publisher:Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (in 1973)
lyricist and composer:Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel)
publisher:Paul Simon Music
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later translated versions:American Tune (Yiddish version)


1980-10-08American Tune (1980-xx-xx: Philadelphia, PA, USA) (live, 1980-10-08: Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA, USA)livePaul Simon?:??
1981-09-19American Tune (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel4:34
1981-09-19American Tune (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel4:26
1993-03-01American Tune (live, 1993-03-01: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel?:??
2003-12American Tune (live, 2003-12: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveSimon & Garfunkel4:40
2012-05-03 – 2012-05-05American TunecoverKurt Elling5:27
American TunecoverVocal Line4:26
American TuneliveSimon & Garfunkel5:06
American TunecoverEva Cassidy4:06
American TuneSimon & Garfunkel4:27
American TunecoverDarrell Scott3:46
American TunecoverWillie Nelson4:22
American TunecoverJonathan Hernandez3:49
American Tune (live, 1973-1974: New York City, NY, USA)livePaul Simon with Urubamba & The Jessy Dixon Singers4:06
American Tune (live)livePaul Simon4:09
American TunePaul Simon3:47
American TunelivePaul Simon4:24
American TunecoverWillie Nelson4:19
American Tunecover and liveElvis Costello & Allen Toussaint4:11
American TunecoverWillie Nelson4:21
American TuneCrooked Still3:24
American TuneKurt Elling6:12
American TunecoverShawn Colvin3:59
American TuneliveReza Aghamir4:02
American TunePaul Simon3:47
American TunecoverAllen Toussaint4:59
American Tune (1995‐10‐20, Verona, Italy)Simon & Garfunkel4:42
American Tune (New York City, 1973)Paul Simon4:11
American Tune (unfinished demo)Paul Simon4:03
American Tune (unfinished demo)Paul Simon4:03
American Tune/Spaincover and partialJerry Douglas4:59