lyricist:Patti Smith
composer:Ivan Král (Czech-American composer, filmmaker, musician)
Patti Smith
publisher:Bohemia Music
Estate of Richard Sohl Music
Hypnogogic Sounds
Mr. Fiyu Music
Druse Music Inc. (in 1979)
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1986Dancing Barefoot (live ’86)cover and liveThe Mission2:07
1988-07-09Dancing Barefoot (live, 1988-07-09: Zabo Linde, Nürnberg, West Germany)cover and liveThe Feelies6:29
2012-07Dancing Barefoot (live, iTunes Session, 2012-07: New York, NY, USA)coverFirst Aid Kit5:01
Dancin' BarefootcoverCords4:05
Dancing BarefootliveThe Mission1:53
Dancing BarefootliveThe Mission2:28
Dancing BarefootcoverThe Feelies5:12
Dancing BarefootcoverAllison Moorer4:21
Dancing BarefootliveSimple Minds4:01
Dancing BarefootSimple Minds3:52
Dancing BarefootSimple Minds3:49
Dancing Barefootcover and liveThe Mission4:56
Dancing BarefootcoverThe Feelies?:??
Dancing BarefootPatti Smith Group4:15
Dancing BarefootcoverU24:14
Dancing BarefootcoverChamber - L’Orchestre de Chambre Noir4:23
Dancing BarefootcoverSimple Minds3:48
Dancing BarefootPatti Smith4:18
Dancing BarefootcoverU24:44
Dancing BarefootcoverU2?:??
Dancing BarefootcoverXymox3:43
Dancing BarefootcoverU24:48
Dancing BarefootPatti Smith Group4:16
Dancing BarefootcoverJochen Distelmeyer7:10
Dancing BarefootPatti Smith Group4:17
Dancing BarefootPatti Smith Group4:17
Dancing BarefootcoverSimple Minds4:03
Dancing BarefootcoverThe Mission3:09
Dancing BarefootPatti Smith Group4:18
Dancing Barefoot (live)liveThe Mission2:02
Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith) Polar Music Prize 2011cover and liveFirst Aid Kit4:31
Dancing Barefoot (short version)coverU24:14