writer:Andrew Farriss
Michael Hutchence
publisher:Copyright Control (not for release label use! this is only for copyrights and publishing relationships)
Universal Music Publishing Group
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1984Original Sin (live in Narara, 1984)liveINXS5:21
Original Sincover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet?:??
Original SinINXS5:20
Original SinINXS5:12
Original SinINXS5:14
Original Sin (part of a “The Disco Boys, Volume 5” DJ‐mix)INXS6:22
Original SinINXS3:48
Original SinINXS3:49
Original SinINXS4:01
Original SinINXS3:47
Original SinINXS?:??
Original Sin (2010 Original Sin version)INXS feat. Rob Thomas & DJ Yaleidys4:21
Original SincoverWax Idols4:43
Original SinINXS6:13
Original SinINXS5:14
Original SinINXS3:49
Original SinINXS5:15
Original SinINXS4:02
Original SinliveINXS5:27
Original SinINXS5:21
Original SinINXS3:47
Original SinINXS3:49
Original Sin (single edit)INXS3:47
Original SinINXS5:15
Original Sin (dance version)INXS6:00
Original Sin (Epic Adventure - Edit)INXS3:35
Original Sin (Epic Adventure)INXS9:32
Original Sin (Epic Adventure)INXS9:37
Original Sin (Epic Adventure)INXS9:06
Original Sin (from “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain”)coverThe Diamond Dogs3:38
Original Sin (Ian Green Mix)INXS4:13
Original Sin (live)liveINXS5:32
Original Sin (Remix '95)INXS3:39
Original Sin (Rosario & Craig J vocal)INXS feat.Rob Thomas & IntroducingDJ Yaleidys7:09