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  • First copyright date: 1981-06-08
  • Copyright renewed in 2009
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1981)
publisher:Special Rider Music (from 1981 to present)


1981-06-27Lenny BruceliveBob Dylan4:30
1981Lenny BruceBob Dylan4:36
1986-02-24Lenny BruceliveBob Dylan & Tom Petty5:29
1995-10-16Lenny Bruce (1995-10-16: McAlister Auditorium, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan & Sheryl Crow?:??
2005-04-16Lenny BruceliveBob Dylan5:36
Lenny BruceBob Dylan4:36
Lenny BruceBob Dylan4:34
Lenny BruceliveBob Dylan8:38
Lenny BruceliveBob Dylan5:22
Lenny BruceBob Dylan4:31
Lenny Bruce (2008-08-16: Event Center, Borgata Resort Spa and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
Lenny Bruce (1996-07-23: Christiania: Den Gra Hal, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveBob Dylan?:??
Lenny BruceliveBob Dylan with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers6:38
Lenny Bruce Is DeadliveBob Dylan4:18