baby One More Time (Sharp Platinum vocal remix)Britney Spears8:11
…Baby One More Time (Sharp Trade dub)Britney Spears6:50
...Baby One More Time (X Factor performance)cover and liveMatt Cardle2:51
BabycoverSpider God3:16
Baby one more timecover竹井詩織里3:35
Baby One More TimecoverJonathan Young feat. Savannah Stuckmayer2:54
Baby One More TimecoverLeo Moracchioli3:25
Baby One More Timecover and liveTony Lucca3:13
Baby One More TimeBritney Spears3:59
Baby One More TimecoverTen Masked Men3:03
Baby One More TimecoverSlothrust3:58
Baby One More TimecoverGlee Cast3:30
Baby One More TimecoverMarty Casey2:20
Baby One More TimecoverThe Van Jets2:57
Baby One More TimecoverAhmet & Dweezil Zappa3:56
Baby One More TimecoverAhmet & Dweezil Zappa4:11
Baby One More TimecoverNeja3:19
Baby One More TimecoverBlack Ingvars3:41
Baby One More TimecoverDoll Factory3:54
Baby One More TimecoverIntwine3:22
Baby One More TimecoverBowling for Soup3:30
Baby One More TimecoverThe School Girl Allstars3:34
Baby One More TimecoverPatient Zero3:32
Baby One More TimecoverEd Sheeran2:57
Baby One More TimecoverFernanda Gabriela4:05
Baby One More TimecoverThe Cooltrane Quartet2:21
Baby One More TimecoverBlack Ingvars?:??
Baby One More TimecoverAlma1:49
Baby One More TimecoverDéhà3:28
Baby One More Timecover and liveTravis?:??
Baby One More TimecoverSecond Floor Daycare2:25
Baby One More TimecoverChixie Dicks2:50
Baby One More TimecoverThe Countdown Singers3:33
Baby One More TimecoverIl Tuniz1:32
Baby One More TimecoverGiovanna Grigio & Alejandro Puente3:28
Baby One More TimecoverChelsea Collins3:21
Baby One More TimecoverStreet Clerks?:??
Baby One More Timecover and liveBrad Roberts3:29
Baby One More TimeBritney Spears3:33
Baby One More Time (live)cover and liveTravis3:53
Baby One More Time (Live)cover and liveTravis3:52
Baby One More Time (VH1 Storytellers)cover and liveTravis5:24
Baby, One More TimecoverMike Massé feat. Jeff Hall3:47
Bring It All Back Medley: …Baby One More Time / Wild Wild West / Bring It All Backcover and medleyThe Children’s Audio Company11:08
Britneycover and medleyUniversity of Wisconsin Madhatters5:06
Britney Medley (Baby One More Time, Stronger, Oops I Did It Again, Lucky)cover and medley[unknown]12:55
Chris Cox MegamixmedleyBritney Spears4:57
Hit Me BabycoverCounterforce feat. Britney Spears3:47
Hit Me BabycoverVoice Male3:45
Hit Me Baby One More TimecoverThe Heimatdamisch3:05
Hit Me Baby One More TimecoverLudovick Bourgeois3:09
Hit Me Baby One More TimecoverZach, Ben, Dom & Friends?:??
Hit Me Baby One More TimecoverMinistry of Silly Ska4:54
Hit Me Baby One More TimecoverBowling for Soup3:29
Hit Me Baby One More TimecoverIvar Oosterloo3:23
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