No Air

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writer:James Fauntleroy
Erik Griggs
Harvey Mason Jr. (hip hop/R&B producer, part of Underdogs)
Steve Russell (engineer/producer)
Damon Thomas
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No AirJordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown3:41
No AirJordin Sparks & Chris Brown3:09
No AircoverGlee Cast4:23
No AirJordin Sparks & Chris Brown4:24
No AircoverThe Nor'easters4:06
No Air (original by Jordin Sparks / Chris Brown)coverBoyce Avenue2:45
No AircoverAshley De La Rosa3:33
No AircoverUniversity of North Carolina Tar Heel Voices4:33
No Air (acoustic version)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown4:13
No Air (Benny Benassi "Pump-Kin" radio edit)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown3:29
No Air (Benny Benassi "Pump-Kin" remix) (part of "Ultra.Mix" DJ mix)Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown6:08
No Air (Benny Benassi "Pump-Kin" remix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown7:23
No Air (Doug Grayson "Cruel Intentions" radio edit)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown4:33
No Air (Doug Grayson "Cruel Intentions" remix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown6:58
No Air (Future Presidents remix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown4:58
No Air (Jason Nevins radio edit)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown5:13
No Air (Jason Nevins remix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown7:28
No Air (Jason Nevins remix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown5:56
No Air (Jason Nevins remix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2009” DJ‐mix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown4:28
No Air (Kizomba remix by Kapta Produções 2014)Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown3:19
No Air (Tiesto radio edit)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown4:21
No Air (Tiesto remix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown7:40
No Air (Tonal "Deep End" radio edit)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown4:07
No Air (Tonal "Deep End" remix)Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown6:04