composer:Richard Rodgers (1938)
lyricist:Lorenz Hart (1938)
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Wikidata:Q3364737 [info]


1947-10-31Spring Is Here (1947 original studio master)Frank Sinatra2:47
1947-10-31Spring Is HereFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra2:47
1954-06-11 – 1954-06-24Spring is HerecoverDave Pell3:06
1955-05-02Spring Is hereClaude Williamson Trio3:27
1955-09-13Spring Is HereinstrumentalShelly Manne & His Men2:43
1956-02Spring Is HereMilli Vernon3:00
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31Spring Is HereElla Fitzgerald3:42
1956-11-02Spring Is HereinstrumentalJohn T. Williams Quartet3:14
1957-09Spring Is HereinstrumentalThe Ed Higgins Trio?:??
1958-05-29Spring is Here (2018 Stereo Mix)coverFrank Sinatra4:46
1958-05-29Spring Is Here (1958 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra4:48
1958-06-24 – 1958-07-02Spring Is Here (No. 1)Count Basie & His Atomic Band3:34
1958-06-24 – 1958-07-02Spring Is Here (No. 2)Count Basie & His Atomic Band3:57
1958-07-11Spring Is HerecoverJohn Coltrane6:56
1958-07-11Spring Is HerecoverJohn Coltrane6:53
1958-07Spring Is HereJulie London2:07
1959-02-18Spring Is HereinstrumentalKenny Dorham Septet & Cannonball Adderley6:37
1959-11-25Spring Is HereinstrumentalTed McNabb & Co.?:??
1959-12-28Spring Is HereinstrumentalBill Evans Trio5:07
1959-12-28Spring Is HereinstrumentalBill Evans5:08
1961-05-19Spring is Hereinstrumental and liveMiles Davis4:01
1961-05-19Spring Is Here (live, 1961-05-19: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis & Gil Evans4:02
1964-11-20Spring is Herecover and instrumentalCal Tjader4:03
1966-02-21Spring Is Hereinstrumental and liveBill Evans4:48
1967Spring Is Hereinstrumental渡辺貞夫1:52
1978-07 – 1978-10Spring Is HerecoverMeredith d'Ambrosio3:12
1979-10-17Spring Is HereinstrumentalNick Brignola4:22
1979-12Spring Is Hereinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio3:36
1980-06-05Spring Is Hereinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio4:21
1980Spring Is Here (live, 1980-09: Keystone Korner, San Francisco, USA)instrumental and liveBill Evans Trio4:44
1980Spring Is Hereinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio3:51
1980Spring Is Hereinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio4:16
1983-04-07Spring Is HereinstrumentalWarne Marsh5:11
1983-12-11Spring Is HerecoverBobby Hutcherson / George Cables / Herbie Lewis / Philly Joe Jones7:06
1983-12-11 – 1983-12-12Spring Is HereinstrumentalBobby Hutcherson & The Super Four?:??
1984-06Spring Is HereJessye Norman3:34
1984-08-09 – 1984-08-10Spring Is HerecoverBobby Hutcherson6:19
1985-01-30 – 1985-01-31Spring Is HereinstrumentalAnthony Braxton3:53
1986-11-02Spring Is HereinstrumentalPeter Leitch6:09
1995-03-20 – 1995-03-24Spring Is HereinstrumentalFred Hersch4:35
1996-01Spring Is HereinstrumentalMisako Kano8:18
2000Spring Is HereJody Sandhaus5:50
2002-01Spring Is HereinstrumentalLarry Goldings Trio6:47
2003-02-20 – 2003-02-21Spring Is Herecover and instrumentalTõnu Naissoo Trio4:27
2006-11-20 – 2006-11-21Spring Is HerecoverBobby Hutcherson4:31
2008-06-13Spring Is HerecoverJonathan Kreisberg7:54
2010-02-09 – 2010-02-11Spring Is HerecoverEchoes of Swing3:48
It Never Entered My Mind / Spring Is HeremedleyJulie Andrews4:39
Medley: Glad to Be Unhappy (from 'On Your Toes') / It Never Entered My Mind (from 'Higher and Higher') / Spring Is Here (from 'I Married an Angel')medleyRobert Clary6:39
Spring is HereNat King Cole2:34
Spring Is HereMarge Dodson3:05
Spring Is HereinstrumentalBill Evans5:08
Spring Is HereAnna Lauvergnac6:00
Spring Is HereinstrumentalPaul Smith?:??
Spring Is HereinstrumentalNick Brignola4:48
Spring Is HereDena DeRose8:04
Spring Is HereinstrumentalHank Jones3:46
Spring Is HereChet Baker1:10
Spring Is HereJohn Coltrane6:56
Spring Is HerecoverTony Bennett2:45
Spring Is Here (Carnegie Hall)Miles Davis4:02
Spring Is HereliveMiles Davis4:00
Spring Is HereMiles Davis4:00
Spring Is HereJohn Coltrane6:59
Spring Is HereJohn Coltrane6:57
Spring Is HerecoverCarly Simon3:06
Spring Is HereNat King Cole2:36
Spring Is HereNat King Cole2:32
Spring Is HereNat King Cole2:34
Spring Is HereCarly Simon3:06
Spring Is HereThe Four Freshmen3:45
Spring Is HereVic Damone3:32
Spring Is HereJoanie Sommers4:16
Spring Is HereMarilyn Maye3:26
Spring Is HereJune Christy3:04
Spring Is HereinstrumentalErroll Garner2:27
Spring Is HereChris Connor2:55
Spring Is HereChris Connor2:56
Spring Is HereElla Fitzgerald3:40
Spring Is HereDave Brubeck2:29
Spring Is HerecoverAnita O’Day with Billy May & His Orchestra2:45
Spring Is HerecoverThe Supremes2:54
Spring Is HerecoverJessye Norman3:35
Spring Is HerecoverHank Jones, Ray Brown & Jimmie Smith3:45
Spring Is HerecoverRichard Rodgers2:42
Spring Is HerecoverThe Supremes2:57
Spring Is HerecoverAnita O’Day2:42
Spring Is HerecoverRosemary Clooney3:31
Spring Is HereMonica Lewis3:34
Spring Is HerecoverTed McNabb and Company3:31
Spring Is HereEileen Farrell4:03
Spring Is Herecover and instrumentalEric Dolphy & The Latin Jazz Quintet5:09
Spring Is Here (1947 alternate take)Frank Sinatra2:44
Spring Is HerecoverBill Black3:04
Spring Is HerecoverBev Kelly3:53
Spring Is HereBobby Short3:21
Spring Is Hereinstrumental and liveJennifer Scott Quartet5:04
Spring Is HereNat King Cole2:34
Spring Is HereNat King Cole2:34
Spring Is HereCount Basie3:35
Spring Is Here (from "I Married an Angel")Sergio Franchi2:42
You Must Believe in Spring / Spring Is HereinstrumentalNikki Iles, Rufus Reid & Jeff Williams8:14